Kim Kardashian West, other celebrities to freeze Facebook and Instagram accounts in protest

Their actions come at the behest of the Stop Hate for Profit campaign, a coalition of civil rights groups that led an advertising boycott against Facebook.

9/15/2020 10:47:00 PM

Kim Kardashian West, actor Mark Ruffalo and several other celebrities say they are “freezing” their Facebook and Instagram accounts for one day to protest the spread of hate speech and misinformation on those platforms.

Their actions come at the behest of the Stop Hate for Profit campaign, a coalition of civil rights groups that led an advertising boycott against Facebook.

ByDylan ByersKim Kardashian West, actor Mark Ruffalo and several other celebrities said Tuesday that they are “freezing” their Facebook and Instagram accounts for one day to protest the spread of hate speech and misinformation on those platforms.The protest, which will happen on Wednesday, are part of the Stop Hate for Profit campaign, the coalition of civil rights groups that led a month-long advertising boycott against Facebook in July following the death of George Floyd. More than 1,200 companies joined that boycott, including big brands like Unilever, Verizon, Adidas and Ford.

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That coalition announced Monday that it was launching"a coordinated week of action on Instagram this week," including"a one-day freeze on Instagram sharing as well as a weeklong series of posts... calling out Facebook for its role in inciting violence, spreading racism and hate, and contributing to electoral disinformation."

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Just delete your accounts....and stop telling people how to live their lived cuz your the damn privilege ones.. Quit allowing comments. That is where the trolls live. Only allow friends and family to comment. kinsellawarren Do they not see the irony in this statement They can freeze their accounts forever, as far as I am concerned!

WOOOOWWWW... how astute and noble of them. If any social media platforms of any of these people vanished forever, how many lives would be made worse, really? Who? One day! Omg, such leadership. How will they cope Let me give a slow clap for this one. 🤪🤦🏼‍♀️ Cool. I hope they freeze their accounts in perpetuity.

I do that every day. I too am stunning and brave Profound 😂😂😂 Make it a decade. And no one even noticed Oh the humanity. And you consider this newsworthy? No wonder your ratings are in the toilet. casperthemedic What does that mean? What will they do when nobody notices or cares? What a sacrifice, real heroes

The only thing that would make happier is if it was permanent Nobody cares. Like they would know what misinformation is? All we can say is thank you for your incredible bravery and sacrifice - saving us from words you don't agree with one Facebook 'freeze' at a time...beautiful. How will I go on? One day? They should just go ahead and delete them!

😂😂😂 I'm not deleting my FB or IG accounts, not that they are saints but this is absolutely silly. Can't you make it longer? Who gives a shit, who gives a fuck I know why only one day. It's how long they can go without virtue signaling and having their egos stroked. No loss there. Woow! The sacrifice... This in Normandy all over again

These Hollywood folks are true heroes. The sacrifices they are willing to make. Omg, does anybody care? Nobody cares. Don’t you guys have more lies to publish? You consider this to be “news”? How far you have fallen. Wow they’re basically martyrs. Wow, this is what real personal sacrifice looks like. True heroism!!!

The hubris these people exhibit is embarrassing. How does it affect me, why should I care they’re actors - couldn’t say hello w/o a script or a camera OMG! How will the rest of us survive this? Please, make the freeze permanent I agree! Too much libtard shit and antifa violence is alllowed Stunning and brave

Virtue signalling for a day. How big if them. Oh wow 1 day. Ive been off it for almost a week now. Well there we have it. Problem solved! Great work virtue signallers!!! Liberal celebrities spread more hate online than anyone else. So with them offline the hate will certainly diminish. There is no such thing as hate speech

Wow, what a great loss to the world. More virtue signaling celebs. Celebrities for censorship? How stunning... How brave... 😂🤣😂 They should move to Mars. Christopher Hitchens - Free Speech Oh no whatever will we do without them 🙄 If they really cared, they’d delete them permanently. One whole day? Dude, who? Kanye’s wife and some guy?

Can these morons be anymore out of touch with reality , and I’m guessing they’ve all announced their massive sacrifice on Facebook? Spare me 🙄🙄 Since I’m not following any of them, I guess that means tomorrow will be like any other day? Wow racism solved, thanks celebrities! Who cares? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Wow a whole day

William Wallace got nothin’ on this bravery It's only because they're going on a yacht trip and won't have cell service while they spend millions getting drunk partying... Well if all leftists did that we sure would be free from experiencing A LOT of hate. Please do it longer!!! So they're doing nothing? George Orwell would write an 800 page criticism on each of them over this. Dolts

A WHOLE DAY? who gives a fuck. great beginning, now delete their accounts! that is the only solution! This is a very powerful gesture. I'm moved. In solidarity with to these good people I will refrain from hate speech for 1 day. God, if Ruffalo could get the fuck off of social media entirely that'd be great. Captain of the cringe team has a tumblr for Christ's sake, FB or Insta has nothing on the misinformation I've seen from that site.

😂 one WHOLE day! don't be shy deactivate your accounts for good I wish they'd leave permanently. I mean all the celebrities. I follow a few of them, but I wouldn't miss them. At all. Can they freeze it forever in protest? So are they admitting to spreading misinformation? I will not eat or drink anything between the hours of 11pm and 7am! Solidarity

Can they just delete them Cheers all round from me One day you call that a protest. No one with half a brain follows them anyway. Lots of sheep out there. Baaaa YAWN Wow a hole day Ralmfao.IDIOTS People use facebook every day? 👏🏼👏🏼 Kim, you’ve posted sponsored stories justifying the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. Do tell us more about misinformation, especially when you’re rich enough to silence the poor. StopHateforProfit

Kardashian and Ruffalo must think that they're God's gift to mankind? Freezing their Facebook & Instagram accounts for ONE day to join the protest the spread of 'hate speech, misinformation, etc?' For world famous Hollywood stars, talk about a 'cheap take.' They helped this woman make me poor and kept me down. Took my career and everything on lies. Home children parents Everything

They ALWAYS let people hate to me. Yet accuse me of What they do. They helped this woman jail me on lies for 7 years now. DEFAMING my character 7 yrs now. One day? Hypocrisy Trump's a celebrity. He's definitely not a president because the fake news told us he was. And the fake news told us Hillary lost but she actually won by over 3 million votes!

Kim Kardashian. Famous only for being famous slpng_giants one day? ...srsly? 🙄 oh yeh. sure. that’s gonna make a diff 🤏 big fucking whoop. Whatever it takes to convince Trumpsters that Trump is correct. Great job guys 👍 IF anyone wants to know WHY I hate Democrats too: Bro can they for real take all the other rich assholes with them? Internet was 100% better before these entitled people got here.

The press sucks balls. Lots of “no one cares” commentary. This is important, these are massive influencers that keep these companies alive. It’s like an employee walk out at Google, you’re going to listen if a big enough chunk of people are saying “freeze” aka, stop because I’ll leave Sadly - Zuckerberg could not possibly care less

That's not how you spell 'opinions they disagree with.' Maybe they should read the Communications Decency Act's Section 230 ... Facebook Blocked Me For 30 Days For 'Hate Sppech' When Everybody (Myself Included) Were STICKING UP For The Black Man Who Was Getting Kicked Because Of His Color (We Should ALL Speak Up Against Hate Speech And Violence Towards People Of Color And Sexuality...Facebook Is Racist...

Oh, wow, one day.🙄 The reality is, you can see that Twitter, Facebook, Instagram are fully pandering and bending to the will of old-media celebrities. Sorry 'commoners', (as celebrities and social media sites see you) the internet belong to celebrities. Their motivations are elitism, snobbery. No one cares about the Kardashians. They have done nothing to better America. Please stop publicizing them. They are worthless.

Wow they've cured racism Celebrities leaving social media? LOL! Who the hell cares? ONE DAY?! Why should I care if they freeze their accounts? There are more important things to think about then them. “hate” = any criticism of any person who is not straight & white, even if the criticism is completely valid.

They should freeze themselves. Forever. Oh no what ever will we do...? Any chance we can make this permanent? 'We're so humble we think merely leaving a room will make everything worse' She can freeze hers indefinitely!!! Let’s try a MONTH And yet, no one cares. ButchManly Wow, these celebrities are so brave🙄

Ummm, aren’t they pretty hateful on Twitter? So brave... Please stay frozen. You can't tell Zuckerberg what to do. He's literally God right now Everyone should leave Facebook. It’s a waste of time. Work on something that interest you and stop wasting your time. Do something positive. Vote Trump! Kim Kardashian needs to dump Kanye & humble herself before her children turn out like their Dad. .. Hand out for what? Walking on water ... PLEASE ....HUMBLE YOURSELF!

Now THAT should solve our country’s problems!! Oh shit, a whole 24hrs without airbrushed ass shots & communist hot takes. Who? Fine I’ve never had to listen to their group think so they will not be missed For one day? Everyone is reporting acting like she's really contributing to a cause 😂😂 A whole so brave fucking jokes

They’d do more to combat those things by boycotting CNN snd MSNBC. And then letting their followers know the truth about those extreme lefty libs and the fake news propaganda that is spewed from their mouths on a daily basis. That would be some REAL good! Psycopaths ran me out of facebook,actually i quit the app like 5 years ago and i have never looked back.

Hhh! So funny...What about closing their accounts forever manifesting against nonsense?!! There is no such thing as hate speech. Ask the SCOTUS. Misinformation? There is so much censorship of information on big tech platforms that eminent scientists are censored if their work on Covid disproves the current given wisdom. And these utter idiots want MORE censorship.

People actually think you’re worth listening to .., HAHAHAHAHA everybody should freeze their account on Facebook they have monopolized everything ... whatever happened to the antitrust law the Democrats forgot all about it didn't they? that's why they going to lose this election cuz they never stick to their words.

Like that's going to stop it? Nice thought, but........ Yes we are way too free!! Please censor us!! Can you imagine living in a censored dictatorship country and seeing that American celebrities are asking platforms to please censor more!! The bufoonery Did it work? Is it over? Has it even happened yet?

Isn't protesting against hate speech also protesting against freedom of speech? Isn't freedom of speech a founding principle of the United States? Stunning and brave. How will we survive? 😂🤣😂🤣😂 For one day? Lol. They need to freeze them for good! MarkRuffalo Performative and pandering for 24 hours, and this does what?

Meh. Let’s compare bank accounts. I’ll show them how to feed a family of four on mine as opposed to theirs and we will discuss bravery. K? Cool. I would go 1 year off the platform if your really interested in change. Real hero!!!! Seems a little narcissistic Thanks for ruining the story. The boycott was organized by the NAACP and ADL. And somehow it ended up being about a Kardashian. it for 5 years. KimKardashianWest is a joke. She would DeleteFacebook and deleteinstagram if she was serious about this. Just sayin. ByeFelicia KimKardashian KimKardashianIsOverParty - it’s time to move on... Kim should get her IDIOT husband to give back the MONEY he took that would be a first step

One WHOLE day, huh? Wow. An entire day. Thank your for your sacrifice. Blah blah blah Wow amazing who gives a fuck dummies Who cares if they freeze them forever? I applaud them for their massive sacrifice. Why not one year? Please! slpng_giants One day? Wow, what a sacrifice... So? Wow... What will we do...? The horror!!! How about just fucking stay quiet & STFU forever? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Who? slpng_giants Delete them forever Please make it forever KimKardashian MarkRuffalo Who cares. HA! Wow...ONE whole day!! Your courage and sacrifice are inspiring. slpng_giants Seriously, a day? slpng_giants Why bother for one day? Who the hell cares? I sure don't! So brave. Who cares People who follow those fools need to re-evaluate your own research and think for yourselves....

all gave some some gave all Thank you for your sacrifice That should take care of half of the hate speech and misinformation right there. I hope that Alyssa Milano is considering a permanent disappearance, that would take care of the other half. What exactly is hate speech Lol 1 day Otherwise none as things they Don't agree with!!!

1 whole day. I mean, they are doing the 'making a sacrifice' thing all wrong. They should do it until the election to really drive their point home. Perhaps for the next 4 years as well Go ahead and do it permanently Ratio Maybe should take the hint. Quit spreading hate and lies. 🤷‍♂️ BFD Any chance they could freeze them for a bit longer.. say 20 years....

