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Kim Kardashian to freeze Facebook, Instagram accounts to protest hate speech

Kim Kardashian West decided to freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts for 24 hours, as she and other celebrities called on the social media giant to stop the spread of hate and misinformation

9/16/2020 7:20:00 AM

Kim Kardashian West decided to freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts for 24 hours, as she and other celebrities called on the social media giant to stop the spread of hate and misinformation

Kim Kardashian West on Tuesday decided to freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts, as she and other celebrities called on the social media platforms to stop the spread of hate and misinformation.

)The campaign, launched earlier this year, won the support of dozens of major companies in an advertising boycott of the social media giant.Kardashian West, a businesswoman and reality TV star, has become an influential powerhouse of social change in recent months, raising the issue of climate change to her millions of followers and lobbying the White House for criminal justice reform.

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With 188 million Instagram followers, Kardashian West has one of the top 10 most followed accounts worldwide.She plans to freeze her accounts on Wednesday. Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company had said it would team up with civil rights groups and experts to develop more tools to fight hate speech.

Other celebrities and actors including Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lawrence and Sacha Baron Cohen also tweeted on Tuesday, calling on Facebook to do more to stop the spread of misinformation, using the hashtag #StopHateForProfit. Read more: Reuters Top News »

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I’m devastated. 🤣 Hate speech is, and always will be, subjective. The way her and her family have spoken and behaved on their television programs, I'd hardly say that they serve as role models for civility OMG what will we do know I'm so depressed going to take a nap. Who cares Why is this all over Twitter? Why? Who gives a shit and why?

that combination of bull shit and botox would kill a normal person , but she would have to up her game to be normal . Who fucking cares ! Freeze Kanye while you’re at it. Today is the day change begins Freezing it for ...24 hours. Wow, the sacrifice! Now that’s taking a stand! What’s next, not eating carbs for lunch?

Ok, one day means nothing. If she really wanted to make a statement she’d cancel her account. This is news? What has Reuters become? I followed Reuters on Twitter for news updates, this? This has me rethinking that idea. TrumpLied200KDied TrumpHidTheTruth TrumpResignNow GOPDeathCult GOPBetrayedAmerica TrumpVirus

The irony is none of these celebrities are providing examples of ‘hate speech.’ How can you stop something if you are not shown what ‘they’ are referencing. For all I know, it could be person ‘x’ telling her to lose weight? Or less makeup? Hate Speech is used so broadly in 2020 Still keeping this going huh

This will certainly help hungry children in Africa as well. LOL Please stop talking about this. If she wants to disappear for a DAY (WTF will that prove) let her. Keeping this crap in the news is only keeping her in the news! This is news? Does anyone really care what she does? If so, why! Good grief! Ok kim, go ahead, Do you know what the intelligent people think about that?

I mean, he could start by freezing his husband’s and all will be dandy 👌🏽 So there's maybe a very small plus to hate speech? Wow..a Kardashian doing something that actually matters. So brave. She needs to close her mouth and not to speak. Blah blah blah Niech spierdala. Thank the Lord. We need her to protest more.

Better still if she simply deleted all of her accounts. Wtf is this? Freeze kanyewest too... can you like , do that? That's not even sad news for those companies 😂 nobody cared for miles around And no one even noticed This is not news, for God’s sake do better. We’re fighting for our lives and you’re covering this ? Really?

Almost going to lose more followers. Slow day in the news? кто такая ? Good riddance. Are we capable of overcoming this?! Meine Nachbarin kümmert sich in dieser Zeit um Obdachlose heimatlose Menschen! Das ist toll oder? I guess I’ll have to reschedule my day now WOW thats problem solving at its highest Who cares?

How is that going to solve the hate speech? Kardashians themselves are a bad example for the young generation and good that they are freezing and hopefully permanently leaving the social media but I doubt because where else they will earn their millions..? Can’t that whole family just disappear and be vanquished from the Internet?!

