Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump campaign official and girlfriend of president's son, tests positive for coronavirus

Donald Trump Jr. tested negative, a person familiar with the situation said. Neither traveled with the president Friday on Air Force One.

7/4/2020 6:29:00 AM

NEW: Kimberly Guilfoyle, a Trump campaign official and Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend, tests positive for the coronavirus while in South Dakota, a person familiar with the situation says.

Donald Trump Jr. tested negative, a person familiar with the situation said. Neither traveled with the president Friday on Air Force One.

On Thursday it was announced that former presidential candidate Herman Cain, who attended the Tulsa rally,tested positive for COVID-19.He received the positive result on Monday, and on Wednesday he developed symptoms serious enough that he required hospitalization, a

97,000 children tested positive for Covid-19 in 2 weeks as more schools plan to reopen Schiff: ‘The sum total of the president's actions is to encourage the Russians to help him’ Yes, of course Donald Trump wants his face added to Mount Rushmore

statementposted to his Twitter account said.Cain, 74, did not need a respirator and was awake and alert at an Atlanta area hospital, the statement said.It is not known when Cain was exposed to or contracted the illness.Good morning!here with good news. We just received a message from HC. His oxygen levels are improving, he's had no complications from the meds, & he’s in no pain.

We're grateful to God and for your prayers. Keep them coming! We're confident Herman will back soon!— Herman Cain (@THEHermanCain)July 3, 2020Trump's campaign said in a statement Thursday that Trump did not meet with Cain at the Tulsa rally.

There have been more than 2.7 million cases of COVID-19 in the United States, with more than 130,000 deaths linked to the disease, according toNBC News' count.Cases have been rising in a number of states, and 19 states have either rolled back or paused reopening plans due to the illness.

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Where Donald goes the virus grows! MeetThePress Be careful Sir realDonaldTrump IvankaTrump Even though I really don’t like these people l would not wish this on anyone ☘️☘️ Nasty BULLSHIT, the virus is a hoax, Donnie said so. 🤦‍♀️😂🙄 Tic toc Good. Oooooooops! I hope you recover...slowly. bright8694 One can only hope...

So. They are going to spread their s virus everywhere. But, they don’t care!!! Trump will now be infected, for sure! Give him 10 days then we have to see if the WH will even disclose it? Is it worth what the Trump family pays her? I take it they left her in South Dakota, no ride for you on air force one.

Omg...what do we do MeetThePress Who the Hell cares Sympathy level. ZERO. Reap what you sow. Stop picking on her because she’s Latina - that’s racism too Oh ! Sorry for the news . But hopping Kimberly Guilfoyle will recover soon . Maybe hydroxychloroquine or Remdesivir will work for her . Hot water with lemon juice will help to kill infection as well .

Good. Go Covid! Go Covid! It's your birthday! I hate the Trump family with a burning passion, so I really hope this means that Junior is going to catch it. May they pass this to the rest of the Trumpers So have 60% of the people in NYC Womp Womp. “While Trump Jr. tested negative, as a precaution he 'is also self isolating and is canceling all public events.' he added.” Well that’s the good news of the day!

How did covid get through all those fillers and Botox? 😂😂😂 I'm sorry to hear Kimberly is sick. Many people are getting exposed when they don't need to. That is why they are trying to get Pres. Trump to stop creating crowds without safety enforcement. How would you feel if, after wearing a mask and social distancing for months, you were denied a hospital bed because the last bed was taken by a millionaire who spent months convincing thousands of people that it was all a hoax and no worse than the flu?

hope she infects the whole Trumpclan Keep spreading it. Assholes. I am curious to know How much disinfectant is she ingesting? And How many doses of hydroxychloroquine is she taking? What is the 'magically go away' formula? Please let us know so we can plan ahead. Shameful we have people in this country that comment like this. But I see you all watch the Treason network

Spread it to the entire White House staff. I’m quite sure she’s used to testing positive... Ridiculous forgot to block and BC Hmmmmmmm....... There is a God Maybe now she'll stop drinking the Trump Kool-Aid. MeetThePress Thoughts and prayers, oh not really. If Jr. don’t get it. Their relationship is fake. Liberals hoping trump gets it

The role of the News today: scour the landscape to assuage confirmation bias. Well done! You mean GreatValueMelania? She is going to “drive” back to the east coast? That’s a long drive and not isolating unless she is sleeping in her car and not eating along the way! Must be some huge gas tank as well.

