‘Largest mask I’ve ever seen’: Trump mocks reporter for wearing face mask

WATCH: President Trump mocked a reporter for wearing a face mask in the Oval Office during an open call with Israel PM Netanyahu about Israel's normalization agreement with Sudan.

10/24/2020 7:02:00 AM

WATCH: President Trump mocked a reporter for wearing a face mask in the Oval Office during an open call with Israel PM Netanyahu about Israel's normalization agreement with Sudan.

During an open call with Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu about Israel's normalization agreement with Sudan in the Oval Office, President Trump mocked a reporter for wearing a face mask.

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Trump campaign abandons parts of Pennsylvania election lawsuit

U.S. President Donald Trump's campaign on Sunday dropped a major part of a lawsuit it brought seeking to halt Pennsylvania from certifying its results in the presidential election, narrowing the case to a small number of ballots.

morgfair That’s because he’s a 🤬. And that is what 🤬 do when someone acts (is) smarter than them. They try to shame them. Make them feel inferior, when, in fact, they are are so very far ahead of them. BULLIES never win. It may take a while, but RIGHTEOUSNESS prevails. Well stop being afraid of everything and stop being pussies

The NBC Mask Police in action! IrenaVigar And the other people laughed That's what you got from this conference. Peace with Israel after a 100 years and you report garbage. DNC News Of course it's trump There are no words for you How many times are you going to retweet this same story.. slow day? Any Biden news?

What an idiot. Changeling2525 So happy to say bye bye soon Cynethryth5 Trump and most Republicans are concerned about holding power at all cost, even if it's American lives, Trump wants us to believe he ban Chinese from America to control the virus he calls a Hoax, he didn't ban anyone from traveling to China , many have including his family.

He is not only did that he recommends Egypt to blow up the DAM BUILD ETHIOPIANS GERD So? Trump is a disgrace to this nation, to every single person who voted for him in 2016, and to every single person who votes for him this year. Yes a bully idiot as a role model for the American people. And this is why we can’t get this virus slowed and under control until therapeutics and immunization are developed.

It’s funny. It’s a virus. Wear a mask don’t wear mask.... open America Now Shame on America for not grasping THE only worthy and decent Presidential candidate is Joe Biden What happened to his mail in ballot that he was so proud of? Hunter Biden and a Chinese billionaire, Ye Jianming, then chairman of CEFC or China Energy Co.

He’s such a vile person. Trump has cheated the United States and the American people long enough, it’s time to put an end to his corruption. VOTE HIM OUT!!🙏 And he is the largest a I’ve ever seen. Wait til he sees the Hannibal Lecter one Joe’s going to make him (45) wear to the inauguration. Wow !!! When you are not used to TRUE journalism, that news is pretty awesome.

Trump can't catch it again so if masks really are for other people so you don't spread it then the reporter had no reason to wear a comically oversized mask let alone a mask at all. He’s worse than the Exorcist girl. Trump is the biggest CoVidiot on the planet (who is responsible for the most deaths) so he shouldn't be talking...

A mafia running the highest office in America! What is wrong with you? News? Too bad he didn’t die from Covid. morgfair This clown is going out. Cuz he never had covid & neither did any of his family. Amazing how they all supposedly had it, there were no doctors defining when he had the positive test, & his entire family made amazingly easy and fast recoveries. We should take their word for it?! Nah, he just had the flu.

morgfair Make Trump do some pushup's.... then we can mock him for not being able to... not such a tough guy is he? Such a vile little man. Trump should wear one to save us from the ugliest face we've seen in WH. he wears his' war painted orange face poorly and daily. I used to have no opinion other than he's gauche. Now, it's not for public consumption.

FakeNewsMediaClowns With his 🤡 ass catching COVID I would make sure my mask was large too!! Fool..... The reporter was not the only one being mocked. Is it normal to use this kind of language when talking to a foreign leader? Two leaders of the same kind! tRumpistan: Israel and Sudan are buddies again! American people: 'Yawn. Now, can you please do something so 1,000 of us a day aren't dying from Covid?' TrumpIsANationalDisgrace

He’s a joke an embarrassment to humanity 215,000 deaths in America doesn’t brother Trump . Just keep lying and fooling the foolish is enough. Common sense and education has left the building. Vote 🗳 him out and lock him in a cage. He's dangerous to be out loosely. Big, big mistake that realDonaldTrump became a President.