Give her Nobel Peace Prize. This nugget doesn’t need exposure by a “reputable” news organization. KUTWK is ending let’s end the fascination with this family please! A whore is whore is a whore !!😜 Boohoohooo. Go cry on ur couch n complain more about how bad ur lives are. Are you a new youtuber? want to grow your channel? want to rank your videos on youtube? then take my youtube SEO service. Order here

I'd rather not see her face or hear from her on facebook and twitter at all. Ok, nobody cares about them Thank god. Thank you, Kimmy. Thank you 🙏🏻 Only idiots follow idiots Who cares? Best news all year! Freeze it forever please 🤣🤣🤣 Reuters, why do you think the world needs to know about Kim Kardashian’s social media accounts?

Do us all a favor. Shut down, delete, and go away. And take your husband with you. Lol please do it indefinite! Hahaha 😆 Stop being a Blackfisher first. Freeze Kanye...permanently. Well then she can take a seat. She has spewed 'hate' before and I think HALF of what she says is hate...so she should not be allowed to talk. You see Kim...you don't get to dictate what you think Hate is that is why even hate speech is free speech but it does have consequences.

Man, how much can you milk a story about some random celebrity famous for making an adult film with a rapper. First it's about 'misinformation' now 'hate speech' sigh. Again you are missing the real story. A real story would be to tell us what stops Kim K and others from completely deleting Facebook, Instagram and all social media from their lives? Probably more a headline or caption rather than a story. $$$$$$$$ and Narcissism.

Not N E W S ! ! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz What does a 24-hour freeze from social media achieve? 🤔 Very little. She is protesting Trump? For a day!! 😮 WOW!!! This is big!!! Who gives a flying F isn’t hate speech just a fancy term for bullying? I'd say start by telling ur husband to stay away white supremacist like Trump.

Who is she? What does she do again? WHO CARES!!!! Who cares? Now there’s a gesture. Plus, we need a much-deserved break from the content I shun as much as the ladies in my home allow. Thank you Netflix and Amazon Prime. Total believer in the First Amendment. If you do not like it do not watch it. However, she attracts a lot of traffic. 👍

Close the markets .KimKardashian When is the kanyewest PresidentialDebate ? She doing good to humanity, hope she never activates her profile on social media again! Actually Hate Speech should not be allowed on social media by the platform owner. It is not a sollution that she freezes her accounts. Why would anyone have a FB account these days?

Oh no, life is meaningless now In refresher or what It’s the protest everyone has been waiting for So 🤣😂🤣😅🤣......🤣😂🤣🤣🤣. TabberAnn If an account falls silent but there is no one there to hear it, did it really fall silent? Why is this on Reuters? It’s for 1 day & many celebrities apparently are By PROMOTING the same on them...!!

dunaisiaka Good decision lol freeze? i guess she has some option we dont have, i cant find that freeze button anywhere!! shes tired of reading all the people that think shes retarded go help ur husband u ditz what a crappy wife OMG, she is just so brave. Charity begins at home, girl. Try to help your husband for starters.

Stunning and brave folks 👏! Do it permanently so you can fade into obscurity plz Anddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd I do NOT care It wont work until its permanent! Hate speech will stop when the freeze is complete and permanent. Also, who is this person? Wooooooooooooooow... For 24 hours, bfd

Profound😎 Adios!!!! Good riddance. Get a real job. Whatever. If she was more serious about curbing hate, she'd ask Kanye to drop his idiotic 'campaign,' and she'd tell Trump he's a source of hate. I’m sorry, is this the same person tangentially supporting trump by taking pics and meeting with him? I can’t recall a single time I’ve ever heard her denounce his bullshit once.

She'll freeze the account for one day. Would be more influential if she deleted em altogether. How to become a Celebrity, Journalist, or Activist - Learn a few subjective words like Racism, Sexism, Misogyny, Patriarchy, Shocking, Bigoted, Phobic, Emancipation, Discrimination, Hate Speech, etc, and you can use them as salt and pepper for any discussion :-)

Good riddance... For 24 hours. How brave. Thanks Kim, everyone will stop hate speach once they know it 🙄😏 Why not savings account If she really wanted to do some good she’d freeze her husbands account. Deserved to be Hated😝 Well thank God. Meanwhile in California... priorities Can it be considered hate speech when good comes of it?

