Kyle Rittenhouse says he used coronavirus stimulus check to buy AR-15 used in fatal shooting

'No, I don’t regret it,' Rittenhouse told the Washington Post of the deadly incident in Kenosha. 'I feel like I had to protect myself.'

11/20/2020 6:30:00 AM

The teenager charged with fatally shooting two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, says he used his coronavirus stimulus check to purchase the semi-automatic rifle used in the shooting.

'No, I don’t regret it,' Rittenhouse told the Washington Post of the deadly incident in Kenosha. 'I feel like I had to protect myself.'

.The 17-year-old, who had worked as a YMCA lifeguard, was arrested at his home in Antioch, Illinois, a day after the Aug. 25 fatal shootings ofJoseph Rosenbaum, 36, and Anthony Huber, 26."I got my $1,200 from he coronavirus Illinois unemployment because I was on furlough from YMCA and I got my first unemployment check, so I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll use this to buy it,'” Rittenhouse said in his first jailhouse interview.

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He wasn't old enough to purchase the weapon himself,so he allegedly had a friend in Kenosha buythe AR-15 and hold it for him in Wisconsin.Rittenhouse — who lived across a state line, but just 20 miles from Kenosha — said he was out on the streets of that southeast Wisconsin town on Aug. 25 to protect local businesses and render medical aid during protests.

Pictures of Rittenhouse that night show him with his AR-15 slung over his shoulder and a medic's bag on his hip."I was going into a place where people had guns, and god forbid somebody brought a gun to me and decided to shoot me ... I wanted to be protected, which I ended up having to protect myself," Rittenhouse told the newspaper.

Later asked if he regretted arming himself, Rittenhouse said he didn't"No, I don’t regret it," he said."I would have died that night if I didn’t. I feel like I had to protect myself."Rosenbaum had long struggled with mental illness and suicide attempts, and had just been released from a hospital earlier that day, his fiancee, Kariann Swart, told the Post.

Swart said they spent hours at a motel where she lived and cleaned rooms. But due to a previous arrest for domestic violence, Rosenbaum left the motel that night, fearing he could be arrested for breaking an order of protection, she told the newspaper.

She urged him to steer clear of downtown Kenosha, but he somehow ended up in the middle of the protest. Video taken by bystanders appears to show Rosenbaum running at Rittenhouse and throwing a plastic bag at him moments before shots rang out and the 36-year-old crumpled to the pavement.

Swart said that bag was filled with belongings Rosenbaum had with him at the hospital. The girlfriend rejected Rittenhouse's self-defense claim."I don't think there's any sort of self-defense when there's an unarmed person in front of you and you're holding an assault rifle two feet away," Swart said.

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Kenosha District Attorney Michael Graveley could not be immediately reached for comment on Thursday. Read more: NBC News »

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And this murderer is out on bail..Ricky Schroeder paid? What is this world coming too? Maybe more people will do the same You guys do know the story here is the ADULT that bought the gun and gave it to the child, right? Who bought it for him? He was under age. Wow, this is so sad. GOOD for them, stepping up when some one defends oneself against violent destructive forces of evil!! And laying on your back shooting back at those trying to kill you is not wrong!!!

If he was 17, then how was he even able to get it? How can civilians be allowed to openly carry military type weapons on our streets ? Fake news So wait...... He was 17 and living with his parents, still in school last year, so, did his parents claim him on their taxes? He shouldn’t have gotten his own stimulus, his parents should have gotten $500 for him. Something is fishy about this story.

This is why people aren’t responsible enough to make their own decisions! The government must make sure people spend their money wisely. Half of the check could’ve went towards “BLM” masks and the other on Obama’s new book (a copy for themselves, rest as holiday gifts). WOW! No regrets for killing two protesters. This young man is filled with hate and has been misguided in his thinking by individuals bent on destroying Democracy in America. Feel very sorry to him and hope prison won't take too much of his life from him.

