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KKK flyers threatening 'commies' who 'took down statues' prompt police to step up patrols

Police in Henrico County, Virginia, said 'acts of intimidation will not be tolerated' as they asked residents with information about the leaflets to come forward.

10/20/2021 4:52:00 PM

Police in Henrico County, Virginia , said 'acts of intimidation will not be tolerated' as they asked residents with information about the leaflets to come forward.

Police in Henrico County, Virginia , said 'acts of intimidation will not be tolerated' as they asked residents with information about the leaflets to come forward.

A flyer obtained by NBC12 reveals the writer's anger at the removal of statues of Confederate generals and leaders.It read:"[Matthew] Maury, [Stonewall] Jackson, [Jefferson] Davis, [Robert E.] Lee and [J.E.B] Stuart - heroes that opposed federal aggression.

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"Their spirits are still alive - commies, you took down statues, you'll be took down too. Loyal white knights."The statement signed off:"100 percent Americanism - pray for white Americans."Henrico County Police chief Eric English asked any residents who had information about the racist flyers to come forward.

"Hate has no place in Henrico County. The safety and well-being of our community is the top priority of Henrico Police and acts of intimidation will not be tolerated."NBC12 said police would increase patrols in the two districts, which both have a majority of Black residents according to census data.

County Manager John Vithoulkas told the TV network:"In no uncertain terms, Henrico County deplores and condemns these leaflets and their twisted message of white supremacy."This community will not be divided. We encourage our residents to be vigilant, to watch out for their neighbors and to support each other. Our spirit of inclusion, love and community will always triumph over messages of division and hate."

Those with information are asked to contact police on (804) 501-4810 or (804) 501-5000. Tips can also be shared with Crime Stoppers on (804) 780-1000. Read more: Newsweek »

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