No shame in his game. That egomaniacal COVIDIOT -in-Chief thinks this PANDEMIC is a damn joke. HIS warped Politricks are his ONLY concern. VoteHimOut2020 ForTheHealthOfTheNation No that would be another lie because your face is the biggest mask we’ve ever seen. Also hired an evil smiling Lucifer. VoteBlueNoMatterWhatYouDo VoteHimOut2020 vote VoteBidenHarris

Ignorant and arrogant. How can people vote for this despicable person? votolatino FoxNews FoxBusiness OANN cnnbrk CNN ABC CBSNews NBCPolitics JoeBiden BidenHarris2020Landslide Trump2020Landslide Trump2020 Florida Arizona NorthCarolina Ohio PennsylvaniaForTrump lol Making fun of the size of a mask is NOT mocking someone for wearing a mask. The bias will continue after November 3rd when Hunter helps Biden lose as well.

Trump needs one of these... He has mocked this same reporter at least 3 times that I’ve seen. I think it’s because Jeff Mason, Reuters, asked the question that he still can’t live down at his meeting with Putin in Helsinki. I would wear a mask too... all those standing around Trump, and he himself, should have been wearing masks.

We're they a snowflake? Setting a good example acting as a concerned and caring President should. When you’re great people will know it. You don’t have to constantly brag to convince them and yourself. Once an ass, always an ass. The Media does not wear a mask - he calls it out. They wear a mask and he calls it out. Don't you wish he would wear a GAG? Shut him up for good and vote today for JoeBiden

The horror! What ever will we do, such breaking news! How could I live without NBC bringing the breaking news? Oh wow way to make American Hate again if this was B.O it’ll be a National Tragedy That is what a jackass does. They are all large to that idiot Mask Up People 👍✌ Fact check ABC - False - he didn’t mock anyone for wearing a mask he was joking and said how large it was.

Covid virus continues to spread. This is the reason I don’t think he had COVID, anyone who have gone through this ordeal will show some kind of humility...but all I see is someone looking goofy 🙃 as the leader of the US... we have had enough 🙁🙃 Joke BidenHarrisLandslide2020 Slimeball!! Look at that picture. One smug SOB who thinks everybody’s suckers and losers. That means everybody MAGA people. Regarding masks a study was done that shows men that won’t wear masks are worried it makes the look weak. Imagine “look tough or die”. There is something weak there.

This guy is still mocking masks? He's part of the problem. COVID19 realDonaldTrump WhiteHouse Donald Trump is a clown who was infected by COVID-19 -- the reporter wore a mask so Trump wouldn't infect him -- Trump doesn't take 230,000 Americans dead and 9 million infected from COVID-19 seriously -- he wants more dead Americans ...

Over 224,000 dead. What’s your plan Donnie? It’s so sad that those around him still “laugh” at these juvenile & irresponsible jokes. That is why his handling of the CoronaVirus is very Bad. He is not a good role model All Key States of the 2020 Election: PLEASE LISTEN UP- The more Trump campaigns in your States trying to buy your love or your VOTES, remember that all he is doing to your States is INCREASING THEOF CORONAVIRUS Cases. That is selfish of Trump not putting your HEALTH 1ST.

Oh stop. Ever heard of sense of humor That wasn’t mocking. Stop trying to make something out of nothing.... 😒😒 Arrogant ASS! Ignore him! Coming from the largest orange man ever seen. He's an asshole not a comedian. Now is not the time to be either. POS Commenting on the size of a mask isn’t mocking. It’s commenting on appearance.

Just Poking fun at a big ol' mask, media loves to paint a negative narrative. Its the media that's driven the largest wedge in today's society. Trump just can’t resist showing everyone what an arsehole he is! Donald Trump does not care if you die of Corona Virus Hmmm, I just leave it here... people are zombies or too lazy to read an instruction when they buy a mask....

Commenting on wearing an overly large mask is not mocking someone for wearing a mask. Evel Knievel couldn't make that leap... He jokes like that when the WH was a hot spot, with staff getting infected. Why wasn't he wearing a mask. Some people wear their mask always because its about safety, for them and others.

Mock this Trump! 💯 You sad sad man In that picture saw how Trump reacted to reporters wearing masks he was laughing at them! It shows how seriously he thinks about covid-19. No wonder he said at the beginning of covid-19 it was a HOAX In that picture it shows how much he cares the 225 who died so far! SHAMEFUL!

