Lady Gaga, Beyonce or Jackie Evancho: Who Had Your Favorite Inauguration National Anthem? Vote!

Lady Gaga, Beyonce or Jackie Evancho: Who had your favorite Inauguration National Anthem performance? Vote below!

1/22/2021 12:00:00 PM

Lady Gaga, Beyonce or Jackie Evancho: Who had your favorite Inauguration National Anthem performance? Vote below!

On Wednesday (Jan. 20), Lady Gaga joined the ranks of acts who have performed 'The Star-Spangled Banner' at a presidential inauguration -- but which star did your favorite rendition of the national anthem?

Brooks Kraft LLC/Corbis via Getty ImagesBeyonce sings the U.S. National Anthem as President Barack Obama listens during swearing-in ceremonies on the West front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington.On Wednesday (Jan. 20),joined the ranks of acts who have performed"The Star-Spangled Banner" at a presidential inauguration -- but which star did your favorite rendition of the national anthem?

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Then-Vice President Joe Biden stood behind as she performed the anthem during President Barack Obama's second inauguration in 2013, while America's Got Talent Jackie Evanchotook on the task for President Donald Trump's inauguration in 2017.

We're just going to focus on the last three pop acts who performed for the poll below, but the United States Navy Band Sea Chanters sang the patriotic tune for Obama's first inauguration in 2009, while President George W. Bush had Army Staff Sgt. Alec T. Maly (2001) and Air Force Tech. Sgt. Bradley Bennett (2005) perform the song for his inaugurations.

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By Sabine Siebold, Anton Zverev, Catherine Belton and Andrew Osborn

Gaga G A G A... We all know the answer to this, NEXT Lady Gaga 💐👍 There’s no need for this 🙃 why we gotta compare 😩 ladygaga period The only one who sings live and the right notes. Jackie Evancho didn’t aretha sing? 🤔 None of them. Google Whitney Houston’s Super Bowl one has EVER come close to this.

Gaga ❤️ Who the fuck is Jackie evancho Didn’t Beyoncé lip sync? Beyoncé Beyoncé. But love Lady Gaga too of course :) DamedR Gaga of course !!! Beyonce lady gaga sin duda es la mejor Easily Beyonce. Gaga sounded confused as to which genre she was singing in. Started out Broadway and then went to pop. A nice moment, but it didn’t land musically.

Gaga duh Stop tweeting this same sh*t Billboard Jackie LADY GAGA The one who sang live ladygaga is that even a question? of course gaga... the voice of this generation Lady Gaga. Beyoncé The one that sang live, ladygaga Lady Gaga obviously. B will always be my favorite. She is queen forever and always Lady Gaga as she sang live

LADY GAGA!!!!!!!!! harari1402 LADY GAGA Beyonce also! Lady Gaga!!! Haha why yall want to compare I seriously dont get it... but Gaga tho of course Lady Gaga! Outstanding performance! Not Beyonce considering she lip synced lol. ladygaga all day every day QUEEN BEY Beyoncé!!! Y’all only knew she lip synced because she told y’all. So Bye!!!

Beyonce wbk Lady Gaga - the live singer! Lady Gaga obv I remember Beyonce is lip syncing. Beyoncé Beyoncé Of course Jackie Evancho. Lady Gaga! Lady Gaga Jackie💘💐😘 jackieevancho beyoncé Gaga & Bey . ❤ Jackie Evancho RDTLadyGaga Gaga live Jackie 😍 beyoncé queen ladygaga Gaga Beyoncé !!!!!!!! This is a no brainer Oops 😬

Queen Bey👑 Lady Gaga of course 💕 Lady Gaga & JLO💙 The one on the cover photo My favourite Inauguration National Anthem performance is lil pump's or lil wayne's JLo FUCK THE SLEEPY JOE All three of them were excellent. Well done performances The one who didn't lip sync Nobody ! they are wasting thier time beyoncé

Lol why is this even a question BEYONCÉ!!! beesyonce Beyoncee Beyoncé ❤️ Lmao “Jackie Evancho” 💀💀💀 Beyoncé Lady Gaga.. wow !!! Beyonce no doubt Been grindin 4 way to long ! Plz check out my new music video ! ' Unheard Of ' 🔥 Lady Gaga is the only acceptable answer. The one who sang live in a cold weather. LADY GAGA.

Doja cats Mother Monster Lady Gaga definitely 💯 Lady Gaga 😆😆😆 Lady Gaga Fergie Lady Gaga. Beautiful singing. Love the voice, but not the dress choice for the occasion. Jackie Evancho Stop with phony competition. This is stupid Lol. Beyonce without question. Most people don't know who owns the billboard. Who is lady gaga?

Aretha Franklin.........Periodt!! Jackie I like all of em. Why do I need to choose? Lady Gaga ❤️ GAGA!! LADY GAGA ♥️ Ladyyyy Gagaaa ofc See them birds of same feathers I pity US It’s beyoncé but gaga best performance by a white person Love Lady Gaga and Beyonce, but for this, I choose Gaga, props for singing it live. 🤍

They ALL were gooders! Obviously 😎 lady gaga They supposed to be on their knee. Beyoncé killed it’s. 💯👸🏾🔥🎤🎶 Lady Gaga EVEEEEERER Lady Gaga of course Gaga easily Lady gaga Lady Gaga The one that sang live Lady Gaga Queen B None there all old Beyoncé The one who sang live and not prerecorded Lady Gaga ofc and its not even up for debate 🤣🤣🤣

ladygaga 👑♥️👑 Lady Gaga Lady Gaga The one who did not lipsync and that's Lady Gaga! The one in the cover Gaga was the only one who did it live Who is Jackie evancho burneryikes Among these three Lady Gaga’s one was definitely the most powerful and emotional She nailed it 🐝 Gaga only Beyoncé Nothing else Lady Gaga she did a Great job...

The queen beyonce Beyoncé BEYONCE🤗✊ Beyonce, the best voice of all time, outsinging every gurl dead or alive as usually. Lady Gaga obv Actually i like beyoncé and gaga versions but jackiee well it suits trump bland and cold or that's me maybe Lady gaga I really loved Lady Gaga’s performance!❤️ Beyonce❤ Beyonce 👑🐝

Beyonce The one who did not lipsync and that's Lady Gaga! Beyonce ladygaga Lady Gaga ofcourse Beyoncé playback? Really? gtfo! 😁 As a Trained Musician, they each specialize in different formats of music, their voices are different styles, and the arrangements are different. They each offered their takes and therefore are all winners. jackieevancho, Beyonce & ladygaga stole the hearts of Americans! 👏

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Gaga ! Beyonce Gaga! jackieevancho is my favorite inauguration national anthem performer 😍😍😍 BTS can't relate without autotune