That should fix it ((( idgf ))) So brave For how long will you report about Kim Kardashian freezing her social media accounts. This is the umpteenth time you are doing so for God's sake! Good for us. Whoa. The sacrifice. Nothing of value is lost. The biggest amount of hate speak is coming from the imbecile who heads up the US, tRump!!! Ban him from all social media platforms! DumpTrump

Why treat her like she is relevant? Well she has froze her face- why not Facebook Maybe tell her to hold up on the plastic surgery and facial injections as well while you’re at it. It’s like a beautified version of Frankenstein’s Monster...😬 Yeah, that's going to do nothing What a loss. Body Language suggest hate speech it was Addressed to Her ( ethical from my point of view because Her Public contribution is a Tabloid Life Style nothing more !)

Like she ever gave a single f*** 🙄 If Reuter’s would freeze their accounts we could end Fake News! But how will whore herself to the masses? Kim who? 24 hours? The Earth’s shaking 🙄🤣 Wow. A whole 24hrs off FB and IG? Then I guess she’ll just sign back in at 24hrs + 1-min? 🤷🏻‍♂️ Ce n'est pas anodin. Mais c'est un coup de com. S'emparer du racisme pour attirer l'attention. Mrs. West est en campagne.

Sans intérêt. Kim Kardashian aime le buzz. Pas besoin de tapage médiatique pour une annonce aussi banale. Well I suppose there are so many naked pics you can post before the entire world before even a titanic ego gets bored of their own naked body. Doesn't that basically shut down free speech? Who decides what is misinformation? What is hate? The platform's politburo?

Bu 24 saat kendisine Cehennem azabı olur. 24 saat diyerek onlarsız yaşamayacağını kabul etmiş I love it when celebrities make big sacrifices for the common good. . . 🙄 ....she’s done nothing for years and years as she gained followers and used these platforms to sell herself and make money...yet another hypocrite

Call me stupid, but what she done, except showing her body, to be so important that even Reuters agency posted news about her ?! I was thinking that Reuters is not that type of 'fashion' magazine ... Oh my god! Kim Kardashian says she’s going to ..........Zzzzzzzzzzzz. Zzzzzzzzzzzz zzzz. For 24 hrs 😂😂

Could KimKardashian please identify the precise posts which are misinformation? Let’s start with the Chinese Communist Party & take it from there 🙄🥱😴 Really? Perhaps Kanye should read her notes and stop kissing Trump’s ring. Trash. Finally! A bold courageous move and few realize the scale of her sacrifice, that and Kanye West is a complete lunatic.

Why should the 1st amendment be infringed upon because people are too stupid to know what's real or fake. Because people are too weak and sensitive to ignore hate. America has lost it's backbone and the consequences will be immense. An empty gesture that is utterly meaningless as it results in nothing.

I had seen this news for many times today. Is that important Lol bragging about a self deletion. Great game plan. we are doomed Ooooh 24 hours. That’ll show em. Well, that’s gonna ice out Kanye’s run. terrible headline, she is joining a protest And irony died Maybe get kanyewest to stop Tweeting first. 🤷‍♀️

Oh. She's still married to Kanye, right? what a difficult sacrifice. i hope she survives. Who? How about your husband sweetie? Can you get him to stop his fake presidential campaign..... Kimkhardasian you should close your account for an undetermined period as Facebook & Zuckerberg , like his friend TRUMP the lifetime CROOK, only understand the language of Money & Power ! USATODAY nytimes VanityFair FT WSJ TIME TheEconomist business orlandosentinel

Newsflash: People spread hate and misinformation. The platforms they occur on are just that--Platforms. Swing and a miss. STOP making STUPID people famous. If you ignore them they’ll go away. For those saying 'Who cares?' just understand that this is actually a big deal. I don't like the Kardashians either, but they collectively have more followers than you can possibly imagine and believe it or not, there are still people who don't pay attention to anything but them.