One can only hope, the lot of them, can’t thaw out their accounts Stunning and brave 👌🏻 They'll never do this to protest Hollywood pedophiles Oh My...Such Devastating News...Pray For Our Nation To Get Through This Difficult 24 Hours... A whole day huh. Such commitment to the movement and protest will certainly generate change at Facebook 🙄

Why stop at one day... LMMFAO .... like who cares what a bunch of Hollywood jagbags do in their own life & taking a break from social media. Even so WTF is a days break accomplish And we care ? Why ? Their idea of hate speech and misinformation is anyone disagreeing with them. They want to shut down anything they disagree with. The Dems tried doing this a few months ago when they paraded zuckerburg in front of congress.

They can freez forewer Whoop de fucking do. Weak. But thanks for enlightening us🌟 Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha Hahahahaha

Why not teach us a real lesson and never come back. That'd show us.... A whole day. Are they going to sing a cringe-tastic song about it too? Wow thanks for your contributions to humanity, that’ll really show Facebook and Instagram who’s boss 🙄🙄🙄 That'll show 'em. Lol Oh darn. Who cares? ... one day? That's it?

Yeah well I did better, I got rid of mine. Kardashians will do whatever they can to stay in the news, she's no hero. All the while staying silent about the Republican Party using her husband as an election spoiler in some states .She is full of shit I was going to say AWESOME but then realized that just because they are freezing their accounts doesn't mean they went away for a day. We still have to hear about it so they really haven't gone away. DAMNIT!!!

It's not about *their* sacrifice. Their social media presence brings in big money for fb. Daylong boycott sends a message to fb, reminds their supporters about the issues, and theoretically gets people talking on a larger scale about what fb has done/is doing This is news? Why do people care what these attention whores do or think about anything?

Kim Kardashian? Yet, they do nothing to stop the rioting and destruction that’s happening by antifa in our democratic cities. This alone is enough of a comment from Hollywood. They’re all a disgrace and should stay in their little mansions. But ensure you have plenty of security, unlike us! Why not just delete their accounts forever because their actions are worthless.

We all hope it’s the hate and fake news by the media they are protesting. Doesn’t the incessant sharing of edited/photoshopped photos qualify as misinformation? Oh the irony! Mark Ruffalo knows hate speech....lmao! What a hypocrite also a bigot and absolutely obnoxious human! I would like to thank these celebrities for ending their reign of terror, even if it is for just one day.

Turn off NBC fake news AMF. When did we start placing value on the opinions of people like these? Seriously this country has gone to HelI. Ummm...they need to do it for longer than that. I appreciate the message though. Well, they froze their faces with Botox, so their SM was next in line. Kim who? 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

Just one day? Sounds like that is just a weak attempt. Why not a month? That would probably have way more impact. Who cares? Well that will certainly impact the misinformation and hate speech. Who cares? Seriously, if you care about these people then there is something wrong with your brain. So what? TF is hate speech

🙄🙄🙄 What a huge sacrifice they are making. Wow. And will continue with their accounts despite the pedophilia Idiots Who? An astounding sacrifice. Oh nooooo what will we dooooo WTF cares!!! Their cause is a good one, but I honestly don't see how much of an affect they will have just by freezing their social media accounts, lol. I for one, couldn't care less. I'm sure I am not alone on this!

Seriously? Serial grandstander West needs to GO AWAY. With her wacked-out husband running as trump's presidential campaign wingman....SHE'S insisting on TRUTH for ANYTHING ....right. That'll show em 🤣 Childish & useless What an amazing sacrifice those millionaires are making. Wow! Very bold statement 🙄

🥱 yawn Wow MarkRuffalo is doing this for a whole day. You might have impressed us if you deleted your Facebook account or founded a competing site that isn’t a cesspool. I don’t understand what this 1 day thing accomplishes. Good that should silence the hate. Hero’s 😂 I’m going to miss them SOO MUCH... NOT!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

😂😂 Celebrities give out an awful lot of hate speech themselves!! If they stay off permanently now that’s a statement! Who cares what these “Hollywood people we regular folks made rich” do? They are the problem not the solution! Delete Facebook now... KimKardashian MarkRuffalo OMG!😱 One. Whole. Day?!?

Well Mark Ruffalo should know a lot about misinformation he certainly spreads enough of it. KimKardashian Oh damn, for one whole day. What am I going to do? I know, get a life. If you & your friends were relevant, this 💩 wouldn't come from your mouths. Try to do something good with your life & platform versus continue to fuel the race wars & propaganda.

Can they just delete them? I doubt anybody would actually care. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 good riddance! And we will give you a warm welcome back too. 😂😂 One day? There’s a sacrifice. Heroes How will we ever recover from this hiatus? freeze them till election day Wow! Will we survive? KimKardashian MarkRuffalo thank you we don’t care what you have to say about anything. What a great day !!!!!!

OooooOoooooo, I'm sure FB is shaking in FEAR already! Their sacrifice in this time of need is astonishing 🙄 Who cares lol Wow... One day.. One day, so brave. I hate Hollywood now! Freezing them for ONE Day. Can I persuade you to make that one month, or better still six months Thanks... For the break. Any kardash is highly encouraged to freeze their accounts permanently!

In other words they want Ben Shapiro, Dan Bongino and other conservative outlets kicking off because they disagree with them. Who gives a damn what these people think? They are taking away our rights to free speech. I’m so over these idiots! Whoop-dee-doo. Could they make it 10 years? Meanwhile kanye is tweeting more than ever

For a whole day?! Wow, that'll really be effective! (Not....) Ohhh. A whole day My god how will they ever be able to survive. People just don’t give a fuck about millionaire “celebrities” anymore. Aaaaaaand, they're gone and will not be missed .. No one cares Who cares? Please, shut them down. That would be better.

Who? 🙄 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who Cares!!! Nobody cares... That's nice in theory but it doesn't get rid of racism, hate speech and misinformation. It's a shallow attempt. Welp, that’ll STOP the flow of hate speech and disinformation for 24 hours—- but then they’ll come back Has she happened to speak with her husband? Might want to start there!

One day people will wake up and realize that the media and... social media are colluding to control the people. Wake up world! Only one day? 💥Breaking News💥 Oh wow! I'm crushed! That's their choice,interesting,so these cry baby multimillionaires can go on and 'freeze' their social media accounts instead of doing something positive like helping out the fire fighters in California or help first responders. And these celebrities call themselves good people.

Huh. So how does she reconcile that with her and Kanye's support for 45? Interesting being Mark Ruffalo has no problem spreading hate speech Whatta Patriot ........... Please kimkardashian and markruffalo don't just freeze for a day! Take them down entirely!! Patriots are not interested in your virtue signals!! Trump2020LandslideVictory

So Kim get paid up to a million dollars for a single post yet we are supposed to believe that this is not bought and paid for? Really? They can freeze for one month and make more of an impact! Ha ha ha... We couldn't care less............. Oooooo. That’ll show everyone. Smh 1 day is an incredible sacrifice

ooooo a whole day the horror! And what does “one day” do for all of America? Not a damn thing!! So many are suffering from false information on these platforms! Who? Lol nobody cares Kim needs to sit down and shut up. Shes part of the problem. WGAF Oh no! Oh no! One day!? Wow however will they survive? Can they just turn off the accounts

Honestly who cares. 😂 leftists are the ones giving misinformation What the fuck is a Kardashian? One day... how brave of them. Stunning and brave Thank you for your service Really KimKardashian that is the absolute least you can do. Its almost like NBC News said 'Let's create a tweet that will get ratioed at least 2-1.' Good job.

Big deal! Huge non effort there then Well with Ruffalo not posting anything that will reduce the hate speech. Well, that’ll make everyone wake up.....🙄 Stunning. How brave. Do it for longer Oh no! What will we do without them 🤨 GimmeABreak Who is this and why should I care? One day? That’s it?! What the heck will “one day” accomplish?

Thank God, I’m tired of seeing MarkRuffalo’s crybaby, virtue signaling shit posts. Hopefully he protests here on Twitter too🙏. And why stop at 1 day, let’s make it a week, or a month, or shit, why not the whole year.🤷‍♂️ realKingCarrot and you said you liked Kim Kardashian smh .....freeze away!!! Nobody cares.

Breaking News: No one gives a shit. Who cares! I really don't give two fvcks, does anyone else? Im putting up a solid colored square on insta for the same reason. KKW should maybe start her clean up at home. They can go back under the rock They came from! They can stick their money Up their no talent ass! Lol

And no one cared. How will we ever cope A whole day. So what. What is hate speech anyway? “Without the ability to offend, there is not free speech”. Sticks and stones and frozen water bottles and Molotov Cocktails can break your bones but names can never harm you. Give it up snowflakes. Upset over speech is bullschiff

Insignificant morons. Oh the suffering they endure 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I may lose 5 or 6 seconds worth of sleep over this FakeNews Does anyone really care? Screw them. Looking forward for that day to be extended indefinitely What will it take to extend that One whole day!! They are so brave 👋 Wow 😮 that is so big hearted of them....but nobody cares

Oooo what a sacrifice 🤣😂🤣😂🤣! Make it permeant but they won't because they are addicted to the lime light! ...and we should care, why? Freeze them forever. They're worthless humans. Lol...and they think what? That we'll be devastated? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 News flash- no one gives a flying fig. They r so enamored with their own self importance they fail 2 see how the majority of adults truly see them -as liberal hypocrites with more money than they deserve who have the unmitigated gall 2 try and tell the working class how to live.

Such brave woke folks. Frauds Not impressed. Try doing it for 50 days maybe. a DAY They probably are deleting it and no wonder..people (some) are just hateful and toxic. Freezing your social media for one day. The bravery is astounding. 🥱 1 day?! How honorable. How brave. So brave. Tell them to ...and then get into the real world.

And this is news? Who cares I think realDonaldTrump just achieved 2 peace deals.....oh wait maybe not..... l can't go a day without my Mark Ruffalo update.😭 Wow. One whole day. Hope I don't force myself to jump off of a bridge to end the painful sadness that this void in my life has caused. Pathetic. Man, that’s rough

WHO !!!! 😊🙏🏻💙🇺🇸🇮🇱 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good , then we’ll have one day without hate speech and misinformation because that’s all liberals do! One day. Nobody cares. No one cares, these people mean nothing. What is KimKardashian doing about her husband though? So they are giving their social media person the day off? They could have just said that.

The bravery...leaves me speechless. 🤦🏼‍♀️ LOL ! WHO CARES ! COZ I DON'T , THEY CAN FREEZE THEIR ACCT ALL THEY WANT , IT'S FINE BY ME. Ironically, this is being reported on by one of the main sources of said misinformation. Yes, I'm looking at you ! I doubt anybody will notice these accounts being 'frozen'.

😂🤣😂😂 Ture sacrifice .. Such selfless act.. One day? How about until the election is over? If one more person tells me to keep my 20 year old home and to wear a mask I’m gonna scream!! We all need to go 30 or more The Democrats are the only people spreading hate... So. I see that as a good thing given their lifestyle contribute to the problem.

Stunningly brave. Hilarious, since its the people on their side, spreading hate and misinformation. Do they have to come back or can they just stay 'frozen' Who gives a rats ass period. Good riddance!! Who gives a flying fuck!! 🤣🤣🤣 Buh -Bye! 👋 Can they do it for longer? Can they extend it to a week? Or how about until the election?

Good. No one will even notice they’re gone. Nobody cares. Could all of the Kartrashians and any other no talent publicity whore idiots who are famous for being famous freeze everything all the time forever? The world would be a better place. Please and thank you. The phoniest type of virtue signaling I’ve heard of has to be this

So these millionaire's will have to entertain themselves some other way !! The horror of thier lives ! Bravo..This is really going to solve all these issues. What will we do without these celebrities for a whole day?!? I’m depressed already🙄 Who cares stupid No one cares Huh... That’ll show them🙄 So, you are reporting THEY are stopping THEIR hate speech and disinformation for one day?

