Kyrie Irving Won’t Budge on COVID-19 Vaccine in Durant’s Absence

“That’s my decision already, and I’m standing on it.'

Nba, Wire

1/18/2022 6:36:00 AM

His decision to remain unvaccinated is having a dramatic impact on the Nets

“That’s my decision already, and I’m standing on it.'

Irving scored a team-high 27 points in Brooklyn’s 114-107 loss to the Cavaliers. It was just his fourth game back this season with the Nets, who have been dealing with injuries — and other distractions — since acquiring Harden to play with Irving and Durant.

During his postgame interview, Irving said he’s bothered that his decision is being questioned and that it’s almost always framed in the context of his profession — not his personal life.“I respect everyone else’s decision,” he said. “I’m not going to try to convince anyone of anything or anything like that. And though we’re dealing with this right now with Kev, I just know that I’m protected by the organization. I’m protected by my teammates. I’m protected by all the doctors I’ve talked to and I’m just staying rooted.”

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Can you say selfish Stand up for what you believe in! Good for him! Trade him get rid of him he is useless to them 50% of the tie and clearly not committed to the game nets

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