Kim Kardashian Says She's 'Seeing Changes' To Her Body Since Doing Treadmill Sprints

Here’s a peek at her fitness routine.

4/12/2021 8:44:00 PM

Here’s a peek at her fitness routine.

Kim's famous for her physique, which she works hard to maintain by training with Melissa Alcantara for 90 minutes at a time, almost daily. Here's what they do.

Girl knows her way around a weight room.ByJordan GallowayApr 12, 2021Whether you're keeping up with Kim Kardashian on her reality TV show or social media channels, one thing is clear: The mom of four and entrepreneur is seriously dedicated to her fitness.

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So, what does a Kim Kardashian workout routine look like? After talking to her trainer and scrolling through her Instagram accounts, we at team WH have a pretty good idea. For one thing,Kim wakes up crazy early, as in before the sun, to work out. She never skips her sweat sessions, and she prefers weight lifting to any other type of workout.

But while Kim has been leaning into her exercise routine hard for years now, she just shared she’s found a great new addition that works for her: treadmill sprints."Been sprinting every day!" she recently wrote on her Instagram Story, with a video of herself running fast on the treadmill. She also added this:"I've been seeing changes!"

Kim shared a second video of herself sprinting, which only lasted for a few seconds. The reason?"Hard to video and sprint 😂," she wrote. (I mean, fair!)In a word, her training plan is: impressive. Something else it happens to be? Refreshingly easy to recreate. But don't take my word for it. Below, you'll find all the intel on how Kim stays fit—straight from her and her trainer.

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