LAFD firefighters caught on video punching, kicking man accused of trying to break into fire station

A shocking video showing local firefighters punching and kicking a person at an LAFD fire station is going viral. LAPD says that person was trying to break into the fire station.

Lafd, Lafd

5/21/2022 7:40:00 AM

3 LAFD firefighters are under investigation after a video shows them striking and removing a homeless man who they say was breaking into their fire station. Neighbors say the man has been a nuisance for months. Did they go to far? Tonight at 11 from ABC7

A shocking video showing local firefighters punching and kicking a person at an LAFD fire station is going viral. LAPD says that person was trying to break into the fire station.

SILVER LAKE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A shocking video showing local firefighters punching and kicking a person at Los Angeles City Fire Station 6 is going viral.LAPD says that person was allegedly trying to break into the fire station, and station firefighters were forcibly removing that person from their property.

Multiple investigations are now underway.L.A. Fire Department Station 6 on Virgil Avenue in Silver Lake, next to the 101 Freeway, is surrounded by homeless encampments, and according to LAPD, a man tried to break into the fire station Friday just before 2 p.m.

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*too Well when the city or Police Department fails to do there job it's time to take care of the problem yourself No they were right what they did. The perpetrators think the have rights to fight back at police and fire fighters. SHAME ON THEM. Looks like self defense to me. FF are defending their house.

Firefighters Should Be Held Accountable For Their Actions, Just Like Anyone Else. Wow, thats were where at, homeless are becoming very defiant, if police cant control them? Ehat do we do? Sems Cops dont want to do fill out paperwork on catch & relase, home owner, citizen pays with constant harassment, how does it end?

Brave firefighters battling blazes and criminals when do they sleep thank you for.your service. Upon further inspection, looks like the one firefighter is kicking a piece of equipment out of the way as to not to trip, not kicking the trespasser, who is fighting the 3 firefighters. Need a trained K9 to escort trespasser off property. More Humane. I Can understand their frustration. Cops were likely too 'busy' to deal with it. There is more to this story than the clip shows. Peeps- be objective-this is the firefighters home-what would you do?

who's dog is that on a leash? I’m glad they are being investigated.

DTLA follow-home robbery: 1 of 5 suspects arrested; LAPD fears there may be more victimsPolice have arrested one of the suspects wanted in connection to a follow-home robbery that happened over the weekend in downtown LA. LAPD fears there may be more victims. I have an idea on how to solve the follow home robbery epidemic. Definitely would not be any repeat offenses! Poop color people are like rats & pigeons nowadays. Embarrassing

LAFD this is unacceptable beating up a vulnerable member of the community! LAFD Shame They aren't just 'homeless losers'. They are suffer from mental illness. That little dog watching it's owner get beaten. These people are hired to 'protect' society. That's their job. Goes to show you mental disability is still not understood. It's a bad situation all around.

No kick there ass sick or not So Firefighters are cops too, gross. Did they go to far? WTF kind of question is that? Attacking a person is always too far. These guys need to be arrested. They went too far because you can commit crimes in LA all you want. Why pick on this guy? How are there so many bots and trolls commenting here? Amazing and awful. Bottom rung of humanity agreeing with these gang members beating someone down.

Yes they went too far! A simple 911 call for breaking and entering. What about the dog?

LAPD budget proposes $87 million increase after recent rash of robberiesThe Los Angeles Police Department hopes to hire 780 new officers with this potential influx of cash. Yes by all means giving them a raise for not doing their job. Just throw more money at them. JFC Good. Release. The. Krakken.

Whatever happened to due process? Sadly, in this country if you wear a uniform apparently you can do whatever you please. Difficult to watch and excessive. OLAASM 'Did they go too far?' How do you even ask that question? Look at the video. Yes. Yes they did. You know they always say there are no stupid questions but then someone asks a stupid question. 🙄

Can you 'break in to' a public resource? Is this a rhetorical question? Then , they’re not the Police? The Police was keeled this guy Anyone who says they see SOMETHING wrong deserves to have a transient live in their home for the next 7 months as recompense Yes. Yes they did. These are people who are supposed to be there to protect people in their community. Get this man the help he so obviously needs. How sad is it that they and so many on this thread feel that this was an acceptable way to handle this.

