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Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse gave white supremacist hand symbol, drank with 'Proud Boys' at bar: affidavit

Kyle Rittenhouse gave white supremacist hand symbol, drank with 'Proud Boys' at bar: affidavit

1/14/2021 2:50:00 PM

Kyle Rittenhouse gave white supremacist hand symbol, drank with ' Proud Boys ' at bar: affidavit

The double-murder suspect was also seen wearing a 'free as f**k' T-shirt following his not guilty plea on January 5.

Rittenhousestayed at the pub for around 90 minutes wearing a T-shirt reading"free as f**k."Immediately upon arriving at the bar,Rittenhouseposed for pictureswhile flashing the OK hand gesture—a previously innocuous symbol that has been co-opted by some on the far-right as a coded message to show support for white supremacy.

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Rittenhousewas also serenaded by five members of his group at the bar singing"Proud of Your Boy," an obscure song written but rejected for the 1992 Disney filmAladdin. The court documents state that the far-right group Proud Boys was named after this song and it is sung by its members"as an anthem and for self-identification."

Rittenhousedrank three beers during the 90 minutes he was at Pudgy's Pub and"remained with these 'Proud Boys' for the entire time," the affidavit states.Police were made aware thatRittenhousewas at the bar and obtained surveillance footage from the business to confirm his presence. However, police found headtopics.com

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“The poor young innocent white man was coerced” that was I heard but not what I see. He needs to pay I hate they've highjacked the OK sign. It's unreal. Rittenhouse is the type of kid that starts to get in trouble around age 12, and continues on that path until he meets with either hard prison time or the final exit around age 25. And at the rate he’s speeding along, age 25 is too generous.

Wisconsin it’s super weird I saw the original posting of this. It make you feel sick.