If you ask me 2 out of 10 ppl have it that's no headline but keep beating the drums as to how/why and then do the math 2×4×8×16,and so on. I’ll file this story in the I don’t give a shit file. So ‘campaign official’ is the new term for prostitute? CovidKim Ha ha What the fuck is a she an official of? Are my tax dollars going to anyone even remotely qualified to be working in the WH?!?

They must not have been having much sex if he didn't get it. Covid 19 without prejudice and distinction of class, gender, colors, religion and political ideology. But realDonaldTrump, within its cognitive ignorance, has its own methods of fighting the pandemic that devastates the United States.WhiteHouse still doubt the mental imbalance?

Heebies & Jeebies You forgot the quotation marks. A Trump 'campaign official.' 2 million Americans have tested positive yet you thought this one was worthy to expose? MediaBias EnemyOfThePeople advocatefortheDNC They took her here Let's hope she hugged and kissed all the Trump family then Lord we praise u

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. LETS SEE GOD FORBID IF JR GETS IT....TRUMP WILL BE MORE COMPASSIONATE HE NEEDS SOME WAKEUP CALL... The Covid tests are fake, you lie. If anyone else other than this bunch of heartless morons. I wish them well soon & praying for them. But I'd be lying & hope they all gets it. You get what you ask for in life. Practice what you preach or paid the piper. You can get your little dog bling it . You'd look good then.

And like the vast majority who get the China virus, she will recover. Clowns, kim and juner , just a sad side show attraction in a circus overwrought with freaks She brought the viruses to South Dakota? No worries HydroxychloroquineWorks What a shame Give DonJr a big kiss Lol No comment. DonaldTrumpJrA1 You mean Elvira?

Some will get it & some won’t Some get the flu some don’t She’s likely tested positive for worse things She must be in on the hoax. And Jr. is still the smallest thing to be in her. Boy that “hydroxychloroquine” is a real game changer. Guilfoyle just exposed our secret service people to a deadly virus because she had to go to a party in the Hamptons. If that doesn't scream self-absorbed, unpatriotic, trash grifter, I don't know what does. kimguilfoyle

I can't see have it and he' not Reasons Donald Trump Jr. may not have gotten COVID from Kimberly Guilfoyle? Ewe shes Fugly Covid has “mutated” and is now infecting the trump clan! Karma is a bitch! Good. I hope everyone around that circle catches covid 19.. So they can feel what other Americans has suffered.

She probably tests positive for more than just Covid19 !!!! Like father, Like son ! Rip So all of them was together but only her got the virus Look like the experts been lying to us but alright French kiss the boy God is with her! She's fine ! An human so this happens it's part of life I'm sure I had it got over it in 3 days no problem just life put out truthful information not covid lies3 NBC u disgrace to America

So it's not a hoax? I'm confused. The king and his media said it was a hoax. Nice couple! Smart and kind natured. All American LESSON: You can *NOT* teach Morons. Trump Hate Rallies are Total INSANITY. WEAR Masks Or you may end up on a Ventilator Oh shucks...,.too bad 🤣😂 What’s the point? +1million already have. Hope for quick recovery. Let’s move on

Masks optional Given that the quick Abbot tests Trump rushed out have a poor rate of accuracy (48%wrong). Does testing positive and having it mean the same thing? Infect ‘em all! heatherconway01 🙏 to the poor coronavirus that had to take one for the team by infecting her She should be tested for STD’s as well. TrumpTraitor

KARMA...oh wait...I thought it was a democratic hoax and masks are not needed...leaving your wife and kids for a FOX employee has its consequences I guess.. Try Hydroxychloroquin. 'It's a game-changer!' Everything is about the Tulsa Rally...trying to make a case against the rally. STFU. Focus on the protestors out there everyday, spreading the virus. But, that doesn’t fit your narrative. POS journalists!!!!!

