King family leads Arizona rally to mobilize support for voting rights bills

Arizona is one of 19 states that enacted voting restrictions in 2021.

Voting Rights, Arizona

1/15/2022 10:34:00 PM

Family members of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. honored his birthday today with a rally in Arizona to mobilize support for voting rights legislation. Arizona is one of 19 states that enacted voting restrictions in 2021.

Arizona is one of 19 states that enacted voting restrictions in 2021.

Former President Donald Trump is also holding ain Arizona with a list of speakers who led efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.State of play:King's wife, Arndrea Waters King, and their daughter, Yolanda Renee King, also took part in a rally Saturday campaigning for voting rights in Phoenix.

The family joined the predominantly Black Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church for the demonstration and chanted "no celebration without legislation."Arizona isone of 19 statesthat enacted voting restrictions in 2021.Family members of MLK also plan to lead a march on MLK Day in D.C. to urge the Senate and President Biden to enact federal voting rights legislation.

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What does Axios mean by “voting restrictions?” Poll taxes or literacy tests? Or simply rolling some rules back to 2018 procedures? This tells me nothing. Is Arizona just reforming things like moving Dropbox locations or is the state disenfranchising citizens?

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King family to rally in Arizona for voting bills for MLK Day | AP NewsPHOENIX (AP) — As the nation prepares to mark the birthday of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., some members of his family are spending it in conservative-leaning Arizona to mobilize support for languishing federal voting rights legislation. Securing the right to vote for every American is our best hope out of this current political nightmare. Every American should be supporting a national holiday for voting among other measures. Conservative Arizona…two democratic Senators and went for Biden. 'Voting Rights Bill'...just another pretty name for the Biden government taking over the voting process so then can control the outcome.

Martin Luther King, Jr.,’s Final ChapterMartin Luther King, Jr., the Southern pastor who became a Nobel Peace Prize laureate, attempted to deliver the entire country from racism, war, and greed. He was born on this day in 1929. 20 million of your citizens are living on the streets, homeless, hungry, eating garbage, your government is serving other countries, starving its own people. You spent your taxes on your military bases around the world, the American people will understand. One day Instead the GOP has brought on an unbelievable increase in RACISM, WAR and INTERNAL STRIFE that denies us any PEACE. We celebrate a man whose legacy has been undone by an ideologically stagnant political party. Abraham, Martin, John & Robert… may they R.I.P.

Rainbow PUSH Coalition to honor Martin Luther King Jr. with new documentaryA new documentary by Rev. Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition details King’s reason for coming to Chicago in 1966 and the birth of the PUSH Excel educational program. It airs Monday night. I'm sure the great MLK would be sad to see the divisiveness being sown by our leaders today...all of them. Oh excellent! I can do my laundry when that comes on 😊

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