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Kylie Jenner reimagined as Yorkshire lass on holiday at Center Parcs in parody

Kylie Jenner reimagined as Yorkshire lass on holiday at Center Parcs in hilarious clip

6/18/2021 12:40:00 PM

Kylie Jenner reimagined as Yorkshire lass on holiday at Center Parcs in hilarious clip

Kylie Jenner got transformed into a Yorkshire lass in a hilarious parody video by Steff Todd, who voiced her taking the Karashians on holiday to Center Parcs

Comedian Steph Todd posted a clip of herself pretending to be Kylie with a Yorkshire accent, talking about booking a holiday to Center Parcs, as part of her series Yorkshire Kylie."Ay up, it's Yorkshire Kylie," the video begins. "I've just booked the biggest holiday for me family right now."

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She said she had booked a holiday and had lots of surprises for her loved ones.In the video Kylie blew a kiss and darted away from the camera while Steph said "catch you in a bit".The next clip was of Kylie's sister Kourtney Kardashian scrolling through her phone.

Steph said as Kourtney: "Dear God, have you seen this cabin that Kylie's booked us? Can't believe it."A Yorkshire Khloe Kardashian then said: "Yeah I know. Honestly I can't wait to go, but to be fair, it was a bit cheaper because it's not school holidays."

"I could have gone to Magaluf for two weeks for that price, never mind a bloomin' cabin," Yorkshire Kourtney said.The video then cut to them arriving at an enormous luxury cabin, which was clearly not at Center Parcs.The parody version of the sisters argued over who got the biggest rooms.

Yorkshire Kris Jenner said as she arrived: "Oh flipping heck it's hot in here, get those windows open!"The northern-momager said her and her parody boyfriend "Gary" would be having one of the fancier rooms.Looking around the kitchen, Yorkshire Kim Kardashian said: "Here, all the food's M&S you know? Percy Pig cookies!"

There was then footage of the real Kardashians exchanging gifts, which Yorkshire Kris said the parody Kylie had bought them.Yorkshire Kim got Pandora earrings and Yorkshire Kourtney got a necklace from the jewellery store.Yorkshire Corey Gamble, a parody version of Kris' real-life boyfriend, said: "I bet it were buy one get one free."

The parody versions of Kim and Kourtney then video-chatted Yorkshire Tristan Thompson, a pretend version of Khloe's boyfriend."We're just checking you're not chatting up any lasses, we know what you're blooming like!" Yorkshire Kim said, in reference to Tristan cheating on Khloe several times.

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When the family were at the bar, Cotton Eyed Joe played while the family dressed up in sombreros and enjoyed some drinks.The next morning, Yorkshire Khloe was hungover, saying: "Oh my God, all I can taste is Jagerbomb, you know. I feel proper sick, my head's still spinning."

Later Yorkshire Kris did zip-lining before having a dance to 5,6,7,8 by Steps.Kylie then arrived at the cabin with her daughter Chardonnay, a parody version of her real-life daughter Stormi, three.They then went out to the bar, where they demanded Bacardi Breezers.

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