I thought fire stations were open to the public?

LIVE: LAPD in pursuit of vehicle near downtown LAWATCH LIVE: A police chase is underway near downtown Los Angeles . We're live with Stu_Mundel from up in SkyFOX. Stu_Mundel fox how much are tickets, making it sound like an event 🤦‍♂️ Stu_Mundel Your post arrived 6 hours later, sigh! Miss these incidents with you at the controls. Glad you're doing well where you're at. Stu_Mundel The usual suspects

But can I save the dog? Great job, somebody needs to hold criminals accountable Either they went too far or were allowed to beat the shit out of random strangers now… Why should we tolerate this violence from civil servants? What kind of fucking headline is this Jfc. Shame on you!!! If three homeless men did this to a firefighter, would they have gone too far?

USAO_LosAngeles CivilRights looks like a civil rights violation to me. DA does nothing. Defend yourself! Seemed like that person had a dog with them. A dress and a wig. And three people beat and assaulted her instead of detaining or chasing her away. You play stupid games you win stupid prizes. And they all played.

'Racist firefighters assault a black man nearly to death...did they go too far' Yup. No white supremacy problem here, folks. None whatsoever. Yes

LA to donate surplus LAPD ballistic helmets, vests to UkraineThe 526 helmets and 378 vests will be donated to the First-In Fire Foundation which will ship the items to Ukraine. You’re joking right No the tax payers of LA will donate the surplus of ballistic vests and helmets. They paid for it!

Any of you snowflakes actually READ the article or only the comments? He harassas the firefighters, fights other homeless and throws bottles at cars. Dude learned a lession today! The saddest thing to watch is the little doggy. Poor thing will never understand what kind of savages human truly are. ABSOLUTELY FIRE POLICE FBI CIA DOJ CONGRESS TRUMPISM AKA RACIST AUTHORITARIAN HAS INFILTRATED AND BEEN ACTIVATED

Looks to me like a White guy a Hispanic guy and a Black guy taking out the trash,, stop feeding the rats and they will go away... Yes All that training just to be fired because THREE grown men don’t know how to call the police and detain an individual. Welp! Didn't call the police, just a gang of firemen beating the fuck out of him. Wrong in so many ways. Charge the firemen with assault.

What is WRONG with you? He is outside the station, and presents no threat. You are beating on him 3 to one. One of you KICKS HIM IN THE BACK while the other two beat him. This guy has a nice lawsuit in his pocket, while I hope you two get fired. oh no. the discarded wanna use real restrooms with clean, running water and/or need proper, funded resources to combat mental illness and addiction. better kick the shit outta them. get fucked billions in a few greedy pockets and the peasants eat each other alive. yay capitalism

What is this headline on this video, abc7? It is sensationalist and dehumanizing to this person, as is the term 'transient,' which is a disparaging term. It also does not matter if the person was breaking in, it is not ok to beat people or drag them on the sidewalk. Disgusting.

LAPD officer hospitalized after collision on SB 405The circumstances of the crash remain unknown. The officer was on a motorcycle.

Fake af lol 😆 I see zero problem. Anyone who has ever lived in the hood knows what happens if you pulled this shit, why should the firefighters have to endure it for months on end if we wouldn't for one day? *too I feel bad the firefighters need to do this to be safe. What kinda fucked up title is this shit?! You’re literally asking if someone deserves to be beaten by LAFD!?

