Kyle Rittenhouse's Attorney Thanks Ricky Schroder for Helping Pay $2M Bond

Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney says Ricky Schroder was among those who helped the teen post $2 million bail for his release Friday.

11/21/2020 9:57:00 AM

Kyle Rittenhouse's attorney says Ricky Schroder was among those who helped the teen post $2 million bail for his release Friday.

On Friday evening, Rittenhouse's attorney shared a photo of the actor with the Illinois teen, who is charged with killing two people during a protest in Wisconsin.

Later in the evening on Friday, Woodshareda photo of Rittenhouse with fellow attorney John Pierce and Schroder."Thank you, All Donors. Thank you, All Patriots. Thank God Almighty," the tweet read.Schroder retweeted Wood's statements on the conservative social networking service Parler on Friday evening, including a post that read"Follow & thank Actor Ricky @rickyschroder for his significant contribution to get #FightBack over the goal line to reach $2M cash bail goal."

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The Hollywood Reporterhas reached out to Schroder's rep for comment.Rittenhouse is charged with fatally shooting Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber and wounding Gaige Grosskreutz during a demonstration in August that followed the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha.

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Trash All the lefties defending a pedophile there's a surprise. They voted for the father of a pedophile. We all know the left condones the rape of children so what does that say to you. Just saw The Champ and didn’t feel the same. Very good of him. Rittenhouse Who the fuck is Ricky shroder? Ricky Schroder.

The boy is misguided. No one should make his murderous mistake a heroic act. He's a victim of wacko paramilitary propaganda. His victims are dead. They are finally showing Silver Spoons in Tanzania. Those residual checks are being put to good use. Nothing worse than an out of work, mediocre actor who feels disenfranchised

Is he still an actor I never knew it. How horrible If you remotely support KyleRittenhouse or RickySchroder or MyPillowGuy doing this you ARE NEVER ALLOWED to say a single word about someone illegally obtaining a firearm and murdering people. EVER!! Another spoiled Hollywood brat Bye Ricky Good for him.

Hmmm He wears that 'cops pulled me out from under a front porch' look rather well. Now, obviously the main question one has to ask here is; Who the Hell is Ricky Schroder?!? Goddamit. Now I can’t enjoy watching reruns of Silver Spoons any more. Thanks a lot, “Rick” He is a white supremacist just like the killer

Who’s Ricky Schroeder tho He’s the Champ of Domestic Terrorists. Shameful. Silver goon What is with these washed up has beens trying to be relevant again? With rickys history of violence this makes sense Who? He can die. WTF....r u serious!? Who? So he had to mention his name for what reason 🤔 Eww Well, I'm sure he's still close friends with Jon Voight, so expecting me to be shocked by this news is like trying to surprise me by telling me water is wet.

You only gotta throw down 10%. Ricky doesn't have $200K to give away. He donated a few thousand to hit their goal before the weekend. I knew it This ugly mf who had like 5 episodes on Scrubs once? Lol the show made him out to be 'so hot!' But I never got the appeal and now I'm justified. Disgusting. What does it say about KyleRittenhouse lawyer LLinWood .? To represent a cold-blooded hate-filled murderer.....hmmmm. Scum? Why is LinWood blocking me? This is the same lawyer who is filing lawsuits for Diaper Donnie in GA, etc gapol

Whew, WM are truly showing their color & privilege without any shame to it... That should help get this forgotten for a good reason man still calling himself Ricky another 15 seconds ... Ironic the kid from silver spoon can’t relate. Had no idea he was even still alive. rickyschroder13 can go and svck a big bumpy dlck!

Silverspoon's?! Wow. Can't believe this guy is walking free having killed two people. If that's not backwards... WHO THE FUCK IS RICKY SCHROEDER That 2 million also paid for this media exposure. The first he's had in about 30 years. He probably learned it all from Jon Voight. Spending the Silver Spoons cash I see. Epic waste.

Piece of 💩 Ugh, I can’t believe this guy was my first 80s crush. Between him and Kirk Cameron, my taste was dubious for sure. Story would be so different if it were a black male, a brown male or a non pale female in this story. We are so screwed as a population. So screwed. Well that just makes him guilty too by way of association and donations. Shameful

Incredible. What an asshole😖 FuckRickySchroeder Oh no! Not the disillusionment of another crush! 😥 I give up. Damn.... I hoped he was a decent human being Well damn. The 1979 version of The Champ really spawned some assholes. Trying to get his name back in the spotlight Wow. What an ass. Jon Voight: Son, watch me use my privilege, to continue oppressing others. Ricky Schroeder: Champ, hold my beer. 🤦🏿‍♂️

Conservatives raised $2million to let accused terrorist and killer KyleRittenhouse walk the streets freely. My question is how much did they donate to the unarmed man who was shot 7 times by the police for nothing? JacobBlake Ef..him and his weird ass unsuccessful films What a pos CatDudeScott humplik misterbumface look at this garbage

I have no idea who he is, but I’m assuming some kind of famous nazi. 2020 mad libs. Why would his attorney mention Schroder by name Unless Schroder specifically wanted to be mentioned Years and years of people forgetting all about you and this is the moment you decide to pop back into the limelight lol

So all these guys have their entire career supported mainly by 'liberals'. From, 'Chachi', Dean Kain, this fella Schroder, all of them. Are Liberals going to start carding up-and-comers for political leanings now? Dolly Parton donates to a program to find a vaccine to cure COVID19. Ricky Schroeder raises bail money to release a known assailant. What's wrong with this picture?

ofc the Silver Spoons guy was in on it. Just an attempt to get his name back out there. Alfonso Ribeiro was also on the show...look who still works Dude. This guy’s career is going to be over. Oh wait.... JRsagittarius He acts like he was born with a Silver Spoon in his mouth... And the fucking my pillow guy!?! Wtf!