With Trump, best to wear a hazmat suit near him. The CALL that didn’t go his way.Another example that he’s losing. If you go to his rally wear hip boots because it’s going to get real deep this week. Is this supposed to be a story ? Have people become so dumb that they embrace the bias and deception of low quality news reporting? IDGAF if Trump wears a space suit while he negotiates peace deals, fact is he gets it done like a mofo, unlike pos career politicians

Bully. TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison TrumpSpreadsVirus Forbes Estimates China Paid Trump At Least $5.4 Million Since He Took Office, Via Mysterious Trump Tower Lease Didn't he just get mad because the lady from 60 mins WASN'T wearing one when she was near him? 🤔 pick a struggle dude The fact of the matter is, if he was not the president and he contracted Covid he would’ve probably died, like I think it happened 2 his brother. But bc he is, he was able 2 get the best possible treatment on earth, that’s why he continue to mocked it. He didn’t have time2suffer

Joke is on COVID trump mask 😷 is good When is This Pandemic going to be Called a Plague? Over a Million Dead around the World!!! This is For Real, People!!! And look, the largest ass in the Oval Office! So what! The problem with our country is You! So impeach him!! I would like to see the rest of that video to see if Netanyahu had a chance to answer or if Trump simply answered for him.

Vote trump OUT! I would wear a mask and a shield around that moron I’m guessing they had to be tested to be in there...soooo... Smallest hands ever Good choice! the super-spreader-in-chief was in the room! Larger mask is the mask of lies & deceptions that the leadership or corrupted Dynasty is wearing This is f'in psychotic behavior because you KNOW he's responding to some Bizarro World image in his head rather than the grave situation before his eyes. BidenHarris2020 25thamendmentthedopefiendnow

This thread is full of bots He just doesn't get it. If it looked that unusual that it drew attention why not comment? The members of the press had the choice of not making matters worse for the individual by dragging this out, that was their choice. 🤡👈🏼 simply 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 🤠The reporters probably brought the China virus too the White House🇺🇸🤠🇺🇸

Asshole This is news? She was afraid of Bill Clinton kooties still floating around. Potus Another dog whistle to his band of degenerate merry men. You really should do human interest stories on how New Zealand is a model of a country becoming COVID19 FREE. Then end the story with, this could have been US.

WATCH: NBC sink deeper into activism. Lord God, please resurrect Walter Cronkite. Oh no.. not a joke about masks!! Going into a place that has a higher infection rate than NYS, they'd be stupid not to have a mask on With Hunter Biden’s scandal with Joe Biden heavily involved, THIS is what you report? The biased media is absolutely pathetic

Who thinks Bitcoin is going to get a huge weekend Pump? All the nerds 🤓 are getting 💰 rich and telling their buddies 'I told you so!!!' The PayPal adoption is cranking it. GO BITCOIN!! Largest COVID death toll I’ve ever seen. Im really embarrassed!. The Disrespect of people. Especially the ladies who he disrespects! Just embarrassing!!!

Typical behaviour of the failed president. He has been able to split the country in half, people who agree with him and those that don't. It will take a long time for the Repubs. to recover. Wear mask and save lives... Lol. Mocking. That is not mocking that he is wearing a mask. That is mocking how big his mask is.

Donnie Disease strikes again. He must have been a bully when he was young. Only to be expected from the illiterate press. Do you know what psychological pregnancy is? Then, Trump had psychological Covid. Only invhis mi d to put on a show. The real reason realDonaldTrump won’t wear a mask is because when he takes it off all of his orange glow would be rubbed off on the mask. it’d be great if he’d wear cover it his entire ugly mug.

And here’s what’s going on in the real world: Its trump the largest asshole I've ever seen This just in: Trump has a sense of humor Jerk Its why we are fucked and will be fucked for years to come. He's unconscionable For him to be in his 70's he is very immature Well he had a choice 'LEAVE' “Mocked them for wearing a mask” or “commented on the size of their mask”

I will wear a mask when I vote for JoeBidenKamalaHarris2020 Please do the same. T-Rump Covid-19 Super Spreader leooo_martinss laranja feia Countdown to extinction in 10 days Please reasarch yourself in Quran Not as big as trumps diaper. He is special. He has the option to speak with kindness and intelligence but lacks the ability.

