L.A. County sheriff’s top watchdog is under investigation — by the L.A. County sheriff

The Sheriff's Department says allegations against the watchdog include conspiracy, theft. 'Smells a little bogus,' says Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.


The investigation will look into possible conspiracy, theft of government property, unauthorized computer access, theft of confidential files and burglary by the county Office of Inspector General and members of the Sheriff’s Department

The Sheriff's Department says allegations against the watchdog include conspiracy, theft. 'Smells a little bogus,' says Supervisor Sheila Kuehl.

Murakami writes that the FBI has been briefed on the matter but does not describe any more details about the probe, which was first reported by ABC-7. Sheriff Alex Villanueva recused himself from the inquiry and designated Murakami as his surrogate in the probe, according to a letter he wrote to Murakami on April 23.

The move by the Sheriff’s Department drew swift condemnation from county Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, who said the probe “smells a little bogus.”

“It is improper for a sheriff to criminally target a public official for formally discharging their duties under a county code,” Huntsman said.

“Max Huntsman, the Inspector General who is supposed to provide honest oversight of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and who reports to the Board of Supervisors, is under investigation for potentially stealing protected files of high ranking employees and others, for purposes unrelated to the Office of Inspector General’s oversight duties,” the statement said.

In response to a request from Huntsman, the Board of Supervisors

The Sheriff’s Department has recently raised concerns that confidential personnel records — including about 2,000 pages from case files related to Villanueva — were downloaded from an internal system just before Villanueva was sworn in. A declaration by Sheriff’s Det. Todd Bernstein filed in court last week said a department official downloaded “an unusual amount of data” from the agency’s Personnel Review Management System on Nov. 28, five days before Villanueva took office. The data included 78 documents from 22 unique employee case files, according to Bernstein.

The county sued Villanueva and the Sheriff’s Department, alleging Mandoyan’s reinstatement was unlawful.

“The sheriff asked me not to report publicly on Mandoyan and said that, if I did, there would be consequences. Now I know what he meant,” Huntsman said. In July, Huntsman released

In his letter on Monday, Murakami asked the board to appoint an interim inspector general while Huntsman is under investigation. The board declined to reassign Huntsman, saying in a letter from county executive officer Celia Zavala, dated Tuesday, that it is the Sheriff’s Department that ought to recuse itself from any investigation of the inspector general’s office. Zavala wrote that it would be more appropriate for the FBI, California attorney general or another independent agency to conduct such a probe.

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Why hasn’t Baca started his prison time yet? So, an investigation into the OIG by the investigated. At the rate of his overt abuses of power so far, I expect Villanueva to be perp walked to jail himself before his term is up.

High temperatures will bring elevated fire risk to Los Angeles CountyThe peak of the heat wave is expected Wednesday, when high temperatures are predicted to be 6 to 10 degrees above normal across most of Los Angeles County. Oh my God - a heat wave in S CA. Hope it's not as bad as the ones back in the 1800's - long before any 'man-made climatechange.' 17 of the record highs still standing for Los Angeles were set before any potential human footprint in global warming - most prior to 1900.

Deputy retaliated against activist who protested clearing of homeless encampment, lawsuit claimsA homeless advocate has filed a federal lawsuit against a Sacramento County sheriff's deputy, claiming that he retaliated against her for protesting the clearing of an encampment. Rock Quarry: Alternative Uncoup perspective: One of thousands of injected terror insurgents seeks out SAG command impostor police, makes police report for News Media to find, so news of federal agents terror encampment cleanup efforts, can be seen by terror ops world-wide.

Teenage girl shot and killed in LancasterLos Angeles County sheriff’s deputies believe that a teenage girl was shot and killed by her older brother Tuesday afternoon at their home in Lancaster. Que horror. Pobre la niña

Chasing Waves on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic WayOver the years Ireland has gained a somewhat mythical reputation in the surf world as a wild and unspoiled place for exploration and crowd-free surf That's because the water is bloody freezing..... Help me plz Yt presence and wild/unspoiled place are oxymoronic. You guys fvck up everything eventually. Probably why birth rates are falling. Earth is trying to save itself

Two recent assaults on women in Goleta prompt sheriff to issue warningAuthorities believe that two women recently attacked in similar locations in Goleta were assaulted by the same man, prompting the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office to put out a warning about the suspect.

After a 15-Year-Old Girl Reported Sexual Assault, Her Detective Abused HerA former Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department sex-crimes detective has been sentenced to three years in prison for sexually assaulting a 15-year-old girl whose case he was investigating back in 2017 He should be facing a minimum of 30 years to life😡 bUt WhY dOn'T wOmEn RePoRt SeXuAl AbUsE rIgHt WhEn It HaPpEnS? Oooooh....3 years! That'll teach HIM! Wonder if he'll get to serve that time on house arrest?

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