'Lap dogs': Sen. Duckworth slams military leadership's response to Trump

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Sen. Duckworth on Defense Sec. Esper: 'Instead of standing up to this president and saying, 'Sir, no, you're politicizing the military. This is not the appropriate use of our military.' Instead he went right along with it.'

Senator Tammy Duckworth , an Iraq War veteran, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss her call for national standards for police behavior to address systemic racism and police brutality. Sen.

Duckworth also delivers a sharp rebuke of Defense Secretary Mark Esper and Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, for "carrying out the president's twisted idea of what military is supposed to do," and that the use of the troops to control protests "is not the appropriate use of our military."


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1_tessie Quack quack quack

MSNBC sides with rioting

SERIOUSLY slam all you wish! DEMOCRATS almost 4 years of non stop attacks on PRESIDENT that have been exposed as time wasted money wasted will be remembered Nov 2020

Why are the powers that be letting this happen? They talk platitudes and legislation that will be ignored while Trump orders attacks on American citizens and galvanizes the police forces to beat the life out of us. We have SS style mercs massing in DC. Where tf are the Dems?

Esper is a lobbyist— that is what he knows a schmoozing yes man that just wants to placate his masters

And the day Trump wants to play with nuclear power, what will happen? Is there still an adult around him to control his temper tantrums?

Esper had two choices obey or put his stars on the table and give him the finger.

It sucks when things are politicized against you, doesn’t it?


The lapdogs are all grotesque Americans.

Tsk, Tsk, Tsk

Trump ignored anyone that stood against him for using our military against peaceful protestors. We all have to wonder if there is anything this man won't do with our military to retain power.


These NWO communist agenda dems just don't want decades of corruption & money laundering to stop. TRUMP is draining their swamp. Keep on with the declas

TammyforIL & RepAdamSchiff, Call it out:

To the everlasting credit of his reputation, both personal and historical, Espry publicly repudiated Trump on the heels of his admitted blunder. It didn't take him long, either. That said, if Duckworth wants Espry's head on a platter, no doubt she has good reasons..

No, dems are telling police to stand down as minority communities burn, innocent folks protecting their property are killed. Trump is our only hope. I call BS as do all of we the people.

Careful guys, Tom Cotton is prancing and preening in the background and writing editorials in order to get tRumpo's attention.

not to worry The LYING BUNKER INSPECTOR will be fired NOVEMBER 3rd and then the indictments begin!

Nothing political about stopping looters.

If I were her, I'd be so mad I'd quit immediately.

Some would love to see the White House over run by Anarchy & Vandals because you have NO respect for our Commander in Chief/citizens evidenced by your complicit DIVISIVE news reporting full of bias, &DEVOID of understanding LAW & ORDER HAD TO BE RESTORED for acts of insurrection!

Barr is running the military, not Esper.

Another democrat who thinks burning down cities is awesome. Course democrats allowed all this to happen to begin with so cities burning and a the violence is just another distraction from the lies they've told.

Esper's apparent reversal from the position he announced to the public was an utter disgrace. How he can face his family after destroying any respect and integrity he may have earned from his earlier speech is beyond me.

The United States is over if he gets re elected. Implosion.

He's doing it wrong isn't he. Everyone knows you're supposed to politicize the IRS and the FBI. Just ask Barack if you're not sure.

All this chaos from corona virus, lock downs, economy destroyed ,Hitler and the SS armies to control our lives , helping China spread the virus and now the riots that your terriost gangs did what you wanted destroy to make sure we never open up man all this for communist rule.

hope they burn down your home! dems Hacks news

You are so scare because you got caught


A soldier job is to obey the legitimate house of power

People have a hard time standing up to power.

Just watch. Trump has got this. Dems seem to be just totally making a total disaster out of this problem as they did with Covid. Our use of military is appropriate if we can't get the rentarioters under control. Can't let them burn the country down & kill folks.

Yes but let’s encourage the servile GOP bootlickers to find their voice as Esper finally did. Bring them away from the dark side. Help them examine what they are participating in as Esper did, which led him to take a stand away from the psycho president.

Either go along or resign. The boss is the boss.

Who is the commander in chief of the military? You know who it is . . . the President! Right?

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United States Latest News, United States Headlines

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