Umm... a ‘person familiar with the situation’ Sounds like just a little bit of heresay. Pump the brakes. No word on whether Covid-19 contracted Guilfoyle-20, but experts predict that if so, 'we may not be putting an end to this Escher-painting-of-a-clusterdemic anytime soon, Chachi.' This is a hoax perpetrated by Democrats

She use to be one of my favorites until this happen. Yuck! Evil multiples. Let “Typhoid Trump” and “Pestilence Pence” continue galavanting about hosting these CovidPaloozas & not taking safe precautions—they’re going to infect & kill all their supporters by November😱😔 She is being paid to date him! Isn't that called a 'Prostitute or Executive Escort?'

Yeah they really got it under control huh! Drink bleach. Congrats!!!! Enjoy it Try Hydroxychloriquin. 'It's a game-changer!' This is news? Thoughts and prayers wonderlandnalex Who cares ? Who cares ! So? No one cares! ahh, what a shame. oh well, la de da. ThatsJacqueline Kimberly tranny looks fabulous Ever notice that nbc always has the “secret “list of positive test.

Looks like Tammy Faye and Jimmy Joe attended another Maga Trailer Park Ribbon Cutting Ceremony You GO Don-Don and Kimmy. He should dump her, Gingrich would have sent her down the road the second the results came in So I wonder how many people she passed it to in South Dakota. Karma. She’s also tested positive for stupidity

THEY'RE NOT GOING TO DIE!!!! Looks like she’s going viral 🤣 Guess that’s what realDonaldTrump means when he says ‘we’re gonna have to live with it’ (COVID). Given how much mainstream media lies, why should this be any different? Do you have proof? She has refused Cuomo's request to visit all the nursing homes in NY.

I seriously hope that she's ok. Marketing, marketing.. Will this be a new attempt to plug Trump's drug before the second wave? Dr. Fauci? Typhoid Mary grandma wrinkly vag tests positive. Shocker. MtRushmore seattleprotest 4thofJuly It’s only a matter of time that all the Trumps get corona virus🤯 Good, that’s what you get for being ignorant.

Check again. This is a picture of Trump Jr and Melania. So what? I mean, she's not even sick. She's going to sit around in isolation for a couple of weeks, just like nearly everyone else who gets infected with it. Of course, most of them don't isolate, because they don't know, and they don't work for someone who requires testing.

SO? And she’ll be totally fine! 😎 NOT AS HORRIBLE AS NBC HATE/FEAR PROPAGANDA GARBAGE WANTS IT TO BE! WHY NOT INTERVIEW “SURVIVORS”. Probably not sensational enough to push your BS narrative 🤣🤣🤣 Nothing here.... move on I always knew that this Skank was Diseased...... Karma A light bulb up her butt is in order.

No sympathy here. Does coronavirus make you look all plastic and stupid? Because she’s had it for awhile apparently. I’m thinking Melania and Ivanka should be tested next. Don't worry. Fox News says it's just a cold. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I hope Don Jr. stays loyal to her and doesn't ditch her when she needs him the most.

ha! Who cares she gets it the real news is this... your tax dollars at work! Bet shes caught all kinds from him! Biden claims not tested but who knows 'She's gonna need ICU'. No, she'll be fine. It's just a cold! 100% recover with no problems. Maybe this will keep them out of the White House Is he going to be okay or is he at high risk due to the sex change?

'I dont really care, do you'? Having said that she should be refused all medical help seeing how her and the entire trump crime family have downplayed and called the virus a democrat hoax! So needing medical assistance would be a hoax as well! Ok, and. In disgusted by everyone who thinks this is funny I guess she is willing to make the sacrifice!!