Let’s be honest. Why don’t Kardashians delete their accounts on instagram and facebook all together? Don’t they realize their existence is a newsfeed which FB manipulates to make all the Americans insecure and check IG for 24/7 permanently? Lol celebrities are so dumb Simps All those simps Heroic Please stop this madness, WHO cares. Seriously WHY does ANYONE give a shit about this woman?

Ok. OMG I don’t know how we will survive this 24 hours She enjoys spreading hate and misinformation about Taylor Swift on social media, but ok Surely 24 hours will make the statement they want...lol. Seriously, just delete your accounts altogether. People, if something is free then please realize that you are the product being sold.

u s/b ashamed covering this idiot, but u're not Dramatic, useless, pathetic effort to stay “relevant”. Some sacrifice 🤦‍♂️ Big f'ing deal. This is right after her own husband came out to be an anti-palestinian bigot. She should have deleted it permanently. So will she be protesting the monster she's married to?

🙄🥱😴 Who cares. Stunning and brave That'll work. Wow what a hero ... wow 🥱 God for her. She should speak to her husband. Good for her. She should speak to her husband. 24 hours. 😂 so... can she should permanently disable it if that what she truly believes in. Brave 24 whoooole hours yeah, you're not going to cause any change like that lol, facebook probably wouldn't care even if half of the worlds celebrities quit

So brave Wow, she’s making such a huge sacrifice. 🙄 I wish I was there Wow 24 hours Para hacerse propaganda no tiene rival....

Kim Kardashian West to Freeze Instagram, Facebook Accounts to Protest Hate SpeechKim Kardashian West has joined the “StopProfitForHate” campaign against Facebook , telling followers that she will suspend her use of Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday. &822… I really don't care, do you? How am I gonna sleep now Great, the less we hear from her and the less promotion her 'Planet Killing Lifestyle' receives the better.

Kim Kardashian West, other celebrities to freeze Facebook and Instagram accounts in protestKim Kardashian West, actor Mark Ruffalo and several other celebrities say they are “freezing” their Facebook and Instagram accounts for one day to protest the spread of hate speech and misinformation on those platforms. This level of bravery is what we should all strive for. I'd be more impressed if they did it until Facebook actually did anything. One day won't do anything. This is how you know these people are paid for

Kim Kardashian West Freezing Facebook, Instagram Accounts To Protest Social Media Hate, MisinformationKim Kardashian West plans to freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts Wednesday and asks that others follow to protest misinformation on on social media . “Misinformation shared on social me… Better idea: leave social media forever. As though Kim Kardashian would have any idea what misinformation is, or even what information is for that matter. Lol

Kim Kardashian Is Freezing Her Facebook and Instagram -- Here's Why'I can’t sit by and stay silent while these platforms continue to allow the spreading of hate, propaganda and misinformation - created by groups to sow division and split America apart.' What about her husband actively trying to turn this year’s election into a joke by putting his name on the ballot just to promote himself? I hope she stays quite forever! Without a sexy tape, no one knows who she is. Stop being influenced by people like this. freeze it? get the hell off!!!! No one cares and finally the kklan coming to an end! boycottklan 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Kim Kardashian to freeze Facebook, Instagram accounts to protest hate speechKim Kardashian West is joining other celebrities to freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday, in a campaign urging the world's biggest social media company to curb the spread of hate and propaganda. This is often overstated, but who the fuck cares or would notice if you didn't run their press release on how wonderful they are? Why in gods green earth is this news?

Kim Kardashian to freeze Facebook, Instagram accounts to protest hate speechKim Kardashian West is joining other celebrities to freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday, in a campaign urging the world's biggest social media company to curb the spread of hate and propaganda. DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT