World, Live Updates: Coronavirus Latest News Around The World

World, Live Updates: Coronavirus Latest News Around The World

Kroger to require customers in all locations to wear a mask starting July 22

Kroger stores will require customers in all locations to wear a mask when shopping starting July 22

7/15/2020 11:45:00 PM

Kroger stores will require customers in all locations to wear a mask when shopping starting July 22

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

Orange County teachers “making plans for students and teachers dying"From CNN’s Jenn SelvaAn elementary school teacher in Orange County said teachers are “making plans for students and teachers dying” after the county Board of Education voted this week to return children to schools this fall without face masks or social distancing despite a surge in coronavirus cases in the state.

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“We’re creatures of habit. We like our routines. We miss our kids terribly. We lay awake at night wondering if they’re okay. How horrible is it that one of the things on the list to do is to have a plan for students and teachers dying?” Denise Bradford, a teacher in the Saddleback Valley Unified School District, told CNN’s Brianna Keilar.

Bradford said teachers in her district are concerned about the possibility of becoming infected with the virus that has claimed more than 7,000 lives in California and said they can’t return to school until it's safe.Orange County Supervisor Don Wagner, who was part of the 11-person county Board of Education panel that voted for the school guidelines, said he thinks face masks should be “optional” for children at schools and that it’s a decision “each individual school district needs to make.”

Despite the vote, many of the county’s 28 school districts won’t adhere to the board’s guidance.CNN reached out or reviewed information from all of the districts on Tuesday. Of the districts that responded or posted plans online — more than half — none said they would return children to school without masks or social distancing.

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Top Trump homeland security appointments improper, U.S. government watchdog says

The appointments of two top homeland security officials in the Trump administration were improper, a U.S. government watchdog said on Friday in a decision that could complicate the administration's efforts to defend immigration policies in court.

That‘s from CNN, KING OF LIARS. I just called Kroger. They are leaving it up to customer. What helps most is 6-ft distancing. Or if you’re paranoid, 20 ft distancing. Mandate says if you keep 6 ft distance or if you have medical condition, u do not have to wear mask. That's a laugh. Kroger is already ignoring state and county level requirements, and instructing their staff not to question people not wearing them, even though the local law requires them to. This is just publicity BS on their part.

It's about time Good job Kroger America is now a place where Walmart and Kroger have more sense than the POTUS. And I hear laughter from the rest of the world. Are you serious? Europe is wearing masks everywhere for months now. What is the problem with you? FrankDangelo23 Why wait for July 22nd? Damn you Andy Beshear

July 25th in the UK mandatory to wear face masks or covering in All Shops. one hundred pounds fine if you don't Funny idea! Are all their stores located in southern states or does it simply make no sense at all? Media driven Mask Fetish! The Mask has become a 'Symbol of Separation' a 'Notice of Disconnection' and a 'Shield of Fear and Aggression'.

So does that mean all Kroger stores could be infected? Is EVERYONE that shops there INFECTED? Krogers food is overpriced Will they require their employees to properly wear masks? It doesn’t help if noses are showing & people pull them down to talk. 🤷‍♀️ Anyone interested in a peaceful mask free protest in their store?

And Wholefoods? Hmmm, Ok! MAGA WWG1WGA Covid_19 COVID19 coronavirus Obamagate Trump2020 FakeNews Quit crying and wear the mask sheesh Wow. Took them only 6 months. Why haven't you been enforcing it from the beginning? Why are they waiting another week? why wait? I’ll believe this when I see it being enforced at my local Kroger in North Little Rock, AR.

90,000 people could die before the November election so vote by mail. That way you can vote against Trump from the grave. Why wait start NOW They don’t help but if it makes you feel safe then go for it. 用军火换中国医疗物资,制裁印度购买俄罗斯军火 Why did this take so long? Finally! Everyone who has an issue with this. Plenty of other stores are doing it too. If y’all have an issue. I gladly hope y’all starve to death

Why is this big news that grocery chains are now requiring masks? I haven’t walked into a NY or PA grocery store without a mask since March! It’s second nature! I’m frightened for people who live in governor led red states! Good Another store I won't be spending my money at. emilygiffin Publix protect your associates and your customers. Require masks.

