KT McFarland on Colin Powell's wisdom, 'great lessons for life'

KT McFarland on Colin Powell's wisdom, 'great lessons for life'

10/18/2021 4:30:00 PM

KT McFarland on Colin Powell's wisdom, 'great lessons for life'

Former Deputy National Security Advisor K.T. McFarland joined 'Fox & Friends' following the news of Colin Powell's passing Monday.

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Former Secretary of State Colin Powell dies from COVID-19 complicationsHis family said that the former secretary of state died after suffering from Covid-19 complications. He was fully vaccinated against the disease. WoW sorry to read this .. RIP i can hear fox whitewing product journos comparing george floyd's life with transnationalism faster than a trade embargo My cousin worked closely with a few years back. He was a great man. RIP

Colin Powell dies from COVID complications, was fully vaccinatedBREAKING: Former U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell dies from COVID complications, was fully vaccinated He was an 84yr-old prostate cancer survivor battling multiple myeloma = cancerous plasma cells accumulate in bone marrow, crowd out healthy white blood cells, & the cancer cells produce abnormal proteins instead of helpful antibodies thus making mRNA vaccines much less effective. Some 40,000 doctors and medical staff have died worldwide. Read my website (dangerousmother com page 2) for all information. Copy paste link in your browser. all about coronavirus 2020 and news Colin Powell died from complications of Covid-19, but he was immuno-compromised from a battle with cancer.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell dies from Covid complicationsBREAKING: Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, the first Black Secretary of State, died Monday due to complications from Covid-19, his family said in a statement on Facebook. The world is a long way from a cure to COVID19 RIP, sir. I hope your passing isn't for naught. I hope all the vaccination protesters grasp the concept of the mitigation of a GLOBAL pandemic. A friend has a deadly disease and cannot be admitted to hospital because there are no beds which have been allotted to Covid patients. Lol apparently to trump geniuses… a 90% effectiveness of the vaccine means you are 100% covered from serious illness

PHOTOS: Colin Powell through the yearsA look back at the first African American to serve as secretary of state and on the Joints Chief of Staff, Gen. Colin Powell. 😢 Thank god he got the shot, things could have gone badly for him otherwise...

Former Secretary Of State Colin Powell Dead After COVID ComplicationsPowell, the first Black U.S. secretary of state, was receiving treatment at Walter Reed National Medical Center, his family said. He was 84. How many people died by his lies. Impunity is the name of his legacy. 😭😭😭😭 RIP

Colin Powell has died of COVID-19 complications, family saysWASHIINGTON (AP) — Colin Powell, former Joint Chiefs chairman and secretary of state, has died from COVID-19 complications, his family said Monday. He was 84. In 1989 Powell became the first Black chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Colin Powell's family said in an announcement on social media that he had been fully vaccinated. “We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father and grandfather and a great American,” the family said. Fake news. Didn’t die coz of the Chinese virus. He was one of the best Defence Secretaries for the country