He is a minor. How did he received that check or did he used his dad check? Why is this teenager getting a stimilous check? the kiddo was at the wrong place at the wrong time. But I am thankful that the world has two less rats now. God Bless America 🇺🇸 Nice that he used his money so well he needs to be tried as a domestic terrorist

This thread has way too many idiots commenting. Although everyone is entitled to comment, it’s ridiculous. & how sad he didn’t use that money for good & that a teen can buy these things with no problems. 🙄🤬🤯😖 Lots of people did how does he get bail lock him up forever Should have saved the money, he might have wanted it to by goodies in prison.

Your post tries to make Rittenhouse out as a victim. He had no business coming to Wisconsin. No businesses asked for his help and acquired that gun illegally. He is a domestic terrorist hunting people in Kenosha. Charged with protecting himself. Stimulus check well spent. to be honest i'm a bit shocked...I figured the police union would have bailed him out weeks ago.

Went there to kill Democrats then bailed out by Republicans after shooting to death three unarmed people he is a domestic terrorist killer now free to murder more Liberals. Look at those 2. Is that what we want in town? They just want to help out apparently. They say, They know what is needed. How bad it really is. They have the gear. It's as surreal as a dream, a game, a hype exercise. Some fun for them. Let's walk around like we're the last hope.

an underage teen was arrested after defending himself and this is what you focus on? How does a 17 year old get a stimulus check? He’s a waste of a human being, a killer Of a human being, his future is now limited....His contribution to mankind Will be that he kill people. Sick .... and the civil started with this post on Twitter. (Being cinical)

So... Meanwhile, people are starving and being evicted. What a shithole country. He was 17. 18 was the age required for a stimulus. Also: When you 'feel like you have to protect yourself' you tend not to go out of state, illegally use a friend to buy a weapon, then go to a place where you might feel threatened. He's no victim. He was out hunting. Murder

RandyNBCLA Why is a 17 year old receiving a Stimulas check in the first place. Secondly, who cares how he paid for it. He killed two people I don't blame him. It paid off. Kill a Commie for Mommy. Death sentence please. Sooner rather than later This case is so obviously self-defense. I’m not sure even the prosecutors think they can secure a guilty verdict. Seems like a lot of political considerations as the primary driving force behind charging him in the first place.

Can you believe that rickyschroder13 ScottBaio and realMikeLindell were the ones responsible for getting this little prick out of jail?! NOT ONE of them live in Wisconsin. This is what becomes of over priviledged child actors and a as seen on t.v. info seller. Disgusting. What state allows a 17 year old to purchase an AR-15?

America needs more teenagers like Kyle more guns more freedom Ronda524 They didn't send checks to 17yr olds though...😐 so, his mom gave him the money? 🤔 According to the GOP mantra of pulling ones self up by the bootstraps that 1200 dollars was free money from the government. He should not have accepted a socialist handout.

So you are saying it's money well spent. 😉 Pathetic If Mr. Rittenhouse truly wanted to 'protect' himself, he should have stayed in his own state and minded his own business. Public safety isn't well served by 17-year-old vigilantes running around with AR-15s. He's the poster boy for what can go wrong.

Why is a minor getting a stimulus check Sounds premeditated to me, everything points to him being a killer sooner or later. WTF ? 💯 Why would someone that young get his own stimulus check? He illegally brought a gun he illegally shouldn't have and brought it across state lines and put himself in a situation and opened fire on protesters. Sounds like he thinks he's privileged 🤔

MAGA! Make Americans Gun (down) Americans... The one-time joke of a COVID relief check Americans received was used to kill 2 black people and half of the internet finds it completely justified. Hell of a world. People argue he murdered those guys knowing damn well if they were attacked while carrying a gun, they would've used it and claimed self defense too.

Congrats, Trump.... Minors received stimulus checks? Well he sure wants to win over people. That's what I used mine for too and I bet a shot ton more did as well England got rid of gun shops and outlawed the use of guns to police and the armed forces, it was a great idea He is going to get away with killing these two innocent persons.

