Ladies Of TikTok Are Hilariously Pulling Off The Lip Filler Prank And I Can't Stop Laughing

'Oh my god your lip malfunctioned, baby.'

9/14/2020 11:55:00 PM

Ladies Of TikTok Are Hilariously Pulling Off The Lip Filler Prank And I Can't Stop Laughing

'Oh my god your lip malfunctioned, baby.'

I'm obsessed with this prank that's been going around TikTok where people are pretending to get lip fillers and showing their family or spouses when, in reality, they're putting a tiny bit of adhesive (lash glue, maybe?!) to the area above their lip, then pulling up their top lip to make it appear bigger. And the results are — as you can imagine — pretty hilariously exaggerated.

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