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Kim Kardashian to freeze Facebook, Instagram accounts to protest hate speech

Kim Kardashian West to freeze Facebook, Instagram accounts for 24 hours to protest hate speech

9/16/2020 4:05:00 AM

Kim Kardashian West to freeze Facebook , Instagram accounts for 24 hours to protest hate speech

Kim Kardashian West is joining other celebrities to freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday, in a campaign urging the world's biggest social media company to curb the spread of hate and propaganda.

Katie Paul3 Min Read(Reuters) - Kim Kardashian West is joining other celebrities to freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday, in a campaign urging the world’s biggest social media company to curb the spread of hate and propaganda."Misinformation shared on social media has a serious impact on our elections and undermines our democracy," Kardashian West wrote in an Instagram post on Tuesday expressing support for the"Stop Hate for Profit" campaign against Facebook Inc

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FB.O.Actors including Kerry Washington, Jennifer Lawrence and Sacha Baron Cohen also tweeted on Tuesday, calling on Facebook to do more.The campaign, launched by civil rights groups this summer, won the support of hundreds of major companies in an advertising boycott of the social media giant in July, although it had little impact on Facebook's bottom line. (

bit.ly/2Rwh9CO)This week, organizers encouraged users to post about the harm Facebook is causing and"freeze" their use of Facebook-owned Instagram for 24 hours on Wednesday. (bit.ly/33uPR5f)The embrace of that call by Kardashian West, a businesswoman and reality TV star with one of the top 10 biggest Instagram followings worldwide, threatens a fresh blow to Facebook’s image and careful management of its relationships with celebrities.

The company devotes substantial resources to celebrity “partnerships,” with dedicated teams handling special requests and giving stars early access to new products, according to two former employees familiar with the operation.Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The company has said it would team up with civil rights groups to develop more tools to fight hate speech, although the groups say executives have shown little commitment to action.

Kardashian West has become an influential powerhouse of social change, raising the issue of climate change to her 188 million followers and lobbying the White House for criminal justice reform.Reporting by Katie Paul in San Francisco; additional reporting by Uday Sampath in Bengaluru and Jill Serjeant in Los Angeles; Editing by Arun Koyyur and Richard Chang

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She’s such a warrior. 24 hours of no social media. Give this lady a medal for her service. This isnt news. You guys are better than this. so brave... Why stop there(24 hours), forever would be refreshing JuliaAngelenPR Sugar pleassssee! 24 hours for real? 🤔 😐 🤐 Sorta like those lame attempts made by white folks who say, 'I have black friends so I ain't a racists.' KimKardashian lame fail hatespeech racism whitesupremacy haters

Such a bold move 😂 Gotta love slacktivism Nobody cares. She is so brave 🙄 Can we try 10 years, please! How many times do you need to post this announcement. Will people stop posting this shit.... I don’t give a flying fuck what a D list celeb is doing. I make my own mind up about things. Never have and never will take my Qs from a celeb

Big deal 24 hour protest Who cares. Why not just close all yr accounts down. Very surprising nobody is wearing Mask. WednesdayThoughts What Yey! Can she protest forever? 🤞please I know.... right? Everyone is fucking distraught 😭 Thank you Kim for your sacrifice. You are doing a lot of good of a lot of people - I’m living proof.

Soooo brave stuffandplayx She call leave it off for the rest of the year her soon to be ex is a race traitor Ther I said it why not forever if you can Are you kidding me - this is newsworthy? TWENTY-FOUR HOURS without Kimmy?!?!? The only effect will be a reduction in her monetized “social media” income. A symbolic fart in a hurricane... 🤯

Never interested in them and never will be. Preening isn’t my thing. Oh no! The humanity!! Freeze them all permanently And this shite makes news. When is that asteroid going to hit? Why is this news Who cares man .shit news unfollowkimkardashian What will I do? THIS IS NOT NEWS! ‘Woke’ is the Corporate Establishment & the Oppressor

Absolutely beautiful, please keep it quit for the remainder of your life! Probably hurt her more than anyone else! She and kanye support tRump...how is this movement valid? tRump promotes hate speech... 24 hours , come that’s nothing but a fart in the wind! Make it 24 years for all I care. Who gives a shit about that right wing tRump tart.