And they let a dangerous murderer out on bail. Bail paid for by hate and intolerance that elevates murderous insanity if perpetrated against people they hate. ACQUIT KYLE RITTENHOUSE GOOD. IT SAVED HIS LIFE Your country is absolutely mad. He should be serving life. Disgusting. And the cops support this murderer.

Fuck Only in US where Teenagers have access to guns . If this is not terrorism act , I dont know Aren’t you curious to know what the pedophile and the domestic abuser he killed bought with their stimulus money? You need better reporters. There is video of Rosenbaum being handed the bag at the gas station. More likely is that it contained a brick or rock to be thrown still in the bag, as he did.

Goddammit 🤢 🤮 Just like most of us Has his lawyer informed him that perjury is an additional criminal offense? This kid is dumb as shit, and deserves to be charged as an adult and sent up the river to do hard time This is the result of Trump’s dividing behavior. 😡😡😡 lul Maybe , these folks are helping out

The stimulus checks were what the libs in washington wanted... Their fault! I call bullshit on this story. Check out my Service on Fiverr, You will definitely like the quality and the prices of my services. Just click & watch Data Entry & Virtual assistant: Classified add Posting: FACEBOOK MARKETING: The stimulus check literally saved his life. Excellent.

And they let this idiot post bail 🤦🏽‍♂️ Who cares - show me who paid his 2 million bail Under age, so that’s a confession to a criminal act. Smart choice That means his mother gave him the money. Why would he get a check and who made the straw purchase? If I had ever gotten my stimulus, I would have bought a new bed, among other boring stuff.

So sad. What the hell I don't care how he purchased it, it is what he did with it that matters. He was always unstable even as a child you can see it! He would have been one more mentally ill cop on the streets backup by the dept. Killing and hurting ppl there was no limit for him! A gun in his hand is all he ever wanted legally but he just could not wait! So lock his assup

The fact that he has zero remorse for taking two lives is mind boggling. Hopefully when his brain is fully formed in 6 years, he will understand what he has done. think he's been coached much? Wow. He has “intent” to do harm. after they lock his ass up for the rest of his life he is going to have to protect is butt hole.

17 y/o with a stimulus check and I ain’t get one?! ...he did, or his mom? cause how does a 17 year old even get unemployment like that, and....... more importantly how does a 17 year old legally buy a SEMI-AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLE?! 🖕this kid. Bury him under a prison The stimulus check is irrelevant. HE bought the gun because he COULD.

He will walk.. all this talk and charges is just to pacify the riots. mark my words. That sounds right on queue littledeekay Nice. Proud boy. And trump and his cult are ok with young man killing 2 protesters. As is RepubliCons who claim to be for law and order. Americans we have got to stop paying these weasels salaries. Maybe when don’t have any income they will speak and act for American Democracy.

Why did a 17 year old receive stimulus payment directly? I'm just curious. Yeah. That's just. Uh. 'Merica People are glossing over the fact that his buddy made a classic straw purchase of the rifle in another state for him and they BOTH knew that KR was too young to purchase it on his own. Irrelevant but keep peddling

Wait, if he was 17, at the time, how did he receive a stimulus? Or even a partial? It is my understanding that 17 year olds did not qualify for any? I may have misunderstood to qualifications. My senior citizen cancer-stricken father never got a check. But this crazy teenage killer redneck gets one? Yes, read the article.

Lovely ... just lovely Don’t you mean CHEQUE ?! janzentina This was posted on Facebook. Omg those gun loving ppl thinks this pos Rittenhouse is a hero. I can't. Charge his mother too. rittenhouseisamurderer After arriving home with the gun he promptly shot irony dead. I don’t so much care that he bought a gun, it’s a right as a US citizen. The real question here is why his parents thought it was ok to let him leave the house in the middle of rioting with it. Yes, he’s old enough to know better, but parents need to parent not be best friends

Oh good Yeah of course,if you need to choose between food and a rifle you obviously buy the rifle. How did a 17-year old get a stimulus check? Now Isis USA chapter is really going to give him a standing ovation. Amen Why is his mother not in jail? Fuck news! This is so fakenews people will believe anything

Nucking gun futs How in the hell did a 17 year old get a stimulus check? How did his lawyers allow this interview? He just admitted buying a weapon illegally and using it the day he got it to shoot 3 people. littledeekay See, I used it to buy a computer so my kid can attend online school, but I'm responsible that way.