Deserved it Did they go to far ? Give me a break 7!! ABC7 Nitwit News That is clearly not a man , and most definitely not homeless.. wig ?! Clean white outfit ?! Puppy with collar?! Umm no!! Homeless people are so effing entitled… !! Los green go son malas personas sin corazón ., chale que triste 😞

LAPD SWAT officer caught saying 'happy hunting' on body-cam before fatal police shootingAn L.A. police SWAT member was recorded saying 'happy hunting' to other officers before police shooting, LAPD Chief Michel Moore confirmed to The Times. Christopherjordandonner for exposing the lapd years ago and paid for it with his life ! realamericanhero

Does anyone know for certain what happened to that little dog? Where it was taken? Poor little thing If the homeless man started getting violent when confronted then he deserved an ass whooping. haha the real firemans carry They’re still wearing their gear, probably came back from a call to see someone in their station. Homeless or not, they’d get a beating if they break into my house too. BTW, That’s a small bit of a video. Not the whole story.

LMFAO!!! IMAGINE IT WAS 3 POLICE 👮‍♀️ OFFICERS … THE IRONY!! abc7leanne Should have used a hose line They’re lying because they got caught. Cameras are everywhere in fire stations so they need to show some evidence he was stealing.Who’s dog is that poor thing El perrito tiene miedo.... It’s a sad but true reality that some people can not be reasoned with, period. In those cases they have to be dealt with in a manner they understand.

The govt doesn't want to fix homelessness and when some homeless people who are out on streets cz of addiction, then they steal. And now these firefighters are under investigation for protecting themselves, seriously!!

Is he not fighting them and they defending themselves ... As seen in the video. Damn. Talk about privilege and abuse.... Yup If the man broke into your home, what would you do? I think the fireman were within their rights. Not far enough I don’t see anything they did wrong 3 men beating on a homeless man and you ask if they went too far? Really?

Interesting that soooo many people are taking the firefighters’ word for it. Haven’t we learned enough that people lie about supposed threats that end up justifying violence against the citizens? Where’s the video evidence? Fire houses don’t have cameras? abc7leanne So tired of this homeless bullshit. These firefighters deserve a commendation. How has America survived for 250 years without people living on the street in filth, human waste, trash, and squalor.

Good for them. Bet he doesn't try to break into the firehouse again. Hug a thug criminal policies don't work, but an ass whipping does.

are you serious asking if they went to far. That why I moved out that hell hole. News outlets like you. absolutely fucking yes they did Hypothetically, assume the one fireman actually connected with the wild uppercut and homeless dude stumbles into street, gets hit by a car. Congrats. Two big lawsuits, taxpayers pay settlements. Call cops or get a 4th guy to move him without punches to head.

The world is way too soft. What's the story with the dog? Was he really breaking in with his dog? jimmy_dore SabbySabs2 miserablelib Kicking a man they have already knocked over and dragged across the the pavement? Yeah, they went to far. They need to be charged with assault I guess he should have moved on. Got what he deserved

I thought that fire stations are supposed to be safe places?

that doesn’t look like a brawl that looks like a one-sided attack The only one I feel bad for is the dog. Blame the homeless issue on Newsom who welcomed all homeless to LA and now has a HUGE problem he can’t deal with. Vote RickCarusoLA so we can clean this city up! Yes, they went too far! Well he won't try THAT again!

Hope somebody got that poor little dog. Horrific. Vigilantes on county payroll. What happened to the dog? Battery is still a crime, right? California has become the example for no consequences. Perhaps this will serve as a lesson? Good for the firefighters! Enought of putting up with peoples shit! Wow.....

Why do they have to kick him, for heavens sakes!! Three against one. Come on! Cops should wear fireman 👨‍🚒 uniforms and the public would be okay with use of force Someone needs to have the balls to do something about this problem, sure not the politicians. Can we do to the same to those fire fighters? Would love if we put them in a fire squad line and beat them with a pillowcase of bricks

Delete this disgusting tweet immediately 3 to 1 An everything in that station is replaceable!! Nuisances need to be dealt with sorry. Some homeless ppl are annoying. They purposely do stuff to bother you. U call the police, and they can't do anything, because no weapon was involved. Maybe, and thats a big maybe, they went to far.

More of this, please. Ahh ya think. They’re gonna get sued and that homeless person is going to be rich.