That hair🤪 It was a joke!! The reporter laughed too. What this man is doing is worse than ISIS, The Pharaoh of our time With his co-morbidities Orange clown would be dead if he weren't POTUS. Totally maniacal behavior. Vote for Biden !!! JERK!!! Not for wearing a mask. For having a big mask. It’s called a joke

When is someone going to turn to him and say to his face, “ FU Mr. President.” Shame on him for ignoring the science. Oh I hope he faces all the consequences he has earned. realDonaldTrump LARGEST LOSER I’VE EVER SEEN. The media ignores Hunter Biden but jumps on an oval officiate meeting. This is why we have the worst media in the world

🤮🤮🤮 Assjack. TrumpIsPathetic What a jerk. What a jerk. How dare he make fun of a reporter for keeping himself and others safer than unmasked. Every little bit counts when you’re trying to stay alive. So whose the stupid one now. I’d bet that reporter hasn’t had the virus. Booya! Wat? Oh Obviously has an issue with size

He’s a disgrace. meiselasb He’s such a dick I like men who wear big masks. Belligerent Ignorance! Sudan is such a menace to Israel. Hahahaha. And we should all remember that the US Embassy in Sudan facilitated Ossama bin Laden’s exit to Afghanistan where he would form Al Qaeda and attack the US. This is just a stupid silly exercise by stupid silly Trump, Pompeo and Kushner.

Trump wears diapers so He is crap that needs to be flushed. ..and the reporter should have given the THUMBS UP.. and kept it moving and do his job. F'k it.. LET A CLOWN BE A CLOWN. ..wear your damn mask in private, in public and AT THE CIRCUS Herd Immunity Leader. Idiot It's 11 days to Election Day. Results of Operation MAGA ✅ 8.2+ Million infected ✅ 222,000+ dead Americans ✅ 30 million unemployed ✅ 150,000 small biz closed for good ✅Millions facing eviction/foreclosure ✅ Tanking economy

Wow... can’t take a joke. MSM in hyperdrive trying to turn everyone into a victim. The ❄️❄️❄️ will be the downfall of this society if elected. Why can't he do anything without calling someone a name or a negative comment about how they look or sound? I guess that's a super bully. Your grand daddy's was way bigger..like a hood..or a pillow case with eye holes

Fvck Trumphitler, dictator wannabe Same shit, different day. He always goes after Mason. They should’ve said back, how would you know, you don’t even wear them I would have shot back... 'most corrupt president I have seen.' Smallest hands I’ve ever seen Trump is going to win. Obviously FakeNewsMedia has no sense of humor, he's obviously joking about the size of the mask not that he's wearing one, but I guess you're on full BidenCrimeFamiily deflection mode 🤡🤡🤡🤡

Wonder who going to be the leaders of the new school when most of us die because we have to go out and get wings and beer lol He didnt get COVID and super spread it Lol dudes a fool But so is most of America meiselasb realDonaldTrump Do you regret how you have handled this pandemic ? It was huge , so beautiful.

jp1dp2 He’s a man who’s the color of cheddar And a liar a cheat and a debtor His rallies are hot spots Where he spits out pot shots And each one’s a new superspreader. What a sad clown he is. D.T. = 1 Giant ASS Was mask bigger than his hands? Maybe that is the metric he uses. And to mock the smart, safer use of a mask is shallow and uneducated.

You are making something out of nothing. It was a joke you idiots. realDonaldTrump is the biggest whiner I've ever seen. Context helps. Reporter was alone behind a mic at least 12 feet from anyone else in the room (well beyond recommended social distancing protocol of 6ft). The use of a mask in this situation is unnecessary. It was a political stunt. MSNBC picks it up like pigeon's go after crumbs

Watch this town hall from 10/22/20 with psychiatrist Bandy Lee regarding how dangerous trump is. She recently met with Nancy Pelosi and others regarding the 25th amendment. I hope he gets reinfected Kindergarten teachers reprimand little kids from name-calling fellow students... Is it too much to ask for basic values to be upheld in the White House? AGlobalEmbarrassment unamerican NoDecency Netanyahu TrumpEmbarrassment

meiselasb So far on Friday, there have been 82,050 COVID-19 cases per Johns Hopkins University data. This is now the highest single day reporting since the pandemic began. October 23: 82,050 cases July 16: 77,362 cases July 24: 73,362 cases Cringeworthily inappropriate Trump mocks a reporter wearing a mask... Trump states we have rounded the corner and the virus is going away... Today there were the highest number of cases EVER. Clearly, Trump continues to lie to the American people. Trump is on his way out...

