Kyrie Irving Defends Anti-Vaccine Choice, 'I Haven't Committed A Crime'

Kyrie Irving is speaking out publicly about his anti-vaccine choice.

10/15/2021 10:29:00 AM

Kyrie Irving is finally speaking out publicly about his anti-vaccine choice ... explaining he believes nobody should be told what to do with their bodies.

Kyrie Irving is speaking out publicly about his anti-vaccine choice.

is finally speaking out publicly about his anti-vaccine choice ... explaining he believes nobody should be told what to do with their bodies -- and he's tired of feeling"demonized" over his decision.The Brooklyn Nets star -- who's been barred from playing and practicing with his team until he either gets the vaccine or gets some sort of exemption -- broke his feelings down on the matter in a lengthy video on his social media page Wednesday.

In his talk with his camera, which lasted over 20 minutes, Irving repeated over and over again he'sagainst vaccine mandates.In his explanation, Irving made it clear he wants people to be able to make their own decisions on the shots without a threat of potentially losing their jobs, livelihood and money.

The NBA star added he's tired of hearing critics blast him for his decision ... saying he hasn't done anything criminal."I haven't hurt anybody," Irving said."I haven't committed a crime. I'm not out here acting dumb, stupid. I'm out here taking care of my family, my kids."

Irving said he would not retire over it all ... but did not reveal his plan for getting back on the court despite his strong, anti-vax stance. Read more: TMZ »

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...unless it is coach telling him what position to play or how to shoot a free throw It is his choice, with that choice he earned the consequences. He had to live with that. Let’s quit talking about his decision, he has made it. Proud of him. It’s good to know some still believe in choice. We could go back and fourth about what’s really hurting us out here in the world that the government and FDA approve of already and they don’t mind those aftermaths….don’t silence those for having choice 🕉

I’d take Kyrie kicking Covid over some 300 pound couch potato who is double vaccinated. Right, so don't tell people to wear seatbelts because it's 'their' body. I bet if he's ever gone overseas or to certain countries that he has received the required vacinations. I'm 100% with him on this, I've started suspecting that there is some hidden agenda behind this vaccine, if this guy was left out 4 being gay, there'll b an uproar all around,this dude was left out 4 standing up 4 what he believe in, everyone see him as some ignorant cocky di*k

Like damn‼️ I guess nobody can have a personal opinion or a choice now a days 🤦‍♀️💯 relax He clearly said that he's not an anti-vacciner I'm sick of looking at this show and you guys show certain clips he said he's just doing what's best for him Nobody 🤷🏾‍♂️❌💯 But it’s ok to infect other people with some dying.

It's not about the vaccine, it's about the mandate 🚨💉

Nets Front Office Wishes Kyrie Irving Would Stop Acting Like Kyrie IrvingBROOKLYN, NY—Expressing frustration with the NBA star’s outspokenness and unorthodox conspiratorial views, the Nets front office confirmed Wednesday that they wish Kyrie Irving would stop acting like Kyrie Irving. “It’s a huge distraction; when you sign a player like Kyrie Irving, you don’t expect to get a player like… KyrieIrving KyrieIrving I bet they would. They want you to be a good soldier and take your medicine, even though it has fatal side effects. We appreciate you taking a stand for the little guy; hold your ground & don't let anyone corrupt your convictions. Kyrie Irving, you're the man!!

Kyrie Irving Defends Anti-Vax Stance, Complains About Feeling 'Demonized'The Brooklyn Nets star suggested on a late-night Instagram Live appearance that he is somehow going to continue to play basketball without getting vaccinated Bro is smart and not a sheep I just ordered his jersey Why are you giving him a platform? 🙄🤬 Kyrie is not alone with this protest look at Italy and the hundreds of thousands of people that are protesting 

Kyrie Irving Reportedly Not Anti-Vaxx, Upset With People Losing Jobs Over MandatesKyrie Irving will NOT be allowed to play or practice for the Nets until his COVID vaccine situation is resolved, the team announced Tuesday. Stand up for your rights to this horrible administration!! He will come around once the check stops coming in 😂 that’s always the driving force. Money talks. Just retire because he is done.

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The Doctors Who Blocked Kyrie IrvingThere are not many people standing in between the Brooklyn Nets and the NBA championship. But it turns out the greatest threat to Nets hegemony when the NBA season begins next week might be a team of New York City health officials. Is he the one who believes in FlatEarth The New York City health officials are NOT standing between the Brooklyn Nets and an NBA championship. It's Kyrie Irving who's standing between the Brooklyn Nets and an NBA championship. horrible

Kyrie Irving decries vaccine mandates in Instagram video, says 'just use logic''I know the consequences here and if it means that I'm judged and demonized for that, that's just what it is,' Irving said on Instagram Live. Boycott NFL and NBA until they bring back Gruden and Irving So why doesn’t he just quit and actually stand by his convictions The anti vaccine folks would be better off not having this reform Flat Earther be the face of this resistance...