Channel 7 is pathetic? Why would you even post this. I don’t watch your news at all. I back the fire fighters! No, they didn't do enough! Good for them to defend their station. Wow lafd LAFDtalk PIOErikScott explain yourselves Good for the firefighters. Maybe a better way take him to jail trespassing then maybe into a shelter. Could be a hazard in a firehouse

Just cause he’s homeless doesn’t mean those hands ain’t rated e for everyone. He earned that ass beating 🤷🏽‍♂️ Black residents make up the large majority of homeless residents in LA, this is due to intentional systematic housing violence as it relates to race and class! We seriously have created a sick society by abandonment of our collective community! LAFD

Nope. Everyone seems to be on their own when it comes to dealing with the homeless and the crimes they commit.....

I need neighbors to describe “nuisance”. No if the cops don’t protect and serve then we as citizens have too Disgusting display of violence by the LAFD Good for the Fire the Department. Enough is enough with this shit!! Constituents pay taxes to see clean streets and enjoy a quality life. Maybe if the cops were allowed to do their jobs the fire department wouldn’t be dealing with it.

Bumfights GrowlinAtTheSun This is a question? Yes, they went too far...file charges, they are not above the law... SILVERLAKE IS TIRED OF ALL THESE TRANSIENTS!!!!!! WE ARE FED UP!!!!!!!! SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO SOMETHING!!! Well they’re committing felony assault. Maybe the news station could report that?

Fire hose would have removed him and cleaned him up. 'been a nuisance for months' they're fed up. The homeless problem, specifically with those transients with mental illness has gotten out of hand, pun intended Nope. This is our world, not theirs. Somehow, I have no sympathy for the guy. There are not many things lower than a thief.

Poor dog. They better not hurt that dog! I think they went a bit too far. Maybe the homeless person just wanted shelter, food or water for his dog. It’s not the first time this homeless does this. Also a neighbor said this homeless is a trouble maker 😡 Leave the firefighters alone U think this is the only instance of people kicking the ass of these druggies/homeless dudes who dont take heedance to trespassing, U are clueless! Since politicians and advocates love the homeless more than law abiding citizens & wont lift a finger,we will hand out the penalties

They beat his ass lol. Good job fellas! mentalhealthawareness I hate to point out what I think is the obvious. The individual trying to break in to the fire department most likely suffers from mental health issues. In a time where our civil servants are under such close scrutiny Ironically during MH awareness May

This you andrewvasquez_1 ? Um, any biologists on this thread? The dog was like “NOPE!” Let his dog run out in the street. Someone needs to fix this evil act and change things This is why the police exist. The firefighters should be more professional. The man is homeless and severely mentally. Instead of helping him, they beat him. I can’t believe how many people are trying to justify their abusive behavior.

Pulled him out by his hair while sleeping and his hands are shaking in fear. They jumped him like a gang. While he is Waving stop. He looks old too. Nothing is fun about homelessness and being scared in the streets every night. Cities serve and protect ? Not anymore? That homeless won’t be homeless anymore

Citizens have been left responsible for their own safety. Government failure to shelter and treat the mentally ill and addicted has created growing pockets of Mad Max-like environments. Those who endure that for months or years should only be judged within this context. Incorrect use of the word “to”. Should be “too far” not “to far”.

SHAMEFUL Make firefighters who work hard look bad. That poor scared man. We encourage our kids to be firefighters! They take in abandoned babies. This is the safe place FOR EVERYONE to go to when we need HELP or get LOST. Someone is always there to help. Violence is not ok.

his little dog didn't know what to do 😢 They're all paramedics who unfortunately deal with mentally ill homeless patients on a daily basis. They know better than to kick a guy on the ground in the back. Don’t they know they are on video. Shut the door and put up volume on T V Let what is outside stay outside. Sad this is going to cost them there job

Yes it’s not right to commit a crime by breaking into places but what do they think they are doing! They’re also committing a crime. They could’ve called the police or tried to get him into a shelter for the homeless. At least in jail he’s off the streets and getting three meals He probably shit all over the place. I’m on team fireman

ashamed and disappointed Not at all, you can never be too safe these days. Drag that person out especially if they’re resisting. News doesnt show when he spit in the firemans face. Don’t trust these videos that leave out the beginning No. The question should be. Did that man go to far in his thieving? Or the other headline. “Man steals from caring people and get his ass kicked!”