Amazing gesture Just 24 hours. This shows how attention addicted she is.... Make it a month at least or longer.🤷‍♂️ But she herself knows that showbiz is all about catching eyesballs. Everyone knows that the public would forget her after 24 hours anyway. As if Facebook & Twitter would suffer. Make it 1 year... lol

wow an entire 24 hours... what a hero Why not 24years? I don't know how we will cope. I'm in tears thinking about it Can you shut it for good, we don't need people like you preaching. pretty sure my life will continue just fine without her in it Will anyone notice? 🙄 A whole 24 hours? My god, will she be okay?

So ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 An entire 24 hours? Delusions of grandeur 4 u. Who? Then I will partake in hate speech for 24 hours to protest Kim Kardashian... What a sacrifice !!! that’s all? Say it together WHO GIVES A SHIT!! for those of you who care what KKW does and this affects you. She's giving you 24hrs to get a life. please use it.

Who who gives a s**t? And Reuters loses another point in respectable journalism Fk off, Kim. Stop being a hater; haters. Kim use her WAP in some cases and in this case she choose to use her platform in a positive way. Cut this girl some slack. Thank you Jesus!! Just scrolled down opinions, none said: “I understand your motives Kim” The main thing is that all of you including me got this shit on screen. I don’t want this so the world doesn’t. What is going on there in Haiti? A lot of ppl there and most of them are colour. HateSpeech

who cares? are this really news? Who cares? What a vain, ridiculous woman. Who the hell cares? One day off Twitter? OMG, how EVER will she survive? That’ll do it. This is news? Többet úgysem nagyon bírna ki 😕 That’s so brave. Thank you for your sacrifice. What about freeedom of speech? WOW! Nominate her, or in the other hand, just hand her the Nobel Peace Prize, WHO tf is going to top THIS!? 😂 blessed

only 24 hours Another slow news day for Reuters and another self-centered day for a Kardashian. who gives a crap about her shutting down her FB and Instagram for 24 hrs.? People with actual real lives do this all the time. 🙄 Divorce Kanye So brave 24hrs, you are a joke..... There is not enough action being taken against FB and Zuckerberg. Do not get Zukkered into FB agendas.

America is so... Wow that’s gonna change everything! so brave. 😂 Yaelah 24hrs doang dan masuk reuters hahahhahaha i love influencer Actual news ideas: -Historic wildfires burning up 25% the US -Attempts to unfuck the humanitarian crisis on Greek Islands -Turkish, Egyptian proxy war in Libya threatening stability across the eastern Med -Afghan Taliban dialogue

WGAF Baaaaaahhhaaaa! Who gives a F what she wants. Who is she? NOT FUCKING NEWS. 'Comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable.' That's your job. Go and do, starfuckers. Why this is on ? wtf 😐 I thought Reuter’s were a News Agency, obviously not.. Wow so bold and brave What an amazing sacrifice This isn’t news!

Lmao swear. The ego. Will she freeze kanyewest who is supporting a hateful president Will Facebook and Instagram be able to handle the flood of ppl returning for 24 hrs !? Is this news worth your space ? No, please, one whole year. Heck, make it two years. Please. I beg of you. The advertisers won’t even blink if the protest is only for 24 hours. To really hurt their profit maybe freeze them for like 24 months?

Who cares Wot’bout pedo .....? Reporting by Uday Sampath in Bengaluru; Editing by Arun Koyyur. Well, they got their dollar.(s) 24hours? 🙄 Wow...the sacrifice Get lost KimKardashian AND.... Who? Who cares? O wish she froze those accounts permanently. Freeze them forever. Now we are saved ..... What a fxkng joke. She is mocking Anti-Racial Movements

IDGAF what that waste of skin does!!!!!! Yet her husband is working with hate speech-loving republicans? This is so dumb and won’t change anything. Just cancel the social media. She’ll prolly save more lives that way. Reuters, you are damaging your reputation by writing about anything this person does. She is totally useless to society. Famous for what? Sucking d.... on video? Great example.