To protest racism, I'm gonna skip lunch. SO!!!!!!!!!! Who cares? If you don’t like social accounts, get off! We Will Rebuild! You will NOT be missed. MarkRuffalo is the biggest spreader of hate, just read his twitter posts. such a joke but everything from the left is one Don’t care I vote they freeze them for a few years

🥱🥱🥱 So brave! 😂 One day, in a row?......oh the humanity! But, yet KimKardashian tried working with the moron in the oval, who has been spreading disinformation and hate. She needs to take a seat and think about her hypocrisy. FINALLY!!! This small gesture odd going to end EVERYTHING!!! I for one am so glad they’re doing will be a amazing when hate speech is done

One day....... powerful statement deletefacebook One day- is all she could go with out her fans worshipping her Should probably start with her husband's wacky conspiracy theories. Our brave, courageous thought leaders take decisive action Why is this news? Can you make it 1 month? How will they ever survive such a cruel sacrifice? Alyssa Milano hardest hit. But not Twitter? Have they been on here? It can be pretty vile. If there is one glaring symbol of slavery to remove, its the Democrat party that defended slavery & fought to keep it. If you don't bother tearing down the Party of slavery, then why bother w other alleged symbols? Free speech is necessary to fully debate statements like this.

What hate speech? But not Twitter cause left wing censorship has it totally locked down?!! 🤔 I'm 'freezing' my Facebook and Twitter accounts starting October 19th - November 4th to protest election interference by Big Tech. Will get my election updates on Parler. FreeSpeechStandown Or show true commitment and close there accounts permanently.

When are they going to speak out about BLM and Antifa terrorists burning our cities and killing our cops? Freeze them forever please Could you maybe ask them to freeze their accounts permanently? Most of us don’t give a damn what these out of touch ‘celebrities‘ think!! Social media platforms are rapidly rendering themselves irrelevant to a large portion of users. Censorship is Marxism!!

What a loss!!! What will we do without them? Trump is the worst at this. He should take a day & freeze his accounts! Wow, freezing their accounts for one whole day. Way to take a stand MarkRuffalo KimKardashian 🙄 More virtue signaling. That's all the left and Hollywood knows how to do. This is fantastic news.

I cannot believe that Democrats, once the party of slavery, are now the party of censorship. Will Biden come out.of his basement to defend free speech and the Constitution 😱 ...wait, what are they doing? Hey Kim, so propaganda is ok when you’re the one spreading it on behalf of the Armenian lobby, to whitewash Armenia’s military occupation of Karabakh, Azerbaijan? StopHateForProfit

A whole day? What a sacrifice...Bwahahaha!!😁😂😂 👏🏼👏🏼 Kim, you’ve posted sponsored stories justifying the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. Do tell us more about misinformation, especially when you’re rich enough to silence the poor. StopHateForProfit

Stop spreading fake news WhoCares Worthless humans... So rich to see Mark Ruffalo in this as he is a Hater himself! Wow just one day. This will seriously knock instagram down. Some heroes don’t wear capes. thank god for that, make it permanent KimKardashian MarkRuffalo 🙏🙏🙏 That'll fix the whole thing, thanks a lot.🙄🙄

Hahaha one day... oh no please don’t. Ok i won't notice. Talk to celebrity friends about the haye Disconnected day.....such heroes.😂 where does your moral stance on misinformation disappear to, when you openly support Armenia’s illegal military occupation of 20% Azerbaijan?StopHateforProfit

And?...we don’t care Classic do-nothing virtue signaling that’s courage. Yawn GeorgeFloydHoax Shut down face book And someone gives a crap? How will we know what to think? It’s a meaningless act. Just quit Facebook. It’s a evil platform. Are they that desperate for exposure? Who gives two monkey shits

Haven’t seen one Kardashian turn down an Ellen show invite yet....protest for a day my ass🤣 Who gives a shit Oh no we will miss them so much They should freeze them permanently. No one is interested in the lies and misinformation they propagate. This is like kneeling on a pillow lol Make it longer. Oh no. I hope we make it out of this mess!

ONE WHOLE DAY! Protesting for....ONE DAY.....what a way to really make a point on the issue😂 who cares what BS celebrities are doing to stay in the spotlight 🙄 get rid of them forever! KimKardashian So brave (not). Oh no🤡 For one day... One day? I deleted mine permanently over a year ago. I don't miss it at all. And feel better for it too.

Ohhh Emmmm Geeeee My reaction to the celebrity social media freeze: ?Who? We should care? Why? How about FOREVER Please? 🙏 I agree, however, that we do need to put an end to Liberal hate speech and propaganda. It’s led to hate groups like BLM rioting, looting, vandalizing, and terrorizing innocent civilians and it was stirred up by Liberal media.

LoL...what the FUCK is that going to accomplish? Who cares? Have some balls. DeleteFacebook as I did. I have Them both and only to keep in touch with family nothing more! So no problem so go ahead Who SERIOUSLY? ONEDAY? This is so contradictory, CNN keeps reporting lies, and these celebs are protesting a ridiculous phrase that sounds like a kindergarten kid invented in the playground. If someone hates what I have to say they don't have to listen. It's called choice. freespeechforever

I could care less Can they freeze them forever? Is it a threat or a promise? Meh First bit of misinformation is that Marc Ruffalo is an actor Who are they to decide what hate speech and misinformation is? It’s still a 1st amendment right! Neither one of those two are the sharpest tool in the box! Go ahead and freeze ur accounts, better yet delete them . The world would be a better place without these 2 idiots!

Good they finally admit they’re the problem! now if only the hate spreading fear mongering MSM would STFU! That’ll show ‘em! Who cares ? It’s what 99freemind said in her latest video. You nailed it Polly! I just left mine. Can’t figure how 2 close for good & unable to contact FB is part of their abuse & control over users😳

🙄🙄🙄 Well darn. 👏🏼👏🏼 Kim, you’ve posted sponsored stories justifying the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. Do tell us more about misinformation, especially when you’re rich enough to silence the poor. StopHateforProfit Liberals need social media to voice their resist and hate. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder LiberalismIsTheRealPandemic

I don’t know how we will survive for a day without them. Who? the opposite of what that lady says. Do not be the sheep to that fake Shepard. 👏🏼👏🏼 Kim, you’ve posted sponsored stories justifying the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. Do tell us more about misinformation, especially when you’re rich enough to silence the poor. StopHateforProfit

That's no punishment. That's actually a blessing. Especially with any of the KarTRASHians. Kim doing us a solid KimKardashian yes, the hate toward Trump is insane by the MSM twitter & dems. BLM is a Marxist race hating group as is antifa Whocares! Peace at last. 👏🏼👏🏼 Kim, you’ve posted sponsored stories justifying the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. Do tell us more about misinformation, especially when you’re rich enough to silence the poor. StopHateforProfit

...she'll still be married to Kanye the day, so much for that stunt. 👏🏼👏🏼 Kim, you’ve posted sponsored stories justifying the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. Do tell us more about misinformation, especially when you’re rich enough to silence the poor. StopHateforProfit

Hey Kim, when you silence nearly a million Azerbaijani refugees with a sponsored IG post for the Armenian lobby, does that count as propaganda? StopHateforProfit One whole day. MmmHmm Powerful words, Kim!👏🏼 When you use political propaganda to whitewash Armenia’s ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh, does that count as misinformation? StopHateforProfit

I’m underwhelmed Hey Kim, so propaganda is ok when you’re the one spreading it on behalf of the Armenian lobby, to whitewash Armenia’s military occupation of Karabakh, Azerbaijan? StopHateforProfit Hey Kim, where does your moral stance on misinformation disappear to, when you openly support Armenia’s illegal military occupation of 20% Azerbaijan?StopHateforProfit

Hey Kim, where does your moral stance on misinformation disappear to, when you openly support Armenia’s illegal military occupation of 20% Azerbaijan?StopHateforProfit Hey Kim, where does your moral stance on misinformation disappear to, when you openly support Armenia’s illegal military occupation of 20% Azerbaijan?StopHateforProfit

One day... That's really big of them. What a sacrifice. Powerful words, Kim!👏🏼 When you use political propaganda to whitewash Armenia’s ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh, does that count as misinformation? StopHateforProfit Stunning,brave Yawn... Then they need to freeze , Hollywood far left actors, NBC, CBC, ABC, CNN and MSNBC and NFL, NBC, MLM sports who spread lies of systemic racism and hate of police and hate or the working man while they praise criminals who rape, rob and murder and attack Cops

Please do it forever 🙏 💖 And jenniferpadjemi I like how people dismiss Kim, but she's one celeb who actually gets meaningful stuff done. Well done. One Day🙄 Hate speech is determined to be hateful by the person that opposes that view. “Hate“ speech is the most important protected speech. Weakest virtue signal EVER.

Hey Kim, where does your moral stance on misinformation disappear to, when you openly support Armenia’s illegal military occupation of 20% Azerbaijan?StopHateforProfit This should put them on the Mt Rushmore of civil rights icons. Move over Rosa Parks and John Lewis! I think it is time for the common folk to stop the Hollywood Elite from determining who and what we see and hear. I unfollowed every celebrity on FB, IG and Twitter. Let them have that surprise. Same as Netflix. Abolish celebrityprivilege

This is hate and bullying- taunting school yard behavior- mean and sanctimonious- As if we care Just delete your accounts, Facebook is a commie run platform. Oh what will we do ?!?! 🤣🤣 Who cares These celebrities are doing way to much, like take it easy will ya? Who? Oh....ok Exactly what will this do? Who gives a flying fuq what they think or do?

Consider me NOT influenced by the influencers. 🙄 🤣🤣🤣🤡 And amazingly the hate speech and miss information will drop by 80% on that day. Now wee just need thesetodo the same CNN washingtonpost CBSNews ABC etc... Who cares? Freeze it FOREVER. YOU ARE NOBODY AND NO ONE NEEDS YOU Her life is full of misinformation she should freeze herself first

How much hate speech do we have to spread for her to stay away forever ? StopHateForProfit Lmfao. Wow, how brave of them! An entire fucking day The sacrifice!! So brave 😂😂😂 bravery So brave Kim should start with freezing out her husband. Hey Kim, where does your moral stance on misinformation disappear to, when you openly support Armenia’s illegal military occupation of 20% Azerbaijan?StopHateforProfit

Mark Ruffalo is probably one of the nastiest, hate-filled, ill-informed actors of them all. What a phony! Have you ever listened to the hateful crap he says? Good grief. And no one cares I love how these 'celebrities' make it all about them, just to be in the 'news'. Idiots. We don't give 2 shits about these people, they certainly wouldn't give us the time of day.

They should take a year or two, really show them That will show them alright All they had to do was ask the FakeNewsMedia to take rest of year off Problem solved Wow, did they learn that from KingJames ? 'I think I will protest and stay home from work for a day. That will show them'. 'But maybe not more than one, they may find out that I'm irrelevant'.🤣🤣🤣

who gives a fucking shit Hey Kim, where does your moral stance on misinformation disappear to, when you openly support Armenia’s illegal military occupation of 20% Azerbaijan?StopHateforProfit So brave.... How brave Lol ONE DAY One day ? Lol When will they learn they really are of no consequence to every day people. They could drop off the face of the earth and guess what we common folk will still live.

FUCK I DON'T CARE Well if NBC News, WaPo, and NYT would stop posting there these people wouldn't have to do this. Not sure this matters. Do people really follow them? Good bye and good riddance, please do not reactivate your account. That’s good So brave Why not a month? 🌷🌷🌷🌷 Hey Kim, so propaganda is ok when you’re the one spreading it on behalf of the Armenian lobby, to whitewash Armenia’s military occupation of Karabakh, Azerbaijan? StopHateforProfit

Hey Kim, where does your moral stance on misinformation disappear to, when you openly support Armenia’s illegal military occupation of 20% Azerbaijan?StopHateforProfit 1 whole day!? 🙄 👏🏼👏🏼 Kim, you’ve posted sponsored stories justifying the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. Do tell us more about misinformation, especially when you’re rich enough to silence the poor. StopHateforProfit

Hey Kim, when you silence nearly a million Azerbaijani refugees with a sponsored IG post for the Armenian lobby, does that count as propaganda? StopHateforProfit Powerful words, Kim!👏🏼 When you use political propaganda to whitewash Armenia’s ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh, does that count as misinformation? StopHateforProfit

Ice Age that shit. Who? The world would be a much better place if they did this on a permanent basis. One day 👎 ✌️-out! Who cares... Freeze.. just delete the thing! Um, and why should I care. Better yet, why would they think what they do matters? Who cares How narcissistic 🙄 .. close it for good, would be a much better idea

Hey KimKardashian , when you silence nearly a million Azerbaijani refugees with a sponsored IG post for the Armenian lobby, does that count as propaganda? StopHateforProfit An entire day! That makes a statement. TheGovtCheese And what 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Wasn't she the one that used political propaganda to whitewash Armenia’s ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh? StopHateForProfit - does this tag say nothing to her ?

