Ladies and gentlemen ... the weekend, brought to you by Daniel Craig and a teen in OC

Ladies and gentlemen ... the weekend, brought to you by Daniel Craig and a teen in OC

4/17/2021 3:48:00 PM

Ladies and gentlemen ... the weekend, brought to you by Daniel Craig and a teen in OC

Behind the meme: How 'Ladies and gentlemen ...the Weeknd' became 'Ladies and gentlemen ... the weekend.'

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Friday.Ladies and gentlemen, you’ve had a long week. Five whole days of time’s horrid fardel bruising your shoulders, grinding you into the earth with the same routine: You wake up, eat, work, sleep and do it all over again, as often as 52 weeks a year. Who did this to you? Who was that guy who first said, “Hmm, what if we built our whole society around people doing the same thing over and over again five days in a row”? Probably the son of the guy who thought you should work seven days in a row. Weren’t you promised jetpacks? Where are the flying cars? (Helicopters don’t count.) The robot butlers? (Roomba doesn’t count.) What’s going on here? Should you not take to the streets and rise up?

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Ladies and gentlemen, conditions are intolerable and must improve.Ladies and gentlemen, there is good news on that front.AdvertisementLadies and gentlemen, there is a great healing force that loves you and wants better things for you. Even in your darkest hour (Mondays, or arguably Wednesdays, home of the haunting phrase “hump day”), this force lies in front of you, biding its time, waiting to bring you into its caring arms. This force is one of the inevitables, always growing closer, always on approach. All you have to do is wait for it ... wait for it ...

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Gaza conflict rages as Israeli PM says air strikes will continue

Israel pounded Gaza with air strikes into the early hours of Sunday, destroying a tower block that housed news media organisations, while Palestinian militants fired rocket salvoes at Tel Aviv.

‘Knives Out 2’: Dave Bautista Joins Daniel Craig In Rian Johnson’s Sequel For NetflixEXCLUSIVE: In the first big casting to Rian Johnson’s upcoming sequel to Knives Out, Sources tell Deadline Dave Bautista is set to join Daniel Craig in the next installment, which Netflix rec… LivingRangerKey Ping ScarlettEHarris Well, I'm out. Ay cool

‘Knives Out 2’: Edward Norton Joins Daniel Craig In Sequel To Rian Johnson’s Hit Murder MysteryEXCLUSIVE: In the next big casting for the sequel to Rian Johnson’s Knives Out, sources tell Deadline that Edward Norton is set to join Daniel Craig in the next installment from Netflix. Dave… Is it too soon to predict EdwardNorton the Killer 🔪🔪 KnivesOut2 Knives Out was okay, nothing special. Can't believe Netflix paid all that $$$ for the sequels. Crazy. I'd rather see him reprise his role in an AlitaSequel tbh

Edward Norton Joins Daniel Craig in ‘Knives Out’ SequelEdward Norton is sharpening his detective skills for Rian Johnson’s Knives Out sequel. The actor is in talks for the follow-up to the popular whodunit, joining Dave Bautista in what will be a… It's Daniel Craig. Hard pass. Can’t wait GeekShow jacksboytweet

Two Trump Ladies May Have Acted Out Bodyguard Scenes With Their Actual BodyguardsAs the last few hundred years of American history have resoundingly proven, cops are not hot. But as the Whitney Houston vehicle featuring Kevin Costner has also proven, bodyguards are the hottest possible version of cops, in that their objective is to protect and serve their principal and their principal alone, be it from a murderous sister or or just sexually. least we forget that Tiffany's Mom, Marla's divorce from DJT was fueled by rumors she was fcking her security manager. No we don't blame them for cheating on their wallets.

All Alone in Real-Life Downton Abbeys, Lords and Ladies Fend for ThemselvesPandemic restrictions mean Britain’s historic mansions haven’t had visitors, whose tickets pay for a lot of maids and gardeners, so duchesses and baronets pulled the weeds and did the dusting; Lord Hugo mows the lawn. AlAqsaUnderAttack AksadaBaskınVar Why is the World Silent? .. İsrail Terrorist Israel This is the right time to learn about cryptocurrency investments, dm me if you’re interested in earning through mining and trading cryptocurrency ✅📈📉 Sofiakingston_ Is it possible to find a good guy on Twitter?