And? I am devastated life can’t go on without her asS implants No mask. Wgaf Who? Let it go Make it 80 years. Whoopdido KimKardashian — how about until Facebook does something. I’m pretty sure they can wait out the 24 hrs 🙄 Kardashian is hypocritical to the limit if she does not call out all the Antifa and BLM pages/accounts that organize violent protests, right? If you are going to point fingers, you have more than one to use, KimKardashian Oh, but all that violence is 'worthy', right? Wrong

Thank God!! How about freeze forever! How about 24 year freeze? Good news, everyone, we solved hate. I knew we could do it. Oh no! The apocalypse is coming! 24 hours.....what a sacrifice. She should be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. I don’t think that’s the correct answer to the problem 🤔 um.. who cares?

Who gives a shit Great Powerful mover really a statememt to affect change Well now, that should bring world peace 🙄 Why can’t she just freeze her social media account for FOREVER. In that way people will believe that she is serious. Literally the least she could do. What a moron. How about freeze forever?

Seriously...This is real important stuff..Not like the west coast is ON FIRE or anything!!!🤷‍♂️ Can it be 24 years instead? Also fuck Celebrity privilege and Republicans who support Trump. How about for 50 days? 😂😂😂 what have we come to, when this is considered news. 🙄 Oh I hate this. Only for 24 hours? I guess she can’t afford too long without the cash flow that helps her generate. It’s posturing for more likes. It’s not actually asking for change.

how about freeze for good? Oh no! Frozen account. The horror Why Only for 24 hours 🤔 Are you kidding with this? Who gives a shit? 🙄 Hero. Thanks. Should have logged out longtime back. wasted people's time So brave. And...who exactly cares? And why is this considered 'news'? Wow a whole day. Scumbags. 24 hours...seriously 🙄

Can she do it for forever? Please. Such a brave act...! Let's Talk about today's role models, they will definitely be remembered for their heroic acts... 🙄 Too short What a joke. 25 hours. Privileged rich people. Gross. 24 hours What will I do all day? I’ll be lost! Make it permanent please!!! Oh am so tired 🙁

Yawn This is someone having delusions of grandeur. Wow, a WHOLE 24 HOURS? Such courage! What a dimwit. Who cares I respect the idea but it should be longer than a day 24 hours? How about permanently? Why is this news? WHO..ON A ROCKIN MERRY GO ROUND GIVES A CRAPOLA Slow news day? 🙄🙄🙄literally the least they could do

Protest harder and freeze them for good! 🤷 Wow she’s sacrificing sooooo much! Try the freeze for a month! I had no idea staying away from social media was called protesting. The things we learn every day. There are 200,000 dead and you’re covering this? Tfw this Who’s Kim Kardashian? Why is this news? Feel free to freeze it forever

Celebrities. Or she could divorce Kanye and fade away. That would be great. Man, can’t believe Reuters is stooping down to this shit. so, is she going to put those accounts in the freezer? asking for a friend. Like trump speech. No such thing as 'hate speech' in free-speech doctrine. It's purely subjective, & thus dangerous. It's used to encompass not just clearly offensive speech -- e.g., overt racist speech; Holocaust denial -- but also speech not favored by Big Tech/media, i.e., conservative speech.

Cool; that'll fix everything. 24 Hrs !! A real protest !! HaHa lol Who? why should anyone care? Isn’t this the best news of the day? Freak KimKardashian isn’t speaking!!! Yes. Let’s hope the country can survive According to another source: Kim Kardahian West to freeze herself for 24 hours to protest herself.

Everyone should do that. Stop this crap I don’t know what I will do... That oughta really do it🙄 Damn so powerful, so impactful, what a role model She will be jonesing about 2 hours into it. Try 24 years. Over. Is she going to freeze Kenya West from spitting nonsense? That could be more effective than Facebook & Instagram accounts.

Generally I avoid her, but I respect this stand. Start with 24hours and keep squeezing. It’s gonna take a lot to reach the alien. 24 years would be better It’s time for them to retire... Incredible sacrifice Just delete them, who cares! News, folks. News. 🥳🥳🥳 Seriously? 24 hours is a sacrifice? LOLOLOLOLOL! Such sacrifice, a whole whopping 24 hrs. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

If she did it forever it would make a bigger splash. Close permanently please. An entire TWENTY FOUR HOURS?! hero Hallelujah. No one cares 24 whole hours? Oh no! What will we do to survive So brave! What an activist! 24hr is ISNT enough, we need at least several decades of silence from Kim. If she was serious she’d consider at least several decades or centuries even. I have concerns about her commitment to the cause.