TG22110 Still trying to understand how a 17 year old gets a stimulus check AND why this underage teenager spends it on deadly weapons. Are there any parents involved in this kid's upbringing? I know the mother drove him to the killing fields but WTF? When his trial comes we will find out whether or not he will be convicted by a jury of his peers. As for his friend that bought the gun for him illegally...

Thought he was only 17 that would mean he is an adult if he paying and filing his own taxes to receive stimulus Limits put on Food stamp purchases By GOP Limits littledeekay Stupid kid. Bought a gun, illegally, then went looking for trouble. Found it, now says it's not his fault. He should get life in prison to think about what he did.

Wisconsin must be so proud to know how well tax payers money indulgently was well used. This is the very reason getting $$$ for nothing earned is senseless! littledeekay SMDH Trump's socialism. Oh by the way Trumpy handed out more socialism in 4 years than Obama did in 8. The headline is WRONG!!! He received unemployment from being laid off work!!!! The real story should be the gun laws! He went across state line to buy a gun!!! That should be the e headline!

He’s 17 - how did he get a stimulus check? UNEMPLOYMENT CHECK! Most people bought groceries. Don't makes getting the stimulus a bad thing. This is so sad to hear! This doesn't make sense. How did a teenager, a dependent, get a corona stimulus check? My grandkids didn't get one, so how did he? Why the fuck is a 17 year old getting a stimulus check?!

Economic. Anxiety. Furloughed from YMCA lifeguard=stimulus check? Lock him up for half a century or two cleaning prison toilets Good where are the families, the community, leadership speaking out against this danger behavior Yastreblyansky Wonder how this fact will be, um, weaponized. 🤦🏻‍♂️ Traveled to the city to shoot protesters.

17 year olds got checks? ? Really? Wait. How did he get a stimulus check? 45 and Republican merge w/extremist and are welcoming to w/nationalist and other suppremist groups, incite and call for violence, use lies & disinformation to attain goal of division. R's are facilatators in both CV-19 deaths and hate, crimanality, a weaker America.

How'd a 17 year old get a stimulus check? shannonrwatts Maddening to hear the seeming lack of awareness that Rittenhouse likely wouldn’t have felt like he needed to use a gun in self-defense that night if he hadn’t brought a damn gun with him in the first place. Gee, if assault weapons weren’t so easy to purchase, what would he have done with the money?

bmaz KyleRittenhouse is 17yo and has said he carried the weapon for protection as opposed to hunting. Did he just implicate the friend who bought the weapon in a crime? Kenosha DoubleHomicide wiunion Wow! Government funded murder weapon! Trump's America Fatally shooting Murdering seems more appropriate.

I used my 2008 GFC stimulus to buy a kangaroo leather jacket. shannonrwatts In my opinion... if you bring a weapon to a peaceful protest... It should no longer be considered peaceful and you should be arrested for exciting violence!!! This is exactly why a 17 year old should not have a gun in a crowd! Too quick to scare... Now there are dead people!

I'm an Alaskan Native. If I did something similar the police would have shot me dead. I have friends who are policemen. Reform not defund the police is needed. He’s a hero to MANY including this RACIST TSA manager out of CLTAirport who boasts and jokes about that TERRORIST! DHSgov theobserver DHSMcAleenan HelloRacist fireracists hate tsa kenoshaterrorist noplaceforhate

He lies😡😡😡😡 Great............ Yastreblyansky Didn’t those checks have Donald Trump’s signature on them? That didn't happen. He wasn't in the age group to get a check He should get life in prison. These people are living in a fantasy land, propagated and perpetuated by Fox network loons, that antifa are coming to take their stuff.