😂😂😂😂😂😂 America Karen and Kevin about to lose so much weight!!!! Walmart, Sam's, Costco, H-E-B, Krogers......mask required 😉😷😘 NOT NEWS.... They have had signs up for over a month... and people at the door at various times. Good, all businesses should! Keep security guard outside so the idiots who don’t want to wear masks don’t hassle the people working in the stores.

7 months into the pandemic and now you want to require masks you already let the cow out of the barn. Too late now stop the non sense I won’t be going many places looks like. I’ve had a cold before. Not afraid to get one. This should have been happening all along. No more kroger Five months later... Fred Meyer too? People are terrible there.

Thank you Kroger! Shopping at my local Fred Meyer will be so much more pleasurable without the fear of encountering folks without mask Thank you! About time!!! The release of the Karen is nigh! First Costco and now Kroger - thankfully there are plenty of drive through takeaways to save the antimaskers from from starving to death! 😂

Bye If you don’t want to wear a mask go shop at the stores that have the confederate flags. What sucks is that the employees have to deal with the non Americans.... 🇺🇸particapate wearyourmask Grocery stores and major retailers (Walmart looking at you) need to have badged security to enforce. No way should wage workers be charged with handling this charged issue. The companies have the money.

McClain_on_NFL otimmyg Start now I dont shop at kroger because they are dog shit. I will wear my mask somewhere else Should’ve been done months ago russ_newell Are they forcing customer to wear the nose cover Covid is NOT “airborne”’s a “droplet particulate” virus-means surfaces need cleaned. Masks=mostly ineffective+shld only be worn by ppl w/compromised immune sys for no more than 20-30min max at a time! MANY have developed fungal lung infections from wearing masks!

This should be immediately and everywhere. why wait until the 22 just ask miami Ppl still do not respect the 6ft rule. Its annoying! It was annoying pre Covid but I want to just scream now! So for the next week it’s a free for all?!? So fucking ridiculous- masks shouldbe mandated IMMEDIATELY Why exactly are they waiting a week?

Not all Americans are dumb but there are quite a few, and Kroger is telling all those dumb ones if you don't wear a mask your not shopping here go to the no mask places.

US military sees 60 percent jump in coronavirus cases in first few weeks of JulyThe US military has seen a spike in Covid-19 cases in recent weeks, with the number of confirmed cases in July growing by about 4,000 — a jump of about 60%, according to Defense Department statistics Hoax not the replies calling this a hoax... the lowest is where? wearing mascs - allowed by chief of ....

Puerto Rico Welcomes You - Reopening Tourism July 15After one of the most careful approaches to handling the coronavirus pandemic, Puerto Rico is reopening to tourism. Set PR free. Let the, be independent and a self governing country. Tale the off our welfare system we have more use for the money here. MsVanixo

Cashmere knitwear label Malo opens new boutique in Verona on July 14 – LucireMalo aims to open more physical boutiques as it wants people to be able to touch their garments—and a New York location is still on the cards

July Isn’t the Same Without a Tour de FranceA treasured summer ritual was the soundtrack of the Tour de France. July doesn’t feel the same without it, writes sports columnist jasongay. jasongay You can say that again!!! jasongay Not going to lie. Didn't matter where I lived in the world I always got up early or stayed up late to watch it. jasongay Wow. I agree with the WSJ.

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Shoppers in England ordered to wear face coverings from July 24Shoppers in England will have to wear face coverings in shops and supermarkets from July 24 to help reduce the risk of a new pick-up in the spread of the coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson's office said. Horse stable door bolted N95 or just random bits of whatever on your face to appease the masses? Why wait?