Make it a whole month!!! 🙄 Do we really care what a celebrity has to say? Are they any wiser than the average American? Fan-fucking-tastic ! She should just delete her accounts. She won’t be missed. That should bring world peace Her self-sacrifice should shame us all into sacrificing something. I vow never to give a flying fig about anything to do with a Kardashian. KimKardashian

Hope she goes away forever all the Kardashians! Who cares? Boy what a sacrifice That would fucking kill her. Mark Zuckerberg should listen.😒🙄 who gives a crap about those wackos anyway? I think she should really make a stand, and permanently freeze them. 24 hours? That's all? Not much of a statement. Im sure it has nothing to do with her husband openly being anti-palestinian.

Come on, you can do better! Her face changed too much (still pretty but weird) She wants to make an important, meaningful statement about social media but she’s so addicted to social media that she can only give it up for a day. Your move hate speech. Finally!! We can only be so lucky!! Thanks so much! Keep it up as long as possible!

..........okay🥴🥴🥴 Why stop at 24? Wow. 24 whole hours. The sacrifice! The statement! Is she relevant? A whole 24 hours FFS world ! The best jokes are racist jokes. No one cares about this. Don't think she will be missed. Certainly she could think of something more useful than to go a day without a selfie!!

A whole day of celebrities not selling diarrhea tea? How will they survive? She needs to Silence her husband and get him the help he needs . It’s probably for the $20 Oh no,. A whole 24 hours? What will the world do? And we care because...? Thats what I call Sacrifice Heroic. Who givea a rat's ass?! Nobody will notice your 1-day non-existence.

Wow brave I’d rather go to the dentist and get a root canal then listen to anything that Kim Kardashian wants to do ...yawn So incredibly brave...... I'm moved to tears SarcasmFont They hate the hate speech.... 👍 I wish they’d just stop their “relevance” already. DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT

Kim Kardashian Is Freezing Her Facebook and Instagram -- Here's Why'I can’t sit by and stay silent while these platforms continue to allow the spreading of hate, propaganda and misinformation - created by groups to sow division and split America apart.' What about her husband actively trying to turn this year’s election into a joke by putting his name on the ballot just to promote himself? I hope she stays quite forever! Without a sexy tape, no one knows who she is. Stop being influenced by people like this. freeze it? get the hell off!!!! No one cares and finally the kklan coming to an end! boycottklan 👏👏👏👏👏👏

Kim Kardashian West Freezing Facebook, Instagram Accounts To Protest Social Media Hate, MisinformationKim Kardashian West plans to freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts Wednesday and asks that others follow to protest misinformation on on social media . “Misinformation shared on social me… Better idea: leave social media forever. As though Kim Kardashian would have any idea what misinformation is, or even what information is for that matter. Lol

Kim Kardashian West, other celebrities to freeze Facebook and Instagram accounts in protestKim Kardashian West, actor Mark Ruffalo and several other celebrities say they are “freezing” their Facebook and Instagram accounts for one day to protest the spread of hate speech and misinformation on those platforms. This level of bravery is what we should all strive for. I'd be more impressed if they did it until Facebook actually did anything. One day won't do anything. This is how you know these people are paid for

Kim Kardashian to freeze Facebook, Instagram accounts to protest hate speechKim Kardashian West is joining other celebrities to freeze her Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday, in a campaign urging the world's biggest social media company to curb the spread of hate and propaganda. This is often overstated, but who the fuck cares or would notice if you didn't run their press release on how wonderful they are? Why in gods green earth is this news?

Kim Kardashian West to Freeze Instagram, Facebook Accounts to Protest Hate SpeechKim Kardashian West has joined the “StopProfitForHate” campaign against Facebook , telling followers that she will suspend her use of Facebook and Instagram accounts on Wednesday. &822… I really don't care, do you? How am I gonna sleep now Great, the less we hear from her and the less promotion her 'Planet Killing Lifestyle' receives the better.

Kim Kardashian freezes her Instagram after KUWTK bombshell and Kanye West dramaKim Kardashian's plans to drop off the social media radar follow the Keeping Up With The Kardashians cancellation bombshell and all of the Kanye West drama GREAT NEWS YES 👍 🙌