After all these years it turns out it was Ricky Shroder, and not Jason Bateman, who was the real asshole on the show. WhitePrivilege supporting WhitePrivilege Now he’ll join the list of celebrities that right wingers will listen to. Eastwood, Baio, Woods, now Schroeder. Simmer down celebrities who aren’t on their list, no one cares for your political opinions. But let’s hear what Chachi has to say.

The attorney should have kept his mouth shut. It is nobodies business where the money came from. It's always a D-List actor looking for the spot light again. 🙄 Who 😂 MyPillowUSA Douche Thank you for contributing to Law and Justice! Silver spoons unite. I know where that silver spoon belongs... Aww he had such a promising career after *checks notes* 'Silver Spoons' 😂 D-list actors and musicians are almost universally right-wing wackadoodles. It's a gift. Ew🤢

Who the fuck is Ricky Schroder? That does it. I’m never finding out what “Silver Spoons” was. Not surprised Disgusting You people really love defending child rapists don’t you? Fuckin gross!!!! “Rittenhouse is charged with fatally shooting JosephRosenbaum and AnthonyHuber and wounding GaigeGrosskreutz during a demonstration in August that followed the police shooting of JacobBlake in Kenosha.”

You mean to tell me this white male domestic-abuser & wife-beater condones the violent behavior of another white supremacist Shocker They are sick, sick people... He has been arrested for domestic abuse. Not surprised. Gross. Cunt Ugh. He should never have been allowed bail. 🎵'Here we are, face to face, A couple of Nazi spoons'🎵

Just one more kick in the teeth from 2020! Can't Wait For This Episode Of Dog The Bounty Hunter.🍸 *Celebrities weeping as the clock ticks down & their mis-guided reverse mortgage goes 'poof' as the kid hunkers down in cabana at Mar-a-lago -- riveting TV Kyle Rittenhouse: shoots & kills 2 people Lawyer John Pierce: 2 domestic violence restraining orders, accused threatening to kill mother of his children. Donor Ricky Schroeder: arrested 2x related to domestic violence accusations. 'The Best People.'

Good, seeing Kyle Rittenhouse only protected himself from attackers. One of which was a pedophile. Why on earth would a mother drive her 17 yo son to another state, WITH A GUN, to “help clean up”? If it was so dangerous to need a gun, why would you even take him?! And then she left! I’ll never understand. And to Ricky, 🖕🏻

MattMurph24 FuckRickySchroeder Welp I hope he never get another acting job. I see he’s okay a kids killing people freely. He can kick rocks. Figures. People with “silver spoons” are all alike. if you weren’t already boycotting MyPillowUSA now’s the time CUPCAKEWILLIAM6 Never heard of the guy. Nothing more than a spork now.

What an ass.... We all know Jason Bateman was the real star. Fvck you Rick Schroeder. Didn't like Silver Spoons anyways. well that bigoted shit has not done much in decades... so disappointing ... Epinnoia Ooh, uh... Why ?! Wtf he was in the wrong so why ?! Wtf !!!!! Omg seriously hate 2020 Epinnoia Well, fuck. He was sexy in NYPD blue...

Fuck Ricky Schroder too then. What is it with failed 80s child actors that turned them into idiotic alt-right supporters? Domestic Violence Perpetrator sez what? Ugh, first Dennis Quaid ruined 'The Big Easy' for me, and now this. Et tu, Ricky? Ricky Schroder can go fuck himself. Who? What a bozo God bless him. Kyle is innocent.

Who? And f*ck Ricky Schroeder to the moon and back! I did not have RickySchroder as a White Supremacist terrorist fan boy on my 2020 Bingo Card 🤬❗️ But since he has been arrested for domestic violence twice & poaching animals it makes sense❗️ Its good to know where everyone stands...just so everyone knows whats up

This dude is a total nobody. Nothing more than the answer to a Trivial Pursuit question of 'Whatever happened to?' Would love to see if he'd support if someone shot and killed his kid. LOSER Sad, supporting a murderer is never a good thing. He was always shit Trying to horn in on that sweet Kevin Sorbo money.

He goes by Rick now... has for decades. Him and Jon Voight a pair since The Champ, I can see... 🙄 You sure he has money ...looking like a hobo... He still has money to waste on stuff like this? Bye Ricky to whatever career you had left. Talk about Silver Spoons Here’s to being an asshole rs Well, he wasn’t the star of “Silver Spoons” for nothing, I guess.🙄

Well he has been arrested for domestic abuse multiple times so sympathizing with a murderer wouldn’t be a stretch for him. Trash !!!! Ricky Schroder likes to profit off of teaching American children how to kill for war when they can’t even drive yet. That’s what he does for a fucking living. Sorry. Who dat?

Who? Who? fuck 'em I thought he was dead? 😂 Did anybody else have to google his name lol 😅 WTF?