Fake, hoax, don’t care about the bitch! Does anyone care? Not me. Trump Jr. hunts and this woman is okay with it. I can't stand either one of them! Give her some Clorox to drink. Or maybe some Ajax or Lysol. Luckily for her, COVID only lives on plastic for 2-3 days. She is NOT pretty. I really don't care, do you?

Karma is a Kimberly. She also tested positive for giving Gavin Newsom head. At that time, she was a bit beautiful (on the outside) but now she looks like an extra terrestrial. I wonder if that botox face can withstand the virus. 🤷🏿‍♂️ Wait till she mutates to look like IvankaTrump. It's a very special strain of the TrumpVirus TrumpOwnsEveryDeath

How karma can turn things around. Hope the kids will be safe but with his bad karma hmmmm ? I'm spreading the news Why test if you are a symptomatic seriously think about it “Coronavirus” This is news?!? Isn't everyone getting this at some point?🤔🧐 Does anyone think that this is Pence causing an issue? It would appear that he may have been infected. People around him are getting sick. And/or people who work for him are sick.

Actually, I feel sorry for her. Not only does she have Covid-19 but she has to have sex with Donald Jr...ICK Guaranteed this isn’t the first illness she’s contracted from DJTJ. The dude looks like Gonorrhea with legs. Let her die.... isn't that the new message... Live with it... Hah hah This makes me happy happy happy

Whew they are butt ugly!! So. No mask didn’t work? Thoughts and prayers and cholorquine A cup of bleach and a UV light up her ass and she will be fine. Please, PLEASE go kiss your future father in-law. Was she wearing a face mask during her campaign work? Covid-19 is creeping ever closer to Donald Trump. Karma is a bitch

Looks like she caught the TrumpVirus How is it that DonaldJTrumpJr doesn’t get more attention considering he’s dating a clone of FLOTUS? I mean, that’s creepy on a whole different level. Maybe these trumps will acknowledge this is no democratic hoax ffs. Obviously she’s not getting the convalescence plasma like her wanna be namesakes!

lol Poor South Dakota. HCQ, zpack and zinc, she'll be fine in 8 hours DonaldJTrumpJr If you don't have it then she must be your beard. Meanwhile your ex wife be like It was only 2008 that it was approved for VETERANS to salute when not in uniform. 45 saluted tonight. As a daughter of a WW Ii vet and 27 yrs in the military, I am disgusted. I grew up in the military, so I have more time in the service than 45. Glad Dad not here to see this 💔

It’s getting closer !!! Don't worry kimguilfoyle, it will go away! Wasn't this a hoax? 😷 Wonder how COVID-19 reacts with copious amounts of silicone . . . This is great! BREAKING: The WorldHealthOrganization made a complete U turn and said that coronavirus patients doesn't need to be isolated or quarantined. No SocialDistancing and it cannot even transmit from one patient to another. *See the video.* coronascam

At least she'll have that famous Trump empathy and care for others to comfort her. Little bit of bleach will cure her Aww. Huge bummer guys. CancelTrumpSong 😂😂😂😂😂good! It’s called karma, Tee hee One dat it’ll just disappear! A person familiar. That's news reporting today. Someone, anonymous, said this happened and we are going to portray as reality because it feels the narrative. I love it. Better than the office or any other sitcom.

Thoughts and prayers They should keep on running tests. I bet she’s a scabby one. Who’s doing the testing to state Kimberly is positive? Hmmmm Guess she’ll be driving a rental back to DC. Fingers crossed for Darwin to collect his bounty. 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🇺🇸🤮 RIP Kim! thoughts and prayers COVIDIOTS

Did they quarantine her nursing home? She be tryin’ to look like Melania. You decided not to wear the mask, now ya pay the price. The entire bunch needs to be quarantined till December 1, then shipped to China. Did they pay her to catch that too? Lol 🤣 You don’t cover his speech but you cover this.... Disgraceful NBC