No No please NOOOOOOO, ok make it forever you attention whores 6 weeks would be better. 1 day That’s it SO! Hey Kim, where does your moral stance on misinformation disappear to, when you openly support Armenia’s illegal military occupation of 20% Azerbaijan?StopHateforProfit And.. We don't give a shit!! Why bother? 24 hours later robreiner and BetteMidler will still be there...🙄

Powerful words, Kim!👏🏼 When you use political propaganda to whitewash Armenia’s ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh, does that count as misinformation? StopHateforProfit 👏🏼👏🏼 Kim, you’ve posted sponsored stories justifying the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. Do tell us more about misinformation, especially when you’re rich enough to silence the poor. StopHateforProfit

👏🏼👏🏼 Kim, you’ve posted sponsored stories justifying the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. Do tell us more about misinformation, especially when you’re rich enough to silence the poor. StopHateforProfit Powerful words, Kim!👏🏼 When you use political propaganda to whitewash Armenia’s ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh, does that count as misinformation? StopHateforProfit

No body cares!!!! Hey Kim, where does your moral stance on misinformation disappear to, when you openly support Armenia’s illegal military occupation of 20% Azerbaijan?StopHateForProfit How virtuous OK CNN, NBC, MSNBC. ABC now it's your turn! 😂😂😂😂 Wow what an impact that will have, NOT. 🤣🤣 How into themselves and their image are these people.

Powerful words, Kim!👏🏼 When you use political propaganda to whitewash Armenia’s ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh, does that count as misinformation? StopHateForProfit Just DeleteFacebook Really happy to hear they won't be spreading hate for once. Who gives a shit? 👏🏼👏🏼 Kim, you’ve posted sponsored stories justifying the illegal occupation of Azerbaijan by Armenia and ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijanis in Karabakh. Do tell us more about misinformation, especially when you’re rich enough to silence the poor. StopHateForProfit

The self rightousness is legit laughable , who could possibly care ! One day , lmao , just go away for ever please America is listening, politics aside. Tell America What you know? And your point is? Who cares... not relevant to any of us Maybe they should freeze the democrat party for the same reasons. Apparently , hate speech is only in Hollywood! All those people should stop lying and tell people the truth!

An entire day!?! Are they all CRAZY? As if 2020 wasn't insane enough 😯 This might just be the final nail.. playing with fire, the lot of them. Scary, scary times. Lol. Why would anyone follow those idiots anyway. What a sacrifice. Imagine what they could accomplish if they did it for an entire weekend

Congrats I guess? 😂 ☝️ Why not freeze your accounts permanently, so we can end 'hate' altogether? That ought to do it. Is only about hate speech sent to them? 👮‍♂️🗽🇺🇸 So kimmy high highjacks this too? Parasite “ Freezing “ which doesn’t mean deleting. It’s a publicity stunt. They will unfreeze them soon. Guaranteed. Man up and DELETE them.

A whole day. Such commitment. Whelp..😏👇. KimKardashianUK MarkRuffalo One day. As if. Won't be missed. So stupid. Oh boy. Now that's really sending a message. Honestly is this news. Over privileged celebrities “freezing their social media”!!! I actually find that really offensive that they think they’re that important. THEY ARE NOT!!! MarkRuffalo thought more of you than this mate 🤦🏻‍♂️

Wow! So much self discipline!! 24 hours? Maybe some democrat clown will write a memoir about this heroic action....🙄 Wow! A whole day?! Can't wait for the changes that come from that 🙄 Good they should stay off longer... bunch of uneducated hypocrites Make it a permanent freeze; THAT would be newsworthy!

But there will be several days of Press releases prior to the... 1 day of silence... Gee one whole day? Must be out of their service area at some exotic island. Perhaps over by that Epstein fellow's island? Lmdao no one cares. These people are sick and irrelevant. It's such a great thing that they do this in a country where freedom of speech is aloud and some of us can go prison just because someone doesn't like what we say. Spoilt much.

Bahahahaha wow one whole day - the torment 😂🤣😂🤣 Yeah, that will fix it. Who cares? I say FUCK CELEBRITIES! Boycott Facebook 👎 A whole, that’s powerful, SAID NO ONE EVER! Kim should spend her time seeking help for her husband... KimKardashian you should end your Facebook account permanently and do something to save your country esp considering your sicko spouse and his contemptuous use of his own suffering people

Thank you all for your sacrifice. This shall not be forgotten 😒 How will they bear the deprivation? They might need therapy. '...for an hour.' One whole day? Wow their commitment is extraordinary I'm sure hateful people will respond positively to this. Airbrushed Kim and her quest against misinformation....

it's ok with me, i don't follow elite trash anyway But the hate is coming from their side? 😂😂😂😂 Personally I think they are “freezing” because they had their bottoms hanging out. Just saying. Lmao. And what's their idea of misinformation? 😂 But I know... logging off for a day is soooooo hard. If they would stay off the disinfo they spread would be eliminated

What about a month ! How is that 😳 LillianVikingDK Hey Kim get your hubby to freeze his insane attempt to cheat to help trump win again! Now there’s something to really protest!! gg boys this is how we end hate speech Or you could have supported Elizabeth Warren who wanted to hold these companies accountable for what they allow on their platforms.

Who cares Wow a whole day Zuckerberg will surely change his business model now Thankyou Kim Kardi Balls McWest Who cares.. I go days without using it Why no news story for me I hope they freeze them forever because they are irrelevant Gosh. Gee. Now ask us if we care Ok And that matters to the rest of the world how exactly?

Freeze them forever yeah because stepping away from Facebook & Instagram for 24 hrs sends a powerful message. OH can we ever survive? Wow... talk about people who have an over-inflated opinion about their opinions... So? That should help. Now, if they can get the rest of the reality ignorant idiots to follow suit that would fix it. For a day.

That will change everything!!! BYE!! BEST DAY EVER!!! Which day Trump2020 I just love it when demons virtue signal like they are Puritans. HYPOCRITES! If people who spread hate speech and misinformation on those platforms freeze their accounts, I predict a decrease in the spread of hate speech and misinformation on those platforms.

Oh no! What will we do? When does that 24 hours start or did we miss it? Ugh! KimKardashian you can do so much more...for instance, how about keeping your hubby on his meds. Who cares, I don't follow them. Dear Hollywood We don’t care Just delete Facebook Well I suppose there are so many naked pics you can post before the entire world before even a titanic ego gets bored of their own naked body.

To protest censorship? I hope so. Such sacrifice! What’s hate speech? These people are idiots, nobody cares. ProPatriot122 Oh, whatever will we do? wringing hands Pssst. The droids you are looking for? MSM. NO ONE CARES Ahhhh this will be a good day Wonderful! It will be peaceful without them👍 And this is mainstream media ? Lazy

Holy shit that's almost 25 hours!!!! Who cares Why just one day? Keep it going. Finally! they've ended hate speech by virtue signalling So brave In other news paint is wet until it dries. who cares? LOL! Just LOL. I almost regretted seeing this, until I saw everyone's comments 🤣😂🤣😂 Who fucking cares A whole day. Ouch! MarkRuffalo KimKardashian

Next Theyll be back who cares A whole day? How will I ever live thru it? Life as we know it is over! Oh please! If they gave a damn at all, they would permanently delete their accounts. Such hypocrites! Hate speech = Liberals Misguided Info = Liberals Censorship = Liberals Liars = Liberals But good try, NoOneCaresAboutCelebritiesAnymore

But yet are they calling out the president of the USA about it The self importance these people believe they have is hilarious. No one cares That'll do it... Who cares if they freeze everything?.🙄.they really think they are that special ..Right😁? They think 1 day is enough? Lol The silence will be welcomed.

ProPatriot122 Thank you Jesus lol one day gives the game away. Lol For one day... I thought you supported DT? Aww, NBC News, you're making that up. There's no such thing as 'misinformation'. I’ll try to notice. One day 🤦🏾‍♂️ these people Oh brother..... Oooh, we shiver at the thought of self-Important people trying to be relevant

Do the rest of 2020 Who are these people, and why should we care? WGAF Expose this! Covid manufactures on purpose in lab!! What a super hero Wow, one whole day? How brave. Just one day Oh I think we need more time, we haven't learned our lesson yet.🤣🤣🤣 Oh no! How will I ever live? Please say it ain't so!

So courageous. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Go ahead, preferably longer 🙏❣️ OMG! They're willing to do that for 24 hours just for us?! How about just deleting them, fake ass people anyway Such bravery They should just shut them down permanently. The world would be a better place. Hahahaha. Ruffalo is guilty of it, so that makes sense 😏

They are freezing and want us to freeze the use of fb and Twitter because Durham indictments are coming for Obama’s DOJ/FBI and big tech and media want to keep us hoodwinked. They admit they’re the problem? So the day‘s not a total loss. They spreading hate and misinformation left all the time. They can’t fake it for a day. They should close their accounts forever If they want to make a lasting difference.

...and the whole world clapped & cheered with tears of joy. Hallelujah let’s extend that freeze FOREVER!!!! The bubble these people live in must be impenetrable if they seriously think we give a sh$t. Pathetic. Who's in the right mind still uses fecesbook at all? One whole day? Wow....the world will stop 🙄

And I’m “freezing” my accounts to protest purple Saturn moon sparkles. Since we are protesting things that aren’t real. so these clowns are going to determine what is misinformation or are they throwing their propaganda WakeUpAmerica Student Gets OWNED After Calling Constitution Racist! via YouTube Imagine how much good they could do if they stfu forever.

That will stop it 😂😳 Black Protesters Beg White People known as Antifa/Black Lives Matter and Liberas/Democrats to Stop Destroying Public Property! via YouTube 'one day' Stunning and brave. This will save the world. 😆 Great, they have nothing to say. Gosh... what will we do without a steady stream of bathroom ‘selfies’ and delusional, egotistical celebrity rants? Guess we’ll just have to talk amongst ourselves... 🙄

Celebrities are boring. Or they could deactivate their accounts indefinitely if they really wanted to make a statement Who cares What about your sick husband trying to siphon votes illegally? Well at best it will send a message to their millions of fans who might decide to follow suit or at least get them to think about the issue... which can only be a good thing.

I say try 2 months. Why stop with a day? I'm sure I won't notice... did it already happen? Oh wait, don't care. We like to laugh at them not with them. They won’t be missed I can promise you that. Don’t care... I feel like KKW could have a greater impact by freezing her marriage. Maybe they could delete their Facebook/Instagram accounts entirely, or make them private.

stupid 24hs without facebook and instagram? Hang in there man, the world is counting on you in this brave endeavor. MarkRuffalo Imagine being that self centered.. Wow! What a sacrifice! What selfless heroes. Thank you. 1 day isn’t enough KimKardashian MarkRuffalo do 1 year So what?! Oooh they should do it for a year. That might work

Can't they do it for more than a day? I could really use a bigger break from their hate speech. Wow, a whole day! You guys are killing it! 😂😂😂 Wow. That ought to do it. Did we miss it already? Like anyone gives a shit! Nooooooooooooooooooooo No one cares This really outta do it For a whole day? go girl

Feel free to make that permanently!!!! 😂😂 how very galant of them! This cracks me up! A reality star talking about spreading misinformation holy fuck... We don’t give a fuck. Objectivity - Google it. Some of us are not fooled. Ooops, misspelled bored! Years ago. Really statesman actions. 🙄 If they mattered, they wouldn't have to announce it. Rich Hollywood Capitalist Hypocrites

Do you care? So brave So incredibly brave of them. They are not hero’s. WHO GIVE A SHIT WHAT CELEBRITIES DO there not special WomanWhoHasAll Millionaires take a day off from social media. Kim, is Kanye going to take a day off from literally trying to destabilize the country? The cult of celebrity is becoming less and less relevant. Don’t take a day off to ignore the hate speech. Fight it every day!

