Kim Kardashian Reveals She Failed Baby Bar on Second Attempt, 'Totally Bummed'

Kim Kardashian flunked the baby bar exam her second time around too.

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Kim Kardashian Reveals She Failed Baby Bar on Second Attempt, 'Totally Bummed'

Kim Kardashian flunked the baby bar exam her second time around too.

E!Kim Kardashianreally needs the third time to be her charm -- she flunked the baby bar exam on her second crack at it, and even did a little bit worse.Kim revealed the results of her test Thursday night on the series finale of"Keeping Up with the Kardashians" ... which she needs to pass in order to get her license to practice law.

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She was on the phone with attorneysErin HaneyandJessica Jackson-- who helped her prep for the exam -- when she got the bad news, and Kim went from excited to"totally bummed."Kim says she failed with a score of 463, which is slightly lower than the 474 she got on her first attempt at the test. Students need a 560 to pass.

Although KK was clearly disappointed, she said she's not going to stress about it because there are more stressful things going on, and she's just gotta do better next time.Play video contentSO CLOSE, YET SO FAR Read more: TMZ »

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Well.. the CA bar exam is one of the hardest in the nations so it's no shame to fail. Lmao Maybe she should just go to law school? That may help... Noone needs to mail me a utility bill. Just takikg care of some business. Alright we’ll maybe being a lawyer isn’t in the cards for Kim Kardashian. She’s already has several businesses so why do this in this stage of her life!

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