Kraft admits in 'mayo culpa' that its fat-free mayo isn't very good, discontinues it

Kraft admits in 'mayo culpa' that its fat-free mayo isn't very good, discontinues it

7/28/2021 6:00:00 AM

Kraft admits in 'mayo culpa' that its fat-free mayo isn't very good, discontinues it

'Let this be a lesson to you all to not fix what isn’t broken,' a company spokesperson said.

Kraft will no longer sell its fat-free mayo, after deciding that it doesn't live up to the company standards.In a tweet posted on Tuesday, the brand shared a mock breakup text conversation to make the announcement."sooooo i'm officially done selling fat-free mayo. i mean it, i'm done," the company's Twitter account

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."instead i'm gonna put my energy into making us the mayo of mayonnaise like i've always wanted. consider this my mayo culpa."A mock text conversation shared by @RealKraftMayo. Read more: »

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Kraft mayo isn't very good period. The mayo didn't cut the mustard (lol)? Did Joy Bauer make it?!! 🤮

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