What a “sacrifice” by KKHOfficial 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤪🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Good riddance! 👍🏻 One day? Thanks! One day... O. M. G. What will I do to get through the day? How can I survive this? ONE WHOLE DAY? 🙄 Damn the entire 24 hours how will the USA make it through the full 24 hours. Call President Trump and demand a national crisis be declared

KimKardashian can you freeze your co-star, I mean husband for one day instead? please 😂😘😂 she needs to freeze her hubby’s account! That would be a start!! Who gives a 💩. Freeze them forever One Day? Wow PadsFan4Ever Kim K should delete her profile. Freezing for one day doesn’t do shit. Congratulations. I'm sure it will be a smashing success. Probably Mark Zuckerberg's greatest fear since birth.

Who the hell is Mark Ruffalo? One day? LOL Omg those poor selebrities, my heath goes with them a whole day, I can't wait for them to come foward and tell us how horrible their experience was, and how much of a change they made world wide..... 😒 Who fucking cares Oh no, what am I gonna do?!?😭 WOW. That is just amazing. A WHOLE day? Whew!

They are freezing their social media accounts for 1 day because equality. I just threw up in my mouth. True Sacrifice... Black Square Dolts I just about die laughing when I see shit like this. Are 'celebrities' so f*cking arrogant that they think this is somehow going to change anything? Their self-absorption is stunning. And they wonder why Oscar viewership hits record lows each year.

Let me know when they're done... Nevermind I just remembered I don't care Stunning and brave that’s all I have to say Nobody fucking cares. Who? Who cares!!! MY GOD!! What an earthshaking contribution to society. They all deserve internet Purple Hearts for their sacrifices. If only I were so brave. Lol one day? Lol

There is no such thing as “hate speech” only Free Speech. Should freeze it to sho that asshole Z that we’ve had enough of censorship A whole day. Not all heroes... 😐 Wow! One day! More time for magazine photo ops! And that does what? Are they going on tour So I’d be just as happy if they never returned. Oh my. They’re like super cereal, for realz, y’all....

Ummmmm... So what?Trump2020Landslide Just for one day? Its called 'out of touch with reality' syndrome Ol. Gi. No. Wow! , no social media for 1 whole day. What a contribution to humanity. Could they make it permanent Lol No one cares! I can’t stand her husband! One day is a good start, but is it really enough? What about until there is no hate speech, ever? They could take a vow of silence while they are at it? Hunger strike? Hold their breath?

Message for all 'celebrities' Thanks for the “news”? Who gives a F?!!! Oh well So brave. Stunning. I don't know if their protest will do anything about hate speech, but freezing their accounts might help to stop the spread of stupidity. Virtue Signaling detected. MOST of the time when I reply with a ‘lol’ or ‘lmao’ I’m not really doing that. But right now? This tweet? I just woke the whole damn house up just as we were falling asleep. THAT is the funniest headline I’ve ever seen for a non-parody account. Awesome. 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

Kim should get a handle of her; off the wall hubby. Kanye is part of the misinformation. VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Who fucking cares? Ok Karen I'm sure that will help. OH MY GOD!! With the China Virus, Democrat Liberals rioting and torching their own cities, massive fires out west... don’t forget the hurricanes down south... why oh why, do celebs think we care if they are freezing” their Acct for a day. Tone deaf millionaires. Nothing worse!!

One. Whole. Day. And we care why What part of the world is going to stop if these clowns halt their social media accounts for ANY length of time? So brave🙄😷 I thought they already did. These two are the true heroes. So brave. I’m speechless at the courage here. 👏 👏 Bravo A WHOLE day? They won’t be missed

Feh! Bye Make it permanent Very impactful. Well there you have it folks, problem solved A whole fucking day. Best of luck to them. I hope they make it. This is heroic, and so useful....will this tweet get banned as misinformation? Definitely. We are devastated 🤡 They spread it How utterly meaningless Who cares what soy celebrities think? They should delete their SM accounts altogether and spare us their snooty snide elitist comments.🙄🤔

make it permanent I have done so completely. One day means nothing. This is news? This is newsworthy in any way NBC - this story is for Entertainment Tonight only. 🙄 No one cares So they need to stop posting hate speeches and misinformation! Must be listening to . For ONE DAY? Wow, what a will they ever survive.

Bass no one cares!!! Guess since I don't care what they have to say, I don't follow them. I wouldn't know they were freezing, and won't miss a thing. Funny what you think is news!😢 One day? Wow. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Thank you, , for reporting this shocking development. On a related topic, please consider “freezing” all future stories like this until the end of time.

One day? How about protesting misinformation forever by never posting again? CNN should hop on this train. And anyone care because? 😂 KimKardashian What a martyr. A whole day?!? WOW! That will change social media.. not! One whole day? Wow Nothing's coming up. How 1900's.. haha If they really wanted to make a point, they'd delete their accounts so we wouldn't have to hear their imbecilic rubbish again.

1 day? How spectacularly underwhelming. Less smut then. MarkRuffalo is someone on Twitter who spreads 'Hate Speech.' What Mark means by 'Hate Speech' is, speech he doesn't like. If these great actors want to be taken seriously; they need to STOP lecturing, and start leading by example. But that's NOT what this is really about ...

'Hate'has become a word for an argument they cant win,so sick of words taking on diff meanings.I see so much real hate on the left its insane,they LITERALLY want trump supporters dead and they think thats moral and good,very few will defend you They are definitely getting paid by some leftist organization.

Oh Woooowww!!!! 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Why do they continue to think we give a fudge what they do? Their ego’s are much bigger than than their followers. For one whole day, wow. Thank you for that riveting & important news story you brought to the world. How do you do it? Boycott all companies listed Can you make it a year? Tired of seeing her ass

Oh god no, please tell me it’s just a bad dream! If you freeze those accounts for a day I’m looking for a widow to jump out of!!!! Good, maybe the media companies will start censoring anti-conservative contents the same as they fo pro-conservative and Anti-Democrat content. I know. But still I dream. HOLY SHIT!!.......HOW WILL I LIVE MY LIFE NOW! 🤷‍♂️

Maybe she should freeze her husband who is helping spread misinformation and hate speech. Stop the presses!!! Be whole day?!?! Nooooooo. Can’t be true. I was being sarcastic Such sacrifice... A whole day? Wow. One whole day? What a sacrifice. One day. That oughta' do it. Oh my god, more good news. First the peace agreement in the Middle East and now peace and quiet on FB & Instagram for an entire day?! 🥳 I think a week would really get people’s attention. They consider at least a week off.

Okay bye!! Oh well done then. That’ll definitely work Please do. There will be less hate speech if you do. 😂Bitches😂 My daughter used to threaten to hold her breath too, but she grew up. She’s not a celebrity.. and who listens to these people? Mark Ruffalo the biggest liberal.. ugh.. Who really cares? 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

One whole day.... how will they do it Oh my god they are so brave! Hate speach isn’t real Yeah, that'll help. Smh Wow, I'm so upset ... NOT. Don't give a damn what celebrities say or do. They support the criminals, not the victims. They don't support law/order. They don't support those who've lost everything to the Dem mob. They're a waste of space.

So noble of them. Who cares? Freeze your accounts. We won’t miss your vapidness😂 MarkRuffalo KimKardashian Is that Cher? Ohhh man for a whole ass day? They are serious Do you actually think ppl are this hard up for idiotic news On my!! Whatever shall we do?!!... I must run in circles and gnash my teeth

Good we are tired of seeing over paid celebrities telling us how to feel or think! How about one decade? BYE!!!!!! They could delete. Just saying. And no one cares. If they really want to reduce the spread of hate speech and miss information. They would stop lying and spreading hateful ideologies. In doing so, they are actually preventing the spread of hate speech and misinformation.

So brave 🙄 Buh bye Oh lord, how will the world survive Lol! Well, I never would have known if she had not told me! So brave... Who gives a 💩. 😂😂😂😂 Keep it frozen Oh good, more celebrities telling me what to think and what parts of the constitution are ok. Like we give a care Only one day though? Good Oh, say it ain't true. How will they ever survive? 24 hours? Oh, the humanity!

Maybe KimKardashian could focus on stopping her husband from being 2020's Jill Stein, a pawn of Putin and soulless Republican operatives, instead of making token gestures that do NOTHING to halt the death spiral of our once-great nation. FORCED HYSTERECTOMIES, KIM. Thanks for your services 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Wow a whole day. Amazing We should shut down Facebook for good. Now that would be a real statement. Then Fox News. “One day” they can’t even do a week? Month? People take these clowns seriously And LITERALLY no one cared. Spell is broken. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 But at this point,what does it really matter?

Who cares! Oh wow!!! For ONE day. 🙄 Bold. Brave. Fearless. Modern day Normandy. Wow! What a GREAT sacrifice these celebrities that no one gives a shit about their opinions are making! I stand in awe of them. So Is this your idea of news? So that is news, but the fires (arson) and all the Dem mayors and governors being caught out doing crimes, not news?

Get rid of them jokers freeze?! Wow! How will we survive? Is Ruffalo still alive? No one cares I closed my FB acct forever. Be like Herb Lol, not all heroes wear capes, right! 🤦‍♂️ Oh shit, where am I going to get my daily fix of Mark Ruffalo content?! 😂😂😂👋🏼👋🏼 Elites Well that will crush Zuckerberg like a bug.

so brave Why stop at one day? And? I don’t follow any of them nor do I care about any of them. One day?! That’s so generous. 😂 Maybe they will delete YEARS OF TWEETS like tomhanks just did! Sounds fishy to me........... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏼🇺🇸❤️ big deal! delete They needed you to print this because no one would notice otherwise.

Just for one day? Bet you they can’t even last that long. Reminds me of when they said they’ll be moving to Canada publicity ratings attentionseekers lookatme Got it Go ahead and freeze them for a week. A month. Year. FOREVER. We don’t care about you. I did that back in June. A little late to the party.

She can retire with Trump,it's time to get quality programs.and clip the reality yuck the trashy television for dimbulbs Imagine being so out of touch to think this is impactful. So ? Only one day? Pathetic, do better. I'm glad they are admitting that they are the ones who spread misinformation and hate speech. Admitting is the first step.

OMG, stop the presses, how will the world survive. Breaking news comrade. Don't want hate, shut down the left. lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Whatever will we do? What an incredible sacrifice 😂 Stunning and brave... 'Hate speech' = literally anything they disagree with One day? Big whoop We don't care... Celebrities are now insignificant.

Who gives a shit. Thanks for the news! So. No one cares what they say anyway Wow!!! That’s huge!!!🤮 😂 WHO CARES! They’re the ones spewing hatred & misinformation. Maybe if they told the truth people would see them for what they really are 🤷🏻‍♀️. Soulless money hungry humans... Meanwhile kanyewest is going on a tweet storm on Twitter.

MarkRuffalo KimKardashian So brave So powerful, so stupid. Oh my goodness. One whole day! Can you imagine? Who is Kim Kardashian West and Mark Ruffalo? Unreal. What’s next? Peace in the Middle East? The very least Attention celebrities Is that suppose to upset people? Nobody cares Great now can they do that forever?

One day?! What a pathetic protest! ummmm....who cares? Will you do the same...stopping the spread of FakeNews ? O thank you wise ones I say freeze your accounts forever!! You won’t be missed. Trump2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Oh good. They finally see what the leftists are doing!!! 😂

The only hate speech and misinformation is coming from the left! Glad to see them on the right side of things 😉. Feel free to freeze your accounts forever 🤣 Oh brother. The country is burning and they’re freezing their sm?! I’ll try to make this as plain as I can: No. One. Cares. One day gives her attention. A month makes a statement.

Whoa!! Such sacrifice! DAs!! Yeah, dont care Ohhhh Shit now they didn't !!! 🤹 One whole day , how we live without them? Can you freeze forever you cry-babies? No one will notice or give a damn. Good, I bet it will help stop if they’re not contributing Well that will make a difference. What a sacrifice That’s a big nothingburger.

This deserves a big eye roll KimKardashian and the rest of no talent bunch should be frozen. Nobody cares. Congrats, you made yourself a multimillionaire by brain washing 13 year old girls. Your a criminal too. You just do it in a different way. Adults aren’t fooled. I guess you have a procedure scheduled?