Does she still get paid for doing junior? SD thinks this is a fake virus, ya know? Haha karma Should have stayed with Newsom EricTrump realDonaldTrump DonaldJTrumpJr kimguilfoyle Aww karma kick you in your ass Kimmy? That’s what happens when you listen to fools with no medical experience or knowledge. To think she once had that hot piece Gavin Newsom and now she’s with this guy. Goes to show you get what you deserve 🤷‍♀️

why are HIPPA laws violated when anyone tests positive actual question Conehead or French? What a surprise because this virus was only going to infect one person and it was supposed to be gone right after that. So you telling me that Kimberly Guilfoyle tested positive for the AIDS/ EBOLA/ CORONAVIRUS damn. 2020 is turning into the apocalypse end of days.

lots of thoughts no prayers thought RWNJ's didn't get a 'hoax' she'll down some lysol & be fine She gonna spread it like mayonnaise! IAmSophiaNelson Tell it right , She got it while attending the party in up State NY Give daddy a big kiss on the lips, jr won’t mind! Tots and Pears Kim 😏 So if he doesn't get it..something is up with the trumps? Hmmm?

This was SO expected!!! However, I cannot express how much I do NOT give a tiny rat’s rear if she’s infected because it is as a result of them being INCREDIBLY STUPID, corrupt and fucked up! As parents of children they are HORRIBLE, IRRESPONSIBLE idiots. Thoughts and prayers p.s. I'm an atheist LOL! “The virus is going to disappear.” - realDonaldTrump OkBoomer 😂😂😂😂

Looks like a poor mans milania. What kind of creepy sick fetishes are happening in that damn family. Happy Birthday America! Hahahahaha!!!!!!! The irony isn’t lost on me! 🤣😂 I guess BOTOX doesn't protect you from it..... Vile ugly people During a pandemic this happens! kimguilfoyle So it’s an imported case then. Have not South Dakotans suffered enough under nutjob Noem’s watch?

'A person familiar'? Here we go again! Long drive home for someone stricken with COVID-19. no greater dipshit then a republican who doesn't believe in masks... But foxnews says it’s just a hoax ..the flu at worst OH MY GAWD MARGE ...RUN FOR THE HILLS. And comorbidity with clap He dosen't test positive just like Stephen Miller 😂😂😂😂😊😂

Lies 😂😂😂😂😂😂 The lengths some people go to get a few days away from DonaldJTrumpJr in quarantine 🙄 Let’s hope she spread it! IAmSophiaNelson What about Jr? So....the virus can penetrate thru plastic? “A person familiar with the situation” ?

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Trump Fundraiser And Donald Trump Jr.’s Girlfriend, Tests Positive For CoronavirusDonald Trump Jr. was also tested, but was negative. Oops!! That's a maaan, man! did anyone tell him his girl is in drag?

Kimberly Guilfoyle -- Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend and top Trump campaign official -- tests positive for coronavirusKimberly Guilfoyle has tested positive for coronavirus, a person familiar with the matter and a campaign source familiar with the matter confirmed to CNN. He is so gross, how fucked up is she?

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, tests positive for coronavirusBREAKING: Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, tests positive for coronavirus. And? So? Actually, she will look better once covid is done with her. Fun fact for y’all, I finger banged her back in college. 😊

Top Trump Campaign Official Kimberly Guilfoyle Tests Positive For COVID-19: ReportsGuilfoyle, campagin official and girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., reportedly tested positive in South Dakota where she traveled to attend President Trump'... GOOD She looks like a tough fella, she’ll be ok. Getting closer 😬😂😉

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend, tests positive for the coronavirusKimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. were in South Dakota to hold fundraisers for President Trump’s reelection campaign. Kim Gargoyle the Super Spreader. This time its not her legs. This is encouraging 😃🙌🏼 We all knew there was a test she could pass.

Top Trump Campaign Official Kimberly Guilfoyle Tests Positive For COVID-19: ReportsKimberly Guilfoyle, a top Trump campaign official and the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr., tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, according to reports by CNN and The New York Times. I know this isn’t relevant, but they just look like sticky people to me... Doctors say she may or may not get the “sniffles “ KovidKim