Landslide in Arctic Norway sweeps away 8 homes

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SWEPT AWAY: Powerful landslide sweeps eight houses into the sea in the Norwegian Arctic. No injuries were reported, and a dog that was washed into the ocean was able to swim back to land safely.

The scene of a landslide near Alta, Arctic Norway, seen Wednesday June 3, 2020, after a powerful landslide that took eight houses into the sea off northern Norway. Police spokesman Torfinn Halvari said a car was taken in the landslide but no people injured.

Bakkedal told The Associated Press on Thursday that he filmed Wednesday afternoon's powerful landslide near the town of Alta that swept eight houses into the sea off northern Norway.


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GOD bless

Ok but I’m going to need to know if this was someone’s dog and if they left this poor baby behind

Dog knew He was being rescued...Mans best friend forever.

cc th3v0t4ry

That is Creepy😬

That looks terrifying! Glad everyone is safe. How could 2020 get any worse took on an entire new meaning for those families.

An island is born. LOL

Jesus 🙏🏾

Nature just took back what belongs to it..,🙆‍♀️


Gives new meaning to ' Slip sliding away'.

Don't know. how many unexpectable things we would have to see in coming months in this horrible 2020.

I'm happy for the dog. Living by the sea is always a risk. You must have respect for the mother nature.

I bet you the Norwegian government is gonna give them new land and build them new homes. In this country: That was something wasn't it? Incredible. Oh well. Did you have insurance?

WEWS Well, the residents said they wanted a change in scenery.

I just can’t imagine watching everything I own slowly slide into the sea.

Global warming

OMG... If those houses were mine, I might go crazy. RT : SWEPT AWAY: Powerful landslide sweeps eight houses into the sea in the Norwegian Arctic. No injuries were reported, and a dog that was washed into the ocean was able to swim back to land safely.

👀 I’ve never seen anything like that before in my life.

Any other year: 'Oh wow, hope no-one was killed' 2020 'pfft'

Eight houses and no injuries? Impressive.

Welp, 6 more months to go... 🤦🏽‍♀️

God isn't playing in 2020!


I have never seen anything like this in my life!



Bicho angelicalanz mira!!

The way the houses float and wash back to the shoreline is impressive, I imagine someone sleeping through all that and opening the door on the aftermath!

Toph, you need to chill

Can’t wait for this to happen to New York and California

Honey, finally a front beach property we can afford!!

Now i believe the Atlantic story



Beautiful..Now they have their own private island.

Incredible how the land takes the homes into the sea and then the sea washes them back to the land! Amazing how well the 2 storey white house retained its shape almost throughout. Good advert for soil investigation companies!

Breaking News: China claims breakaway Norwegian Island as part of PRC

The one with the white House what did you use to build you home it the only one that made it through that.

This is no time to travel.

My car was destroyed by the riot any thing can help donate

This is a demo of what v call DOOM'S DAY


Thank god..u didn't sah trump responsible for land slide..😆

the norwegian attic?

We will see more and more of this



Ever been DEEP DEEP n South AMERICA (below Mexico City & deeper) i HAVE & it is very very very dangerous & WHY DO YOU THINK those ppl (majority) want FLEE it for a BETTER LIFE = huh? 😏 there are NO REAL POLICE PRESENCE DefundPolice is LAUGHABLE realDonaldTrump PressSec DNC

I hope nobody was in those homes that’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen

where were police & army to stop that act of aggression by nature...God should be investigated for causing it

Wow! That was amazing.

My dream house 😔

Terrible !

And I saw my reflection in the snow covered hills 'Til the landslide brought me down

That's not the typical landslide...that's crazy

..ted uz jsem.. videla vse..

Oh my God..... what is this year becoming to?😭🥺

Now that’s cool and I’d be staying .. boom .. got my own island



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