Lol like that’s going to help That will do it. you wont be hearing from them too often and most of the celebrities this Pandemic is causing all kinds of problems and they may be in fear of losing there fame and become one of us again Lmao! Only one day? Protest for a month. OMFG, wait who? and who ever posted Malaria Trump has won the internet today!!!

Wow what sacrifices they are making. Who gives a rats ass. Wow! What a sacrifice! Who are those people? And ONE whole day, ooh!!! How much do we care? I don’t really care, do u? Real sacrifices being made. Whatever Subjective terms. More power to them, but freezing their own accts won't teach anyone anything.

DOES ANYONE GIVE A CRAP? I mean who cares? Honestly no one would miss you if u disabled them permanently.... Social media is for the people to socialize... Actors dont socialize they just show boat... O M G And who the hell cares!?!? Yawn Yawn Yawn Fart Good lol at one day. make it a month cowards Does this mean they are taking a day off from tweeting hateful things?

Ohhh the 12 year olds will be soooo upset. Stunning and brave At least it will be one day without hate speech and misinformation. Please, longer than one day. Steffany517 LOL! Those who promote it now condemn it? Whup dee doo!! Didn’t Ray Jay make her famous? ❄️ One day ought to do it. trailblazers Wow one day.

Well, they are run by liberals, so that shouldn't be surprising., I can assure you my life will not be effected 🤷‍♀️ The egos on these people is astonishing!! You need a doctor, you might need a plumber, you need teachers, but NOBODY ever needs this band of dimwits. So they are going to take the hate out by removing themselves.

Can they do this for ever? She should start at home with her husband. VoteBlue Vote 2020Election They’re so brave 😍 So they're not left enough for them? They are dead to me. And who really cares? K Nobody cares Dems have so much hate, nothing is stopping their daily triggering Real vague and unspecific. Convenient Livestock

Please do it FOREVER. Thanks. Why don't they just delete their accounts forever, no one would miss them anyway. Hollywood MarkRuffalo A whole day, huh? 🤔 Oooh bigSacrafice. Always symbolism over substance smh deletefacebook deletefacebooknow You can live without it. I promise you. Your pictures can be stored somewhere else. You’ll be just fine without Facebook. Get rid of it.

Chile🙄 I think it’s a great idea. It’s gotta start somewhere. Please stay off permanently I do recall their father had the OJ trial relocated resulting in an alleged murderer going free Uh, okay. 🙄 You’d have to cut off a hell of a lot of celebrities to make a significant dent in hate speech. Like Bette Midler, whatshername with the severed Trump head, Rob Reiner, Michael Moore, etc.

Oh wow... yay you !!!🙄🙄🙄KimKardashian MarkRuffalo Care factor lol How will we ever survive?!! One whole day? OMG how will we survive one day without prancing condescending celebrities. Oh wow. 🙄👎🏻 SO WHAT Please tell me it isn't true. That is a national tragedy. I won't be able to get through the day without their wise words and photos on Facebook and Instagram. 🤣🤣

“For one day” So without these celebrities posting shit on there, there will in fact be a difference in terms of misinformation!! Online Activism at its finest. 😆 So brave. One day only? Please Freeze them forever. Boo hoo no one will miss them 😂😂 It won’t stop liberals. Wow. This is almost as deep as an “awareness ribbon”.

Who cares. This isn't news! This is great news...celebrities have contributed to the collective cognitive decline of our country for day isn’t long enough. Such noble warriors. A whole 24 hours? Geez, that's all they can do?! And that’s important in what way None who fkn cares!!!! I’m ova f%kin whelmed.....

Wow. Who cares. Omg.... Will they be OK? So selfless. So who cares? How do you 'freeze' your account? Why don’t they delete there accounts . That’ll teach the little people a lesson. Who gives a shit? WOW what a sacrifice 👏👏👏 STFU Wow that is so powerful. With all your money and Outreach this is the best you can come up with

😂😂😂😂 They’re all hero’s. They’re so brave. They’re helping regular Americans .... oh wait. The enormous sacrifice by these people, stunning! Oh wow!! A whole day. Such bravery!!! What a sacrifice!! Pompous celebrities. They should probably just delete their accounts permanently if they want to help make the world a better place. ✌️

I’d nail her A Kardashian not seeking attention for one whole day?i don’t believe it. So brave. Oh!!! How bout a Wow, that is going to show....somebody. How will the world survive without hearing from that guy that plays The Hulk? So brave. Who gives a rats 🐀 ASS about this and for all I care, they can leave them frozen. Fuck, deleting them is better.

🙄 Can somebody explain to me WTF freezing IG and FB for a day is gonna do people are still gonna be on there talking bullshit they just won’t be on to see it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Who is that fat girl called KimKardashian KimKardashianUK kimkardashsarmy KimKlovers KimKardashianyu iFunnyTweettss LOL, no one gives a 💩!

Who cares Please plea no no God one day without them noooooo! - this world sucks really.. Is this a joke? That’ll show em! Please don’t let those white celebrities sing Imagine, again! I’m not sure which is worse. OMG this will have a bigger impact than the meteor that killed the dinosaurs 🦕🦖 Ratio 🤡 I'd expect more from MarkRuffalo tbh

Reminds of when Gandhi skipped breakfast once during India's freedom movement. Wow, one day.... Oh the sacrifices we make. To sound contradictory however, it just goes to show you how monetized these platforms are. I think they should do it for a month, that will really show us! Kim making a great sacrifice for one day? Her husband is trying to help Trump cheat at this important election! Is that hate speech on my part? 🤷‍♀️

Will they move to Canada? Why aren't theses celebrities getting the nobel peace prize? Please make it longer. Like a year or more? lol, FO 🙄 what.ever I’m not eating panda for a half hour to protest animal cruelty. I love this idea This made your news but the execution of NavidAfkari didn’t. Wow!!!!! Who gives a rat’s behind.

Wow! 1 day!!!! Not all hero’s wear capes folks And that will change...absolutely nothing. how about using your platform to tell your Followers to vote?!? Seem more effective. Profiles in Courage. If only JFK was around to add them to a second book. That’ll show em 🙄 Great how about permanently S T U N N I N G A N D B R A V E .

ONE DAY?!? Who are these people? How brave Oh boy. A whole day! 🙄 what a brave message these assholes are sending. Get real 🙄 So they're protesting against CNN, MSNBC, NPR, PBS and the rest of you leftist MSM types? Whatever. I don’t follow any celebrities on those platforms 🤷🏼‍♀️ Yoooo your husband!!!!! Freeze him before he gets to the sunken place.

How about deleting your accounts? Facebook is trash. Oh wow, what an amazing protest, so brave. How about those assholes say something about the two cops who were shot in the face? Fuck Hollyweird Duh! Buh bye, lard ass! 🤪 Fuck them. What ever will we do?!?!?! Uh so? Takes care of both Omg!!!! who cares lol

One whole day. Wow get ready for things to change! Close it for ever who fucking cares!! KimKardashian MarkRuffalo Seriously? One whole day Wow, way to commit. FB sucks. TikTok is where it’s at. Who cares? Seriously, who gives two fucks what they do.!?!? Change it to forever Wow how bold of her 🙄 Oh the humanity!

That's just cruel. The Hulk's social media is the lifeblood of my existence. How...dare...he? Freeze them for good who cares... 9fjake How to make $4000 a month on Fiverr by working just 8 hours a week Oh no! Anything but that /sarc Goodness, an entire day? This is unprecedented. Absolutely nobody cares. These “celebrities” are LOST

Who CARES🤮🤮 😂 Heroes every single one. We don't deserve them. One day. 😂😂😂 And we should all be grateful! Yeah that sounds really effective 🙄 If they were REALLY serious, they would cancel their accounts. PERIOD. they can't just like, ya know...delete their facebook? One single day. What a humbling sacrifice.

LOL Kim kardashian dies on the vine with no social media How about she freeze her husband out of the election? Oh and in Real news President Trump is securing peace in the middle east. Do they just hire anyone to do the nbc news Asking for a friend! KimKardashian and friends, have you watched the documentary called socialdilemma? On Netflix, it’s very eye opening to our addiction to social media

They should protest this way forever. That’ll show everyone. Just delete your account if you really want to make a statement! Oh wow we really don’t care! Big fuckin whoop There's literally no such thing as hate speech. It's just speech. Whether you agree with it or's just speech. MarkRuffalo KimKardashian Do you really think you have that much influence? Real change involves action not inaction. In your little ivory world you think you are royalty that masses will follow blindly, Stop down talking everyone no matter who and be an example

Oh please stop this nuttiness. The bravest shit I’ve ever seen Darn! No one gives a shit.. Only idiots would care So brave! I wonder what we common folk will do with out them. LiberalismIsAMentalDisorder Jeez. I sure hope the world can survive. Joke Great! See you later! Consider it long term. MAKE IT ONE MONTH. HOW ABOUT ONE YEAR. Let’s go back to old times when NOBODY needed FB I T

This is the sound of no one caring. Carry on. Ffs. Who with more than two brain cells gives a fcuk So brave! 🙄 LOL, these people really overestimate their importance. Most people won't even notice. How about just going away for ever!?! And why should I care about this? Make it for 10 years please Oh look, no fus to give

One WHOLE day? MAKE IT ONE MONTH. HOW ABOUT ONE YEAR. Oh how Brave Oh. No. What. Will. We. Do. Without. Them. One day because they'd lose their wealth status without social media. They need their followers to influence and SELL SELL SELL. I admire their capitalist prowess! Kanye says NEW SLAVES! Let them freeze it forever

Wait, a WHOLE day? As there is no such thing as 'hate Speech' it won't do them any good. Now if you want to stop the spread of political lies it would be great if the celebrities shut up. WOW!! What a sacrifice! Now control your husband, give him his drugs and KEEP his name out of the presidential race.

Can we actually freeze them? Yes, they're calling it 'A Day Without Morons' Translation....Kim K and others are providing a day of peace from their DAS 😱 Yawn Lol! Tell them to freeze them until I notice they are gone. Stunning. So Brave! 😂😂🤡🤡 OMG So generous and helpful!! How very Kartrashian! So Brave.

This'll change so much yall have no idea One day. One whole day For one WHOLE day If they donated a year income to struggling families, then their 'protest' would have meaning. I froze some salmon today. Doing my part against hate speech. We all should Stunning and brave. They have accounts ? Seems very codependent

Fearless giving all that up well done Why only one day. Why not just sign off completely. So... the vast Majority of these Narcissistic 'celebrities'🙄 who are the Very people who Spew the Hate Speech to begin with, are going to make it appear like they are Actually taking a stand Against the very acts that They So enthusiastically participate in Daily?!🤔🤨 GTFOH!😠

Heroes. 😴 Won’t stop me from thinking Kanye and Kim are complicit traitors. What a brave and important gesture! If only we all could be so sacrificial. CallieKhouri Boy how will we go on About time but yay Stunning and brave! Serious question. Who gives a flying fuck? If we continue to spread our “hate speech”, will they freeze their social media accounts indefinitely?

😅😀🤣 How about permanently? How in the world will they ever survive an entire day? What sacrifices they are making in the world 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 Amazing sacrifice I say freeze them forever! No one gives two shits what they think The bar is easier now due to the virus but she has no chance. Who?

How about for a year 🎉 Thank god we have people willing to sacrifice so little for the greater good Wow. How impressive 🙄 Maybe Kim Kardashian should spend her time getting her husband the mental healthcare that is long overdue. anthonydever Cool beans Delete your Facebook accounts, people. Ooo. Big deal.

One day? Big deal. If they really want to protest, they should freeze their accounts until after the election. Omg, what will I do with no KKW for a day. Yawn. Wow one whole day is really gonna show Zuck..🤦🏾‍♀️ I deleted my fb acct. 2 months ago. I dont know why I kept it as long as I did. I will try and live on!

Wow, way to lay it all on the line. So what 🤷🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ How very brave of KKHOfficial to freeze Facebook for a whole! 🙄 She could do more for society by stopping her husband from running this fake campaign for 'president.' We need more useless celebrities Ok 👍 so left wingers are protesting hate speech by other left wingers?

