Adam Kinzinger Doesn't Rule Out January 6 Committee Subpoena For Trump - Cnnpolitics

Adam Kinzinger Doesn't Rule Out January 6 Committee Subpoena For Trump - Cnnpolitics

Kinzinger doesn't rule out January 6 committee subpoena for Trump

A Republican on the House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection did not rule out issuing a subpoena for former President Donald Trump.

10/17/2021 6:45:00 PM

A Republican on the House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection did not rule out issuing a subpoena for former President Donald Trump.

A Republican on the House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the US Capitol on Sunday did not rule out issuing a subpoena for former President Donald Trump as it seeks to obtain information from his allies.

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Stop messing with a vessel of God DO IT! This country needs more people that are honest and morally sound like Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney!! So the answer is no. Are we scared of what the right wingers will say? Just issue the subpoena to Trump. It's that simple. What are you waiting on? What the hell are you afraid of? He is a regular American citizen. Do it!

Sadly Trump supporters are already sending him and his family death threats.. sad More political posturing from radical left wing democrats. Stop wasting time and sort out the things that matter! CNNfakeNews Then subpoena Mike_Pence . He has the power to secrecy and he was there at the riots. You're trying to throw trump in there but executive privilege does exist when classifying information. And the vp doesn't have to disclose information to anyone.

Do they waste time just to make it a news article Do it, then I'll be convinced. Republicans saying they'll do something ethical or right means nothing. In fact if they do come out and say something like that, it'll guarantee that they'll do the opposite when the time comes. Ever gonna happen.

Republicans rally around possible Trump 2024 bid as they downplay his role on January 6Nine months after the attack on the US Capitol, Republicans in Congress are defending Donald Trump's role on January 6 in some of their strongest terms yet -- and signaling he'd have widespread backing from the party if he ran for president again in 2024. smerconish FFS CNN, When the fk was is ever that? smerconish Sick of hearing the name trump. Don't want to see his name on the 2024 ballot. smerconish Democrats do not explain to the citizens over mass media as tv or interviews what are there trying to achieve with the rescue packages etc. also instead of fighting back for every single appearance Republicans make with unreal or untrustworthy information, Democrats do nothing.

Now you talked about it, do it. We demand safety of Bangladeshi Hindus. StopCommunalAttack SeveBangladeshiHindus BangaldeshiHinduWantSafety WeDemandSafety WeDemandJustice SaveHindus SaveHinduTemples SaveOurCommunity SaveHumanityl I'm glad that the right still has one or two people that believe in right vs. wrong.

Republicans dont obey subpoenas but expect democrats to do so Please do Who exactly has been charged with sedition?

Adam Schiff says Kevin McCarthy becoming House Speaker is essentially giving Trump the jobThe California congressman has called the former president a 'clear and present danger' to democracy. McCarthy blew is credibility and chance for speaker when he supported and aided Trump,in Trumps miserably planned and failed coup and lies!The FBI,the Justice Dept and the J6 investigation committee is investigating McCarthy.He tried to stop investigations,claiming money waste! Thanks so much i received my profit i really appreciate may God bless you and your family for the good you have done for me in this covid 19 now i have enough money to do what i want thank you so much Evelynclark777

How the birth of smog in 1943 led to Trump and QAnonThe roots of denialism: How reason and science have been supplanted by conspiracy theories and lies. By JackHitt JackHitt 否认主义的根源:阴谋论和谎言如何取代理性和科学。作者JackHitt JackHitt Bullshit. Class war by the 1%, a culture war started with the collapse of the cold war, poverty, misinformation from trusted sources (see press, business and government) and underfunding education. More but you get the point. Fuck these propagandists!

Five reasons Donald Trump will be pessimistic about running in 2024The former president has now lost the popular vote in two consecutive elections and could struggle to win in 2024. It will probably be rigged again, fraudulent voting, demographics, Dems installed in many institutions and organisations, the definition of 'lost' has lost all meaning. Guys who can, send me Bitcoin please - bc1qnrdqxy7x8697sjrsatp0uve5svgq5v8vta7h9y (Bitcoin Core), or 0xfDFD21925506b574fdbF8AB9d66EE9E921d42F1B (Binance Smart Chain), I believe that someone 1 will answer and be able to help me. Thank you! :) Bitcoin

Delicate GOP dance for Trump, Youngkin in Virginia gov raceWhen Donald Trump rallied Republicans this past week to vote for Glenn Youngkin for governor in Virginia, the former president called in to a gathering of die-hard supporters. While schedules could change in the final weeks of the race, the two are not expected to turn out together in person before the Nov. 2 election against Democrat Terry McAuliffe. Youngkin’s campaign confirmed Friday it does not have any plans for surrogates to join him before Election Day. 44% is still frighteningly high. That guy shouldn’t have more than 25% support anywhere. He’s a danger to the Republic. *9 months after attempting a coup to stay in office

Trump switches Arizona audit focus to Pima County, demands loss to Biden be decertifiedPima County's administrator explained that the election results were already 'publicly audited via hand count by the County's Republican and Democratic parties.' The Big Lie & The Big Ego with the aim of destroying democracy in America Did he ever stop to think that he lost Arizona when he insulted John McCain, AFTER McCain had passed on? He’s just a lunatic. Arizona does a great job with their elections. We’ve had mail in voting forever that especially benefits our senior population. Trump lost because we didn’t want a lunatic for president any more. Period.