L.A. school police name Deputy Chief Leslie Ramirez as interim leader

L.A. school police name Deputy Chief Leslie Ramirez as interim leader

7/3/2020 12:43:00 PM

L.A. school police name Deputy Chief Leslie Ramirez as interim leader

Chief Todd Chamberlain stepped down from the post after a divided Los Angeles school board slashed his agency's budget by 35% in response to a wave of community protests.

Wednesday, one day after a divided school board slashed his agency’s budget by 35% in response to a wave of community protests calling for defunding law enforcement.Ramirez, whose appointment is effective immediately, began her career as a campus officer in 1991 and has since served as detective, sergeant, lieutenant, adjutant to the chief of police and deputy chief of police, according to an official with the Los Angeles Unified School District. She also serves on the executive board of the California K-12 Police Chiefs Assn.

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“I am honored to have been selected as interim chief of Los Angeles School Police,” Ramirez said. “In the weeks ahead, we will begin the process of reviewing and evaluating our operational plan and objectives. Our focus will be to maximize our deployment strategy while minimizing the impact to students, staff and our personnel.

Advertisement“What remains unchanged is the importance of our role and our mission to maintain the safest educational environments throughout Los Angeles Unified.”Chamberlain’s decision to resign follows a late-night Tuesday vote by the Los Angeles Board of Education to reduce the school police budget by $25 million in response to weeks of protests by student activists and community groups who had called for

the elimination of the department.He became chief of school police in December after retiring as a commander with the Los Angeles Police Department.The board action Tuesday also calls for officers to give up their uniforms and patrol off campus. Chamberlain told the board during the meeting the cut would lead to the layoffs of 65 officers in the 471-employee department.

The board motion called for the money to be redirected to fund staff to specifically serve the needs of Black students and a task force that will study ways to reimagine the issue of student and campus safety.Advertisement“L.A. Unified has to continued to be a leader in showing what can happen when we believe in self-determination, when we empower communities to help this organization transform itself,” school board member Monica Garcia said.

The vote to reduce the police force came at the end of a 13-hour meeting that started with public comments over the issue, which has roiled the school district since June 8, when leaders of the teachers union joined with activists and called for the elimination of the school police department.

“The school board’s action is a huge first step in the campaign for police-free schools and groundbreaking in terms of our movement for supporting Black lives in our schools,” United Teachers Los Angeles President Cecily Myart-Cruz said Wednesday, her first day on the job after taking over for Alex Caputo- Pearl.

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“It was the power and passion in the streets across L.A. and this country, uplifting the voices of Black students, educators and families that made this happen. We can’t let up. We must keep fighting for our babies and our students.”Advertisement Read more: Los Angeles Times »

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That whole message is so fucked up. “In school police interm chief” kids + humans that have a gun, abuse, control, and brutalize people and communities is the worst possible combination. Who tf thought yep that’ll teach em like tf Hogyan tudjuk gyorsan visszaszabályozni a globális felmelegedést?! Hogyan tervezhetünk fenntarthatóságot egyszerűen a Földön - Röviden és egyszerűen, de nem mindenre kiterjedően!

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