Is this their version of Black Out🤔 This is embarrassing And it will work. Most of the hate comes from the left. . . . can she, or Ruffy, give a few examples, of HateSpeech? Oh no. 24 hours!! What will we do!?!! Bahhhaaaa. Get over your inflated self celebrity’s. News flash, no one cares nor listens to you. You’re officially a has been. The whole ridiculous corrupt circus.

Lol. Feel free to freeze permanently Oh no... Good! We can all use a day without Kim. Please, no! I would never notice... cuz who really cares about them anyway I deleted my facebook account 4 years ago, wusses. Who are A whole day DELETE IT PERMANENTLY!! I suppose we're all supposed to praise them for this? GET BENT. They've relied on this sht to get and keep them famous. Delete your accounts, idiots. Then we'll ALL feel better.

Oh, no! Whatever will we do without their celebrity opinions? No one cares, why would anyone follow them. Oh please. An entire day?!!?!!?!?! Can it be more than one day 🙏🏼 How will I survive !!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Lol. Dumb. Who cares what a so-called “celebrity” does. 😂😂 Huge sacrifice, btw. Laughable, really. They are totally out of touch and irrelevant. Maybe CNN and the rest of the leftist propaganda msm will do the same. I’m looking at you,

DeleteFacebook it is the communication and propaganda arm of white nationalist domestic terrorists If only I cared. Lol. Ok? Who cares DeleteFacebook That’ll show ‘em! One full day without a few celebrities. What will we ever do KimKardashian Tell your husband to stop cheating trying to get into ballots for November, he's going to end up in jail. Hypocrite

🤗🤗🤗 Kim who? Why do they need Facebook anyway? Is this supposed to be some kind of sacrifice on their part? That’s pathetic! 🤬 That’s honestly dumb AF. How about sponsoring grassroots efforts for legislation and policy change? Why don’t they speak out regularly (looking at you Kim) against the lack of action on behalf of the tech giants? ....But I love me some Mark Ruffalo.

No one cares 🙄 these people must have the most racist thoughts all time.the only white people who feel guilty ARE guilty. I wish black and brown people would keep that in mind I need to know how hulk is coping Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! A WHOLE day One day? Ohhhhh the insanity Nooooooobbbooodddyyy cares Meanwhile, millions of us cancelled Facebook years ago.

Imagine thinking that will change anything Why stop at a day? We deserve at least 5 years! Heroes 😐 We really don’t care. MarkRuffalo is so f*cking weird I'm quaking in awe. BFD. why limit it to a single day? Oh yea, the $$$$$ One day is better than zero, I guess🤷‍♀️ Before she leaves let me, “use this government money to buy some land.”

Are you reporting this to mock them? It's futility and empty symbolism is the only thing 'newsworthy' about this piddling gesture. OK Kim! Why don't you stay on social media and post about all of the police killings that have been happening. Do something good with your life. One whole day One day? Wow, that'll show them.

I can't imagine caring. MAGA How does one 'freeze' an account for the day? Delete the app from their phones? Not post content for a whole day? What is the expected outcome of this protest? I understand performers perform...and this seems wildly performative. Lol Hope they bankrolled their $1200 stimulus checks. Wow what bravery and sacrifice

Wooowww, a whole day. These people SMH Kim K rocks! Seriously one of the most underrated and under appreciated people out there. A day without celebs on SM is like a bullshit free day! KingJames K Why just one day? Wow powerful..I wish more people had this courage What a joke Just one day? Try a little harder folks

This does nothing. Wow, how nice What will they do with their time Here's an idea maybe go volunteer that time at a charity and put it to good use. Can't wait to read about their successes once those 24 hours conclude. Can they do CancelNetflix as well while they are at it? Wow, what a sacrifice.. K One day? 😂

Oh Em Gee, People grow freaking moments of their life with your absence Who cares, they are insignificant in the grand scope of things. Celebrities are massive drama queens anyway. You mean like Kanye 'hate speech and misinformation'? And, one super long day, amirite? Who cares. Don’t follow them. No interest at all. Bye.

I call bullshit. How brave No one cares what celebs do. They have outworn their currency with any clear thinking American. Kim would be more helpful by taking her man’s phone away from him for a day. Oh yeah. One day will make a big difference. And we'll freeze out over slimy sexual content from the likes of the Kardashians

What heroes Well that should cut down the misinformation. One day? Weak as fuck. If they freeze their accounts and no one notices... were they really frozen? Wow! Such bravery! Is there a presidential medal for these kinds of heroics? A whole day without their Facebook or Instagram accounts?! Not all heroes wear capes. 😂

Wow...a whole day. What ever will they do with the time? Ok And? Will not be missed Where are they with the attempted murder of the 2 officers and the BLM protesters blocking the hospital shouting you can die. That hate is lefties. Please one day LOL. way to make a statement Pillars of strength I Don't Really Care Do You!!!!

They really should just delete their accounts if they are even half serious. Unless she’s telling her husband to GTFO of politics then IDC what she has to say. Thatll show em! pretentious Why do I not care? One day, in a row, wow. 🙄 I think 1 year would make more of a statement 1 whole day MarkRuffalo? SO? WE DON'T CARE! Be nice if Nazi news NBC would take a year or so off!

Lol. If anybody is upset or even affected by this, they should be embarrassed and ashamed. That should do it. So what! For one day? 🙄 worthless Don't freeze, close facebook. Ironic for accounts pushing out misinformation. 🙄 Oh. no. How will I make it thru the day? Hard Hittin’ news there. Pulitzer-worthy Who cares? Will make zero difference in my life. These people are just too impressed with themselves. 🤦‍♀️

How will I ever get through the day Leave $FB It’s a platform transpiring hate and anxiety throughout society. freeze your social accounts for 100 days- for number of times this black punk has been arrested. Racism will end when black people stop committing more crimes than other skin colors. sad, very sad.

And a roar of 'WHO GIVES AF!' can be heard across this great nation. SheIsBeauty101 A lot of that disinformation surrounds her husband’s bogus candidacy. She should tell her friend in the WH to resign. So brave. Who? How performative. Do these type of stunts have any impact with people? Omg!!! What will all the little people do

Only sycophants and the human suppositories we call the media will even notice them missing How ‘bout a week, c’mon! Wow. Big deal. Mark Ruffslo is one of the biggest offenders How about they freeze them a bit longer. What would we ever do without celebrities? Oh I know, get along with each other. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

If they had a set they’d delete their accounts. One day - JFC talk about self absorbed. Wish she would freeze it permanently! yawn They are the ones constantly promoting it. It’s about time they took a break from it. They're clearly asking for more censorship. I don't understand why Trump lets that lady into the White House.

One whole day? That’ll show Facebook. Oohh one whole day HEROIC only one day!?!? haha Oh wow. One whole day? That is insane! 🤦‍♀️ BREAKING NEWS A good day for Facebook Wow! Like we care what a load of shit, could they extend it for a year? OMG! This is very important! what a joy these folks won’t be online for a whole day. can they please do this for a whole year?

Nobody cares OMG, what will I do? Oh no, how will the world go on 😳 Who is Mark Ruffalo? I'm not sure how to explain this to those two, but normal Americans go weeks or weeks without going into Facebook or Instagram. Congrats? A DAY? Unless it's a month, don't even bother. “Bet you idiots can’t top the uselessness of the black square.” Celebs: “hold our beer.”

How woke While I think their idea is filled with good intention, one day won’t really do much for anyone. Spoiler Alert 🚨 * Nobody Cares One day doesn’t seem like much of a hardship? How about 2 weeks? They don’t like they can leave it, censorship isn’t gonna happen, because they call any opposing opinion hate speech.

Amazing sacrifice, so stunning and brave. Grow a pair. Move over D-Day heroes you have company Literally no one cares about these very stupid blowhards So... good Yawn But they'll still be here, right? The birthplace of hate speech. If MSM would follow suit, we could have at least one day without all of the hate speech and misinformation. Are Alyssa_Milano robreiner perlmutations etc. going to take a day off of hate speech as well?

celebrities say they are “freezing” their spread of hate speech and misinformation on their Facebook and Instagram accounts for one day to protest the spread of hate speech and misinformation on those platforms Officially the lamest, most meaningless protest ever. Whatever will we do? Aww, Precious Pump the breaks, people. Kneeling and rebranding syrup haven't been given enough time to work their magic.

How Brave That’s useless. So brave! Who the fuck cares Wow one day that is horse shit make a real difference do it for 90 days. Mark Ruffalo loves to throw out his own hate Pretty hypocritical One day? Stop making celebrities think they matter as much as people make them think they matter They could just block Kanye

Well considering some of them are the ones spreading the hate & misinformation, this is a good thing. Oh boo hoo Wow so powerful! I mean that says more then giving $millions away to poverty stricken people huh? Nobody cares, stay off forever. Wow, what an enormous sacrifice. 🙄 Good! Too much of both on there

No mention of the real dumpster fire - Twitter. 50 year old septic tanks have less crap. Hey, KimKardashian, et al, if you really want it to matter, delete your accounts and walk away. But you'd never do that. After all, $$$ before principles. How about making it permanent? Does that extend to no more photoshop for Kim’s Instagram posts? 🤔😂

The downward spiral circles in on itself. There is never so pure as to accomplish purity in subjective measures. The best you can do is strangle anything human. Oh no however will we survive 😢 Soooo Just one day? Take a stand and STFU forever. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 How will we all survive? Damn courageous of them. Definitely should be front page news. You know, that sanctimonious celebrities most ppl don’t care about are taking such a powerful stand against a disinformation campaign, of which they are integral useful idiots.

Freeze them forever PLEASE So for at least one day the hate speech and misinformation will be less than normal. Good please never come back Their BRAVERY is so extraordinary! They deserve a Nobel! Alyssa_Milano should be the first one to delete hers. Lol Haha priceless. Mark Ruffalo is one of the worst. Leftist lies matter.

I'll take Virtue Signaling for $500, Alex Sounds effective 🤣 And no one will give a shit Inspired me to not drink for one day for....... Global warming. Call out Racism. Womans suffrage. Animal abuse. Alcoholism. Oh.... that was AGAINST Animal abuse if that wasn’t clear. Omg. One day without Kim K......Whatever will we do ?!?!?!😱

Who gives a fuck what fakebook does? 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕 Who cares Lol I wish they permanently delete their accounts actually One whole day? Like, 24 hours? Wow... how will we ever survive 🙄 retweet How about a freeze until after the election, if they’re Really serious. Now cancel Netflix Yay!!! I see that there is no adjective for Kardashian. A nobody.

I love when the trash takes itself out. If FB, Twitter, YouTube are true platforms, then all speech is protected, even hate speech and misinformation. It is not the platform’s job to censor speech. DearGoodPeople And then they’ll stomp their feet and act real angry. Boycott Facebook! Because that’s going to make a BIG difference!

No loss from those liberal morons—and stop paying for rioters bail idiots! Whoopde fricken do!! Who cares! Can’t they just delete their accounts and leave us all alone😄 Can you please freeze it FOREVER? Just delete Facebook. iffycanfly Really, while KimKardashian's trainwreck of a husband is trying to rig the election, she's going to take a stand on misinformation?! GFY, Kim.

Twitter Suspends Account Of Chinese Scientist Who Published Paper Alleging Covid Was Created In Wuhan Lab I told you guys he wasn’t the best “Hulk”...🤦🏽‍♂️ Wow, one day!! You’d think with how these celebs makes you think that they are original thinkers and idea makers, they’d be able to stay off social media for more than a day!

1 day 😂😂😂😂 to freeze , 20 seconds to unthaw So Who cares? Just stay off. The world would be alot better. 😂😂😂😂😂 Who? If a tree fell in a forest, and when it fell it hit a mime, would anyone care? lang51b But not twitter🙄 Gurl we see thru you & your husband yawn. It should be to stop the censorship. Not enforce more Who decides what is hate speech? Will it be fair across the board?

No one cares!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤪🤪🤪🤪😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oooooooooooooo. Lol we don't care have fun.... Wow. One whole day? Powerful. If these celebrities are so concerned that Facebook is a platform for hate speech and misinformation, why are they using the platform? Freezing their pages for a whole day? How brave of them.

