LaMelo Can Be NBA's Youngest MVP Ever, Says LaVar Ball

Lavar Ball says he knows his son, LaMelo, can win MVP this season ... if he leads the Hornets to the NBA Finals.

11/28/2021 11:43:00 AM

Lavar Ball says he knows his son, LaMelo, can win MVP this season ... if he leads the Hornets to the NBA Finals.

Lavar Ball says he knows his son, LaMelo, can win MVP this season ... if he leads the Hornets to the NBA Finals.

LaVar says"yes" ... but there's something he's gotta do first."Here it is ... they're not gonna give Melo the MVP unless he makes it to the Finals," LaVar said at Cool Kicks L.A."Then you gonna make MVP.""You know why? The NBA -- what do you need? You need the next superstar, and you know who he is?! My boy! And, I got a bunch of 'em!"

FYI -- the current youngest MVP wasDerrick Rose, who won it at 22 years for the Bulls.The Hornets are currently in the middle of the Eastern Conference ... but it's still pretty early in the season, so who knows what'll happen.

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Will LaVar Ball ever shut up? TMZ always use the worst photo of black celebrities!! Playoff performance has zero impact on regular season awards, such as MVP. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe if LaMelo leads the Hornets towards the top of the division rankings and has stellar numbers throughout, it's possible. Fair.. Lavar did his job, he got his kids to the top, gets props for that. But can we stop soliciting his opinion now?

Lamelo is playing very well and is MVP candidate. But Hornets are not going to Finals lol He is not even a developmental League MVP I looked up the word delusional in the dictionary, and to no one's surprise, Lavar Ball's picture was inserted as the definition of the word.. BBB sonnnn!!

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