They didn’t go far enough! WTF? They didn’t call 911!!!! What is This? AppleNews NPR Enough is enough. Get a job First recorded case of fireman brutality 😂 I just feel super sad for the scared doggie. Is there any follow up on that innocent dog? I have a lot of respect for fire fighters as I was a Wildlands fire fighter myself and if that dude was doing what they said , why are they under investigation?

Why they beating on that transgender woman this is an obvious hate crime where's the LGBT and white feminist at Good! They should’ve played toss with him Wow Did they go too far? HELL NO.

Maybe they thought he was on fire. Not sure if they took it too far; one thing for sure, that man won’t break in ever again. 🤷‍♂️ I want to know what happened to the poor dog 😞 Now watch his family pop up after dude chooses to sue and I ask where were they when he was on the streets? Provided he wasn't robbing them too.

He should have got more of an ass kicking, teach him a lesson. What happened with the dog Everyone is tired it’s the same old story about time he’s held accountable About time Fire takes some heat 🔥 That poor lil dog! This is wrong! I don’t care what that man did! These homeless doing a lot of crazy shit…

How did he break in when they left the gate open? GryKngBlakState Damn that looks like a black man 🤔 Public tree ropes needs to come back GryKngBlakState Totally unnecessary somebody might lose their job 🤔 That's a female. Can't wait to hear what the feminuts & Gloria Alred have to say. Hopefully they don't contract a disease. I'd suggest using a 3'- 4'line next time.

They did the right thing. Deinstitutionalization was a mistake Like, to see how much their raise should be? Key word 'tried' to break.

The man is not ‘homeless’, he is a transient drug addict with no home. It’s synonymous but not the same thing. And everyone has had enough of the transient drug addicts doing as they please, disrupting the locality, and destroying the community. See nothing wrong. Sometimes people just need an ass whooping to know what’s up.

Lol the person dog is even like yeah he deserves it We all stand alone! We all have to pretty much take the law into our own hands and protect ourselves. are cops joining the FD now? wtf? Fire em and charge em. You wanna brutalize vulnerable people you should’ve applied to be a cop. This is what happens when there are no consequences for these people. I know people are going to start taking matters into their own hands. We’re all sick off the bullshit. They do nothing if homeless break into your home.

Nope they didn’t. I’m sure that homeless man had it coming. Degenerates like that shouldn’t be going on to property they don’t own What would u do if someone is breaking into ur home? They probably gave him that first responder treatment after the beat down lol

Beat that fucker!!! Gate is wide open - how is that breaking in ? Vigilante Justice - Public Employees attacking the homeless without calling police FD is going to be sued big time and they men should be fired Good for them. They are protecting Tax Payer emergency equipment. Bravo NO Place for vigilante justice - they should be fired

You are journalists that don’t know when to use the word “too”?!? Ahh yes, show only a tiny portion of what lead up to this and then ask for judgement...great reporting Great job firefighters, but what's the update on the dog Another crap clip, what happen first …god I really hate you woke news people. Why I don’t watch your channel. By definition he does not belong there, so is a lot more to the story…but what the hell back the bus up on a few guys lives.

Why do homeless people have pets if they can’t even take care of themselves lol

🤭🤭unbelievable I’m worried about the dog. Is he ok? It is sad how violent our citizens and people of authority are getting. It's sad how many are okay with it. At least in jail he could have received a hot meal, bed, and maybe a bath. Does that poor dog belong to the homeless man? 🥺 N8ce nice Fireman tend to be righteous a-holes. Sorry, not tend to be…THEY ARE.

👏👏👏 good job lafd. These bums think they can do whatever they want with no recourse. These are heroes Absolutely not 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻💪🏼 Good job. When you're fed up you gotta do what you gotta do. Dude fucked around and found out they didn't go too far.

