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Before the release of #StupidLove, we want to know what your favorite @LadyGaga single is. Vote below ⬇️


Before the release of StupidLove, we want to know what your favorite LadyGaga single is. Vote below ⬇️

The Monsters are beyond ready for Lady Gaga's new single 'Stupid Love.' which she'll officially release this Friday (Feb. 28). But which of her singles is your favorite? Vote!

Gaga then returned to her Hot 100 reign in March 2019 with her "Shallow" duet alongside Bradley Cooper. The leading single from their 2018 film also won the Oscar for best original song last year.

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ladygaga Born This Way ladygaga Favorite Single: Poker Face / Favorite Song: Scheibe 💩❤️ ladygaga Paparazzi 😈 ladygaga I simply cannot pick 1 favourite. She is perfect. ladygaga Bad Romance ladygaga Definitely Born This Way 💓 ladygaga 嘎嘎 ladygaga The cure ladygaga Alejandro ladygaga stupid love hunny

ladygaga Bad Romance

Lady Gaga Hints 'Stupid Love' Era Will Be a Y2K Fever DreamHere are some takeaways Little Monsters have discovered with eagle eyes, while combing through the imagery Gaga just released. More reason to get them to vote. They don’t vote

ladygaga You & I ladygaga Everything ladygaga atm The Fame ladygaga Bad romance ladygaga i don’t see the poll on the link so i’ll vote here: APPLAUSE ladygaga Poker face, Bad Romance, Aplause and Alehandro 😆😆😆😆😆😆 ladygaga Poker Face 3 ladygaga We only stan G.U.Y ladygaga Queen 👑😍😍😍 ladygaga all of them. such a versatile woman

Lady Gaga Taps Her Biggest Fans For Her Latest Haus Laboratories Campaign'No matter what I do in my career, in the heart of it will always be my fans and their stories.'

ladygaga marry the night ladygaga I love so many of Lady Gaga songs it's hard to pick my favorite. It would probably be either Judas, Bad Romance, or Born this Way. ladygaga No single will ever have the same impression marry the night had on me ladygaga bad romance!!! ladygaga Paparazzi ❤❤❤ ladygaga I like all of her stuff, yet currently, the two that stick out most of the times are “Perfect Illusion” and “Angel Down” 🌠🌅🕊🐛🦋🌻🇺🇸🦅🗽🔔💕

ladygaga I ll never love again ladygaga Bee Are. ladygaga Stupid Love. ladygaga Pokerface

Lady Gaga Struggles With Opening Her Heart to Romance in Her New Single, 'Stupid Love'We stan a relatable queen! Same, Gaga, Same.

ladygaga Bad Romance always. Greatest song of all time. ladygaga DO WHAT U WANT ladygaga Applause ladygaga Venus fine it's Applause actually ladygaga Gypsy ladygaga can you make your polls available on mobile devices? like who uses computers to check billboard polls.. ladygaga Her old stuff is still my jam imjustsaying ladygaga

ladygaga A million reasons ladygaga You and I, Speechless, So Happy I could Die. ladygaga Theres so much good ones like dance in the dark, poker face, shallow, born this way, and so onnnnnn But the first song I remember bopping hard to when I was like 10 was paparazzi. It still goes HARD.

Lady Gaga announces new single 'Stupid Love' ahead of LG6 albumis finally ready to give birth. After announcing she was 'pregnant' with new music at the top of 2019, the… lol 'announces'

ladygaga Interscope is really paying Billboard's promo 💀 ladygaga I had Paparazzi on REPEAT when I was 12 but I'm not 100% sure which is my favourite there are so many to choose from ladygaga Bad romance & perfect illusion are the best songs of gaga ladygaga Hair ladygaga BORN THIS WAY...unifies people across the globe...on every every way! You’re’re’re’re BEAUTIFUL! Gaga Gets It!!! 💕💕💕💕💕

ladygaga Poker face ladygaga Poker face♠♦♣♥ shoegurl2 ladygaga Bad Romance ❤️ DashinInCircles ladygaga I dont see a poll! ladygaga JUST DANCE

Did Bradley Cooper Dump Irina Shayk For Lady Gaga?Did Bradley Cooper dump Irina Shayk for Lady Gaga? That's what one tabloid claimed exactly one year ago. Gossip Cop debunked the story.

ladygaga Bad romance ladygaga Stream STUPIDLOVE ladygaga Million Reasons ladygaga I am soooo tempted to say Bad Romance, because that song is LEGENDARY, but... I'm going for Speechless. Arghhh, I really can't choose!! Almost every song of hers is perfection!! ladygaga She's a sell out NoahChromatica ladygaga Stream StupidLove by LadyGaga this Friday! 💋

NoahChromatica ladygaga The Edge of Glory 😍 ladygaga

Did Lady Gaga Just Reveal The Name Of Her Upcoming Album On Twitter?Lady Gaga has just announced a brand new single, and eagle-eyed fans may have uncovered the name of her new album: could it be 'Chromatica'?

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