I'd have had no idea without an announcement. You all want to really help? why don’t you all freeze your social media accounts for a year or more... If you really want to take a stand, you should be deleting your accounts forever They'll be missed. Blame TheDemocrats for all their hateful speech. Can they do it longer, like forever to really show how committed they are and while they're at it, twitter accounts too?

Oh how will we live? So? Wow. So much being done. Wow. Just. Amazing Yet MarkRuffalo keeps thinking not sending a rescue team to Benghazi to try to save Americans and letting them suffer and die was OK with him. If Trump did what Obama did, Mark would mark Trump for death. So does that mean for that one day, hate speech will stop?

Like we care what they think Make it Permanent That is going to change the world so hard. 🌍 💥 MarkRuffalo’s silence for a day is like a gift from God. And I’m an atheist. Oh no....the horror. What will we all do now. Stunning and brave Best way to stop misinformation - get celebs and mainstream media to close their accounts for good

Speading hate, lies & replying to NBCNews...just throw in a bunch of ignorant weak, racists, killing innocent Americans & you get BLM & Antifa With political celebrities offline that WILL clear up the spread of misinformation - at least until they come back So they are throwing a hissy fit because others might disagree with them.politically. With NBC on board of course.🙄 NBC Nothing But Crap

🙄 How brave! Do you need to be rich to do this? One day.....hardly worth the about delete both? So brave. A whole day. Not good enough!!!! “Freeze” forever to show your REAL commitment to the cause! One day, Wow! Kinda like this hateSpeech against Americans? Funny when the actual haters think they are 'stopping the hate'

Oh no say it ain’t so. Oh no say it ain’t so😱 NBC 'News' Lol like anyone will miss them 😂 What is that going to do? Why just one day? One day? So bold. Delete your account for real change. Egyptianstyle11 Don’t care People are dying, Kim. Basically they are saying they are taking a day off from spreading misinformation on those platforms!

But will anyone notice, or care! You meant “their” platforms. Wow. This is right up there with Jane Fonda wearing a dress for a second time to an awards show. The bravery of these angels is stunning. Who cares? Ok. Next they'll post a black square for attention. 😂😂😂😂😂😂 this is Hollywood solving their worlds issues. That doesn’t do a damn thing 😂😂😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ 🤮

They should do it permanently Oh my gosh! How will I survive? Watch socialdilemma and make it permanent That'll solve it! 🤦🏻‍♂️ like an actual 24 hour day? Amazing bravery... So Freezing Facebook for 24 hours. What an enormous sacrifice by some brave Americans. 🤣🤣🤣 Well, that should do it. 🙄 🤷🏻 what ever shall we do?

I wouldn't have noticed if this hadn't been posted. Wondering who actually gives a shit. Thank you God. Now go away permanently and do us all a big favour. This is true. By censoring themselves they will help to stop the spread of hate and misinformation!!! AND THAT WILL DO NOTHING AND THIS HELPS HOW? CELEBRITIES ARE THE WORST AT HATE SPEECH

please freeze them forever. thanks, america Literally doing nothing but getting attention. So? Well. At least the world will be spared of their misinformation for one day. Who gives a fuck? Any one that follows them, needs to wake the fuck up How brave! Who the fuck cares. Let them. Wow so brave KimKardashian this is irony on par with Melania's initiative to stop bullying. Put your husband in a straightjacket and leave him in the basement for a few months.

Bold if true. Good, I'm tired of all the misinformation and hate speech on twitter - we should be focusing on the fact that white supremacist cops are literally hunting down and killing black people. ACAB So self indulgent Make it a week you two crazy kids!! Bye 👋 Thank you God. An answer to my prayers. Maybe that can make it permanent.

I'm crushed, maybe they could make it permanent. It's called free speech, just because you don't agree with it does NOT make it hate speech or misinformation. Get over yourselves. A day? So you're saying they really don't give a shit? The bravery of ruffalo, and all the while I was convinced he was a pvssy!

That should actually bring about the most non-hate speech day on Facebook in years, when all these leftists shut up for a day. Wow, these people are heroes! HEROES I SAY!! That should do it. Problem solved Ok bye. We don’t even live in the same world as these ppl on a day to day basis and it’s not starting today

They can delete their accounts too. Wow what an amazing sacrifice. MarkRuffalo doing this is ACTUALLY spreading hate speech It’s hate toward anyone that is not a RABID liberal. Hatred toward anyone that believes differently that you. Anyone who thinks as an individual hate speech/violence only come from one side and it’s not from the Right.

Lol day? 🤣🤣🤣 A whole day ! delete or gtfo Who cares 1 day! Big F'ing Deal! Although I'm sure it's torture for narcissist celebrities not to post every second of their existence. This is just to get more followers Greedy narcissists Buh bye!!! unbelievable bravery I farted bareassed on a rock once and it made more sense than this.

One whole day ! No one cares So brave!!! Just for one day? Haha change thankyoucelebsyouretherealheroes +1 to the guy that said no one cares Don’t know if I can make it 24 hrs without these two telling me how to live my life😂! I dare them to go a whole month. Wow, that helps a lot...not. Where is your head if you think that makes a difference? Strange indeed.

Do it for longer And what will that do exactly? Remember... hate speech it's not a real thing... it's just speech you don't like What a sacrifice. Wow! One whole day. The suffering they must be experiencing. so stunning and brave... How brave they are. Nobel peace prizes for all! Thank goodness, a day of peace from stupidity

What’s that going to do ? We probably all need to disengage completely from Facebook. It’s shameful how much false crap is spread . So much stunning. So much braving. Wow don’t go out on a limb or nothing You forgot You Tube.Take this individual for instance. Katey Robey (ms.wonderful is her YT name).She promotes racism,doxxing people,telling people to take their own lives,threatens to kill, bully’s sexual assault victims. And makes money while doing it.

DLP75902038 Wow one day. What a statement 🤣🤣🤣 This should do it. Good on them WHAT A SACRIFICE! I wish she would freeze her accounts forever Better block all media outlets as well as Twitter and yahoo and Google for all the same reasons Cowards. Leave the platform altogether. Big whoop. Next! One Day, wow why not 15 minutes.

Ruffalo, who lies constantly about Conservatives and Republican politicians, is welcome to freeze his social media forever. jimayello Brave. Idiots. But commendable that MarkRuffalo will stop spreading his own brand of hate for one day. Otherwise, a completely worthless gesture. Quick, everyone ramp up the hate speech and misinformation! We only got one day out of it. We must do better!

Do Kim Trumpdashin uses her platform for trump n husband Kanye to influence voters One day? That's ridiculous. Take a month at least. But, it interrupts revenue for them. One whole day? How will I ever get by without brainless posts about day to day lives of multi millionaires? Please say it isn't so because my life is so hollow without Celebrity gossip! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Why not freeze them until there is positive action? 🤔 Total heroes for this one and they think that will help!! idiots!! This will reduce misinformation for one day. Why is this news? DeleteFacebook OH NO!! What will we all do OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is over.............. WHO GIVES A FUCK.!!!!!!!!!! Why don’t they delete their accounts? We’ll be better off.

How ever will we fact, freeze them for a year, that’ll learn us all, but good. No one cares . Good for the platforms to have less negativity around . I would like to be a fly on the wall and watch that meltdown So that day will be free of hate speech and misinformation and limited only to their own homes.

Like, who cares? So brave 🤣😂🤡 A day? One day? That’s not enough. I deleted FB years ago. StunningAndBrave My god, the sacrifice! A whole day without feeding their narcissism via Fakebook and InstaHo. We'll have EMTs standing by. Wow that will show them! 🙄☺️ Here is my well thought-out and reasoned response to celebrities virtue-signalling:

File this along with the Cardi B/Offset divorce news under “No One Gives a Shit”. 🙄🙄🙄🙄 Phew, rest easy, all! Oh bless them, what a sacrifice....... Ruffalo is a Stalin-like communist. Not sure I’ll notice the difference! Just one day? Is this really an effective means to protest? Lol....hardly. Worthy of a massive eye roll.

They are my new heroes! Such a bold sacrifice. So brave. Oh, the humanity. Etc etc Whoopty do Wow. One day. That'll do it. Such bravery So brave Not far enough. Delete the account and leave the country. ...only for one day? :( We did it Make it two ONE DAY of not using Facebook is protesting for these people.

How about a year? One day? 😂 One day! 😂😂😂 because we all can’t live without KimKardashian for one day! Wow doing the bare minimum 🙄 wow one day, that'll show them One whole day huh? I can almost hear Facebook and Instagram quaking in their boots..... One day? La de da! delete your accounts cowards I think they should go for a whole month to really teach us a lesson.

One whole day? Wow! Wow. The sheer bravery. Stunning. 1 day? For one day!! Hahahahaha Gimme a break. Just quit Facebook if you don’t like what they stand for. I did a long time ago. Get rid of both platforms completely and the world will be a much happier place. Clearly this bold move will push Kim K to the front as this years 2020 Brave Award winner . Congratulations kim 🙄

And that accomplishes what exactly? One day? DeleteFacebook phew, i can sleep peacefully tonight knowing this. such a weight has been lifted. wow. eeee. amazing, amazing celebrities! thank u thank u thank u. 😂😂😂 freeze them for eternity then i may even do a cartwheel. over paid moron celebs. Yet they still won't condemn ANY hate speech and misinformation coming from the left. And that's why nobody takes them seriously.

See ya!!!!! Good Don't threaten me with a good time Such sacrifice I don't follow celebrities so my life will go on. So brave! What a sacrifice. Celebrities are the real heroes. pfffft ONE DAY 🤮 Next step is to delete it permanently. Who Really Cares? 1day? That’s how important it is? Go big, people. Freeze them forever.

So? Good pray they don't reactivate Just one day One whole day Wow. You guys remember when Kim was only famous because of a purposefully leaked sex video? I sure remember. 'Actor,' lol yeah okay. Good at moaning. Kim should start with “freezing” Kanye. Speaking of hate and misinformation..kanyewestisoverparty KanyeConJob

That should do the trick Good for them. Anyone who uses their social media account for ANY purpose other than to promote celebrity careers and/or support celebrity opinions should be banned - and probably incarcerated if I think about it. FOR ONE DAY?! Go indefinitely if you want to make a real statement. This means nothing.

Clowns. I could care less for anyone’s who interested in the two cents I have. So brave🙄🙄🙄 Freezing? Delete that shit. So they've been spreading hate speech and misinformation? Fk off already Excuse me Kim your husband is part of that and no one gives a rats ass about you to begin with protest all you want lol

Oh, I’m going to miss them so much..... not! 🙃 Who cares Who is Kim Kardashian? Another meaningless protest that will accomplish nothing. So brave.... PR stunts by celebrities are ludicrous. Especially this narcissist and her Trump loving husband. He is being used by the GOP to steal votes from Biden. I have no idea who Mark Ruffalo is and yet I don't even care. They are all on the wrong side of history.

Please freeze your account for longer! 1 day? Such a sacrifice. 🤦‍♀️ Wow. Powerful. “Hate speech” as defined by these content editors: “Any speech that upsets Liberals.” Just delete them permanently. No one will miss them. Ooo not how in the world will we survive? And that will accomplish nothing. They are such useless, virtue signaling twatwaffles. whole day! That’ll show ‘em! 🙄 One day? Wow what a statement. WOW Talk about taking one for the team! How can they survive such an undertaking.... I hope Fat Nixon awards them with the Noble Piece Prize. (And no I didn't misspell it) and then no one cared One day lol Oh my. Society as we know it cannot withstand this hit.

Please halt forever! HOLLYWOODPEDOS oh no Now that's dedication bravery right there..truly amazing...for a whole 1 day🤷🏻‍♂️ god people are shortbus these days.. Such bravery 🙄 One day is not enough. An entire month at minimum if they really want to make a statement. I have deleted both have no time for this crap..

😂 Not enough Threaten to freeze for a month and maybe someone would care. A week? If you are serious start with a month at least. Why not forever? Oooo, that'll show em'... Hahahahahahaha.....😀😁😂🤣😃 KimKardashian has too much time to waste. Go save the WHALES. For one day This is how you know these people are paid for

I'd be more impressed if they did it until Facebook actually did anything. One day won't do anything. This level of bravery is what we should all strive for.

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