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Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Some Booty Cleavage in Emerald Sequin Gown While Cooking in the Kitchen

'Cookin' up positivi-tea,' Kourtney Kardashian captioned the cheeky Instagram photo


Kourtney Kardashian Shows Off Some Booty Cleavage in Emerald Sequin Gown While Cooking in the Kitchen

'Cookin' up positivi-tea,' Kourtney Kardashian captioned the cheeky Instagram photo

that shows her all dressed up in an emerald green sequin gown that boldly exposes some butt cleavage.Her lifestyle brand Poosh commented on the post writing, “LOVE This Apple tea!”Others questioned whether or not the fire was actually on.

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Narcissists in full glory...girl please It’s called butt crack When all else fails, s*** on that 4 year degree. Thanks kourtneykardash for getting ‘behind’ StudentDebt and forgiving student loans ewarren BernieSanders Big_jonnn is this why you joined Twitter? Those Kardashian chicks are just screaming for attention. Very sad family that has to be be photographed naked/nearly naked to get attention.

Trashy as hell. This is the same woman that is fighting her sisters about filming the show bc she wants privacy and to be a mom 🤣🤣🤣 Who cares?! My gosh, why are you showing this? Who thinks this up and says hey that’s a great idea. Who takes the pic? How does one go about asking another I’m going to dress up in a sequined gown and you take a pic. This is a grown ass woman. I guess I just don’t get it. 🙄🙄

WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!! “Cooking” on a stove that isn’t even on. The pot is probably empty too.

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Why She's real at least‼️ no fake booty 😜🍑 Oh god Yup I wear that all the time too when I’m cooking🙄🙄🙄 Thirsty... Glad she’s not frying bacon lol Ugly dress. No class.

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🤢 Is this even necessary to report. Come On! Everything they do is not NewsHour worthy! This is proper attire Typical cooking outfit 👩🏼‍🍳 🙄 I’m sure the cook is in the corner chopping onions . These Kardashians are always so thirsty for attention. She cooks? LMAO!!!!! Put some clothes on, it's getting old.

THESE PEOPLE ARE DISGUSTING!! Find some BETTER News!!! Butt crack, lol!!!

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I will be glad when reality tv was a thing like music videos on MYV Why doesn’t the gown cover her crack ? And we all know she isn’t actually cooking! LOL They are always looking for attention and American gives it to them. Yah, like she knows how to cook! Because everyone cooks in a low cut emerald green sequin gown! insert eye roll here 🙄

Please stop showcasing this nonsense. i wonder what her growing and developing kids think of walking around her house like this These people try so hard.... 🤢🤢🤢 Trash Where I’m from we just call that plumbers crack 🙄 booty cleavage cmon.... My favorite Kardashian. She us beautiful

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Why is this even news? People must have a contract to exploit the Kardashians for anything! Since when did showing booties become 'cleavage' - that's for boobs! ⁉️ That bitch knows she does cook in any kitchen. Chefs do it for her and the kids. She is a non factor in that family. And she knows it. That’s why she wanted out.

Geez Courtney your a mother! Have some class! Booty cleavage is just a fancy way of saying butt crack... 'Kourtney Kardashian shows off some butt crack in Emerald Sequin Gown' Really cooking..please, and we just so happen to a person to take pictures. Setup I hope this doesn’t become the new trend 😑😣 i bet she can’t make toast smh

They don’t need anything special to show off their ass!! It’s a daily routine!

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FALSE! It should say kourtney shows off her booty (bc that’s what they do) while boiling water 💦 That's nothing new with that family Useless “cooking”

Khloe Kardashian showcases her ever-shrinking frame in shiny skin-tight suitKhloe Kardashian looked incredible in a skin-tight suit as she left the TV studios with her sister Kourtney

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