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Lady Colin Campbell, Lord Colin Campbell

Lady Colin Campbell, 70, reveals she is on the hunt for a 'man with a fit body'

Lady Colin Campbell, 70, reveals she on the hunt for a 'man with a fit body'

8/17/2019 11:53:00 PM

Lady Colin Campbell , 70, reveals she on the hunt for a 'man with a fit body'

EXCLUSIVE: The controversial I'm A Celebrity camp mate celebrates her birthday at home in her 14-bedroom castle

But despite the sometimes ­cutting remarks, colourful ­aristocrat Lady Colin Campbell has a far softer side – and she wants to share it with a companion.As she invited us into her 1­4-bedroom castle home to ­celebrate her landmark 70th ­birthday yesterday, she said: “I’m a kind person. I just want a nice guy who loves me and who I love.

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“He doesn’t have to be rich,” she added, holding her Cavalier King Charles, Mickie.“But he has to have a nice body and be kind.” And, with a twinkle in her eye, she joked: “I am turning 50, remember.”Lady Colin has had a ­roller coaster life. As she blew out her birthday cake in her 14-bedroom Sussex residence, she told for the very first time how she once lived in fear of a stalker.

She recalled: “He knew me ­although I didn’t know him.“He was in love with me. It lasted a few years. He would ring the house all the time but then I moved so it stopped.”An author of books on the royals, she told the Sunday People she was also caught up in the anthrax scare of 2001 when an envelope of white powder was delivered to her door.

There was even a kidnap ­attempt involving one of her adopted ­toddler sons Dima, now 27.“He was playing in the park and a man tried to take him away but my dog attacked.”With her blonde hair looking immaculate, she said with ­understatement: “My life has not followed a normal trajectory.”

Her wealthy parents Michael and Gloria Ziadie were members of a prominent family in Jamaica.They could not accept her as a girl and made her have male ­hormone jabs during a hellish three-week hospital stay.She was raised a boy for much of her youth.

Her father even suggested suicide to avoid family shame. “I forgave him before he died,” she said, “although my ­mother was a real piece of work.“She was a traitor. But having a difficult younger life is good as it sets you up to be ­appreciative.”

In 1974 she ­married Lord Colin Campbell, younger brother of the 12th Duke of Argyll, five days after they met.They split 14 months later.She’s now gained more ­popularity on the E4 series Celebs Go Dating.She confided: “I love people ­differently now. When I was young there was the biological imperative – hormones.

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“Stunningly handsome and hysterically ­funny, he was also a duke. But I wanted ­motherhood and I turned him down.” Read more: Mirror Celeb »

I think he might run a mile. MirrorTV I think she’s more on the hunt for a man with a big fat wallet. Why is this idiot still allowed to have a title? DailyMirror she means bi-sexual doesn`t she DailyMirror jason_bearder you’re in !! Look in the mirror luv 😂 DailyMirror Me too 🤣 DailyMirror DailyMirror He better be blind as well or permanently pissed!

DailyMirror That's a dude

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