Yes, they went too far. They are not the law, they suppose to call the police. They should be lockup “Did they go too far?” Uh, did you watch the video? This question is infuriating. Awesome. Do it again. Fuck him up. Investigate the homeless not the firefighters. The Dog!🐗…….. More of this needs to happen. People are tired. Sadly the enables would never be held accountable

they could be like do you need help Where is far? Or did you mean *too? If someone is breaking in YOUR HOUSE, you’d do the same. Actually he would probably be shot in mine. If people are saying he’s trouble he probably started resisting behind that wall. Reallly pray that a new mayor cleans up around there.

So when is it wrong to protect your home your property..maybe the laws should be upheld instead we have allowed politicians to coddle the criminals for WOKE VOTES ..time to restore order and put criminals back in jail! No

Yes take off road!! 👏 good job Extremely appalling that most people are supporting this violence. Idc if dude broke in, they’re on duty and last I checked fucking up a dude wasn’t their responsibility. Looking forward to them getting fired. That fucker got we he deserved 🤦‍♂️ My friend Jessie was a firefighter - HAZMAT -(an abbreviation for “hazardous materials').

Yes they were wrong. You don’t hit anyone that hasn’t hit you. All these police doctors and some more just hate the ones who are lost Under investigation fuck that those guys deserve medals. Saw nothing wrong. *too far How can anyone judge what they did without more context? Is there more video? What led up to the confrontation?

are they being transferred to the based department? The poor little dog That’s how you handle a crackhead breaking into your home 💪🏼 kicked dat ass boy fr Hell no they didn’t !!….they work and LIVE there !!! Good riddance to the trespasser. “The man has been a nuisance for months.” He got what he deserved. It didn’t look too bad of a beat down. I applaud these 3 firefighters.

Fuck that Dog is this human being ok, this is an insane horrific act done by three scary ass cowardly firefighters who i’m sure can’t scrap a lick taking advantage of a homeless helpless person, this is selfless and despicable! They committed battery and should be charged. They should have called law enforcement.

Good on them I can’t see anything wrong They probably shouldn't have hit the guy, but this is an example of the frustration we're feeling about the laws NOT being enforced on the transients despite all their shenanigans.

Have they returned from far ? No. Too bad they had to fight him off their property. He must have really posed a dangerous threat. They were wearing their turn outs and helmets. 👍 No OSHA issue to see here. It’s not a dog, that’s his wife He got what he deserved. Everybody else is too scared to doing anything to criminals! Way to go LAFD👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Now as far as the firemen go I think they all should be fired for assault and battery and sued for discrimination and have there butts kicked No. They didn't go too far First of all let’s be realistic that person that was beaten up by those firemen had on a wig and a dress so that is reason number one that they did what they did it was not for breaking into no fire station

Sure didn't go to far newsome needs to stop letting criminals run california.... stupid games wins stupid prizes! That look like a woman

Everyone is saying call the police. What police? They’ve been defunded and crime is at its record high. You never know what bad people are capable of. They are beat-up a person,! Why not title it 'A Homeless Man Attempts to Break Into LAFD Station and Scuffles with Firefighters'? ...oh because that doesn't favorably help a predisposed agenda. Looks like the guy is swinging at them then they sweep his feet out. No real 'strikes' as you say.

angeleyes0013 Watch 2000 Mules. Fash. angeleyes0013 I love firefighters How about we investigate lawmakers that allow out of control homelessness?! They are the reason for this situation. No they didn’t go too far I don't give a crap about what's going with any of them!I'm just worried about the dog! Yeah they could’ve just called the cops, kicking and dragging him was way too much.

You can be a nice person without being a door mat, this transient was taking advantage of their good nature and found out. Hope they didn't get in trouble for standing up for themselves. Too far would be dragging him into traffic, he was being removed from the premises, and clearly combative.. should they have had some sort calm down sweetheart talk with him over a cup of tea?

