Lana Del Rey Rollerblades Down a Desert Highway in Hazy 'White Dress' Teaser

3/2/2021 6:48:00 PM

.LanaDelRey rollerblades down a desert highway in hazy 'White Dress' teaser

for the title track to the singer's seventh album (due out on March 19) found Del Rey in a little red sports car driving to the country club to cool off by the pool with her pristine, pearl-wearing posse. She and her friends occasionally rock her infamous 

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 and their perfect summer day gets an unexpected twist when aWizard of Oz-like twister spins in to swoop up the singer and her convertible.Along with the preview of the"Dress" video, Del Rey also posted what appeared to be avintage interview clip

in which she talks about her aspirations for her always ambitious videos, saying,"I don’t know what I”m going for, but I do hope one day, I can work with somebody who actually knows how to make videos like John Waters or David Lynch. I would like them to somehow be involved.”

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