Always a clown Remember that when you vote Typical doesn't know doesn't care. Trumps the joke. If it wasn't for him we would have this under control. Him and dumb doctor Atlas worthless. realDonaldTrump 😷😷😷😷 VOTE! Our WH where Trump is a squatter for a few more months is a COVID hotspot where several dozen people & Stephen Miller acquired the virus bcs they're all as dumb rocks, but ClownKing makes fun of someone wearing a mask in the Oval to protect others. 45* is a psychopath & a monster

Such a dangerous fool. You have to give it to him, he is at least an expert on one thing - mocking other people in public & feel joyous each time. Makes him feel powerful on others behalf. realDonaldTrump Normalizacji ? I am beyond sick of his childish bullshit! And your pal didn’t join in your insulting joe, you will be a footnote in history, if you’re lucky loser

Maybe your reporters should start reporting truth instead of fake news and the people of America will start to respect you Of course he did because were rounding the corner it is what it is some people have to die bigger better It's as if the Covid-19 outbreak in the White House never happened, or that the US is not 1 in cases and deaths in the world. The detachment from reality is unbelievable.

traitor abuser of women con man US Soldier bounty enabler negligent source of 200k deaths tax avoider horrible leader liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar liar Or as some people call him president

Trump mocks reporter for wearing 'largest' mask as U.S. reports 71,000 daily COVID cases'He's got a mask on that's the largest mask I think I've ever seen, so I don't know if you can hear him,' President Donald Trump said of a reporter at the White House on Friday as new cases of COVID-19 approached record levels. You consider this news? Seriously? Nobody cares a reporters feelings got hurt. Remember the Cain: Herman Cain. Wear your damn masks Shameful!!!

Trump Announces That Sudan Will Normalize Relations With IsraelI'm a journalist based in New York City. Before coming to Forbes I covered breaking news, police and crime for The New York Post and freelanced for The Washington Post. I studied journalism, photography and art at the City University of New York. What’s wrong is the liberal war machine mad now about staying out of wars? What loved to know how many arms sales are behind this. Finally doing the job any President is supposed to do isn't enough reason to re-elect him. Don't forget everything he's fucked up.

Trump lifts sanctions on Sudan as he announces deal between African nation and IsraelBREAKING: President Donald Trump formally notifies Congress that his administration will remove Sudan from the list of state sponsors of terrorism, nearly 30 years after the African country was first listed. Breaking News: Trump to build a hotel in Sudan Wanna know why these Middle East countries are making peace? They want Trump. You know why. They don’t want to go back to the days of bush and Obama bombing the surrounding areas and destabilizing the region. They know Trump hasn’t done that. They know Biden was a part of it Watch him do ridiculous stuff in the next 11 days! BidenHarrisLandslide2020

Trump: Sudan to join UAE, Bahrain in recognizing IsraelWASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump announced Friday that Sudan will start to normalize ties with Israel, making it the third Arab state to do so as part of U.S.-brokered deals in the run-up... How much was the bribe? Tony Boblulinski actually spoke with Joe Biden about the activities of Hunter Biden and James Biden. Where is the FBI FBIWFO NewYorkFBI NPR nprpolitics CBS_Herridge ABC NBCPolitics NBCNews What about Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan...

Trump: Sudan to recognize IsraelPresident Donald Trump announced today that Sudan will start to normalize ties with Israel, making it the third Arab state to do so as part of U.S.-brokered deals in the run-up to Election Day He must think there's something in it for him. There is 10 times increase upon every investment made with us under the period of inbalance with bitcoin, What this implies is that you can make as much as $10k in a week with as low as $1k Too Good to be True Right?.send a Dm for more info when was the last time Sudan and Israel were mentioned in the same sentence?

Trump announces that Israel and Sudan have agreed to normalize relationsPresident Donald Trump announced Friday that Sudan and Israel have agreed to normalize relations -- a foreign policy achievement for the incumbent president less than two weeks before the US presidential election. Who cares? We have kids in cages, over 220,000 dead from an out of control pandemic, no Covid release bill... and you think we care about this. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. VOTE HIM OUT! The pr stunts continue And this is breaking news?