Everybody is fast to play Monday morning quarterback and pass judgement against the firefighters. Only seeing the edit version. Also ignoring the fact this transient has an extensive criminal record and stolen from same FD. ArizonaNewsnet For months why wasn't something done? nope they didn't go to far. Blame the Governor and the Mayor It is their fault

I think everybody is fed up with these homeless communities. Sure, help those that need it, the rest lock them up for vagrancy. At least they’ll get a shower and a hot meal, and possibly help if they want it. homelessness Fire them! It comes down to accountability.. I know plenary of mentally ill.. and they don’t deserve this!

Distract from grooming kids in Florida ABC Disney 7. Guess no one calls 911 anymore?.. yes they went to far! He is already down on his luck and mentally ill! Sick world when a sick person is not taken to a hospital but beat up by those that are public servants..and say the sick is a nuisance.. well at least we know who’s really sic

I see 3 public servant openings. Nope

*too No, they should've gone further. Beat that dude up! Steel toed kick to the spine, 3 guys on one, hmm. I get protecting your castle, but this *looks* like extra uneccessary roughness against someone who is fragile & mentally ill. Still, other hand, he fights back, they arent trained as cops, & he could have had a concealed weapon.

It’s funny how criminals have more rights and sympathy than the people!! These homeless need to sleep near the banks lmao Good job boys kick his ass since the DA will not do anything You must be a special kinda jerk to start beef with fire fighters They shouldn’t have to put up with that shit. And they wouldn’t have to if California had any leadership.

No. They did what the city won’t.

I see nothing wrong Did not go too far 😂 I’m trying to figure the dog out in this They absolutely did not go to far! This guy fights with everybody and went into the station and attacked one of the firefighters! Tell the whole story!! What happened before this clip you are showing? This is a great way to posed people off & cause more problems. Great job as always.

Under investigation for doing the right thing? I swear this city, county and state will do anything to punish first responders as if we don’t need them. The less of them we have the more crimes and deaths raise. It would’ve been nice if the video had started in the driveway & was longer than 15 seconds, so we could see more of the altercation & how this ended. And it’s going to be really interesting to see how the District Attorney views this incident.Self defense or an assault.

No they didn’t. Anyone else would do the same. Why not?! The PD don’t do anything to help Where is To Far?

GavinNewsom Take that $100 billion surplus and open up mental institutions. Cops don’t want to deal with this and people are fed up. More of these people are going to get hurt or die and ordinary citizens are going to be blamed for protecting themselves from crazies and addicts. Unnecessary...... I’m sorry but they did nothing absolutely nothing wrong!

Hell no they did not go to far. Of course he is black and this is going to be spun as a race hate crime vs public servants being pushed to far from a homeless man nuisance What happened to the puppy abc7marc ? Lol, firefighters handing out some justice 👍🏻 They should have called the cops. The 3 of them looked pretty ineffective. Thankfully they didn’t shoot him.

👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Don’t mess with the firefighters! That dog was out And can someone save that poor puppy please

I love animals and worry about the dog. But I equally worry about a mentally ill man who needs support and service. We have become callous Poor doggy Well how about the dog? Is the dog ok Is that guy not wearing any pants? looks like a woman Damn 😂😂😂 They all getting Fired lmao Lol nice No, they didn’t go far enough. Those violent kind of transients need to be incarcerated in an insane asylum or shipped out to the middle of Nebraska

The DOG! What about the Dog? 🐾

No need to for 3 firefighters to strike beat, and kick this man. They did go a bit too far, hope his dog is ok. Poor dog afraid and stressed to see his master getting beat up, by violent people. doggo was like 👨🏿‍🦯 Simple answer…..NO Looks like felony battery to me. Textbook moves on a 5150 that is ETOH. Well done brothers. From 149s

I’m sure I speak for many when I say I really hope the pooch is okay 🥺 I’m more concerned about the poor pupper… 🤣😂 Blame GavinNewsom ericgarcetti Good job for them 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Love it

Poor pup I wanna know what happened to that poor doggie 😭😭🙏🏽