While Black people were lambasted by everybody including “respectable” Black people, for buying sneakers, or crab legs - or for not starting a business. 🙄 shannonrwatts 🤬 shannonrwatts Of course he did. 😐 what kind of person would do this? shannonrwatts Money well spent? shannonrwatts That is not the story. The story is why was a teenager allowed to purchase a semi-automatic weapon? Or why was he allowed to walk around with it in public Or why did police encourage him to pretend he was a law enforcer and not detain/arrest him when he killed two people?

shannonrwatts Murcia shannonrwatts Just perfect. A 17 year-old got a $1200 unemployment check? 🧐 shannonrwatts Relevance here? Make people oppose more stimulus checks? Terrible, horrible he killed people. Wasn't the goal of the stimulus checks to have people spend the $? Is the claim he wouldn't have had a gun without the check? IMO he would have bought a gun even without a stimulus check

And Personally signed check by none other than Donald J. Trump... accessory to Murder perhaps? I too often drive to other states to incite violence, and then start blastin like I'm Donnie Devito... What a little turd. shannonrwatts Because of course he did. 🙄 shannonrwatts Oh my God. The killer guy said a thing.

Why would a 17 yr old living with his mother get a stimulus check? shannonrwatts Can anyone in the US tell me again, what's wrong with kids carrying guns? GUNviolence They need to let that poor boy out of jail self defense. He will be found innocent Since he's underage, that means he either gave the money to an older adult to make an illegal straw-purchase for the weapon, or he made an illegal black-market street purchase himself to get that rifle. Either way, it's one more felony on that little murderer.

And that is news why? I didn’t get a check... It's amazing how they like socialism while hating on it so much. lol It seems that he illegally owned the weapon, and illegally took across state lines and then used it to kill people. He admits ro felonies. He also proves that all the defenses for him were BS.

79topper I never got a stimulus check. Guess the stimulus money was used to promote Trump's agenda? secupp I love how people’s takeaway in this story is “wait a minute, how did he get a stimulus check?” 🧢 So did a lot of others. JustAnotherDayintheUSAoftheNRA Check rural America over half that stimulus money was used for weapons.

Well I guess trumps racist as s might give out some more checks after all. He was 17 not legally to get a stimulus check so that mean his mother or his father gave him some money to buy that so this mother and father need to get arrested because he's a minor and there's no way that I know by the law you got to be over 18 to buy a gun I'm confused

Smart kid. Dipchits and Douchebaggatry Good for him. Have fun in jail rolandsmartin Well, that's weird. All these years if there was some sort of civil unrest I've just stayed away from it to protect myself. I never really thought of grabbing a gun and getting in the center of it for protection (especially when I lived in a different state).

Hi Realtors, Hope you are doing well. I ensure that your designs not only look good but also make SALES. We can work in any type of Modern/ Minimal / Elegant real-estate banner, billboard, street sign, signage, yard sign, perfectly as you looking for. 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 How does a 17 year old who lives with his mother get a stimulus check? Are we to believe that his mother doesn't claim him as a dependent?

Was too much of a p**sy to join the actual military and yes I am a comabt veteran. These wannabe militia types just played too much Call of Duty growing up. Umm, he got a stimulus check at 17? So he had a job, filed a tax return which made him eligible. Then bought a gun at 17 traveled to Kenosha, WI, from Illinois and killed to protesters. For F sake! That kid’s family is dysfunctional as hell.

So the teenaged domestic terrorist got his check, but I’m still waiting for mine? How perfectly 2020. Wait minors for checks? Who did he steall it from? Damn and I bought weed and a ps4 card, then paid up all my bills. We Wisconsin residents to fight back and go against Trump's transition of power we urge Trump to give up the fight in this election right now.

Really? Minors don’t qualify for coronavirus relief checks. How does a minor teenager get a stimulus check The accused killer... fixed it for you How did he buy a gun at 17, & how did he get a stimulus check? StandWithKyle