Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is ‘Moving Towards a Divorce,’ But is Still ‘Torn,’ Source Says

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8/1/2020 8:00:00 PM

Kim Kardashian is 'Moving Towards a Divorce,' But is Still 'Torn,' Source Says (via JustJared)

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Kanyeyet.“Kim is very torn,” the source added. “The last thing she wants is to be divorced with four kids. She knows that she will be fine financially, but her concerns are the kids and the partnership. She is moving towards a divorce, but who knows if she will actually sign papers.”

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JustJared Who cares...Kanye will be fine. JustJared He doesn’t want help. That’s a big problem. He can only change himself. JustJared It’s about time Kim. How many chances are you going to give him? Free youself from the stress and anger. I gave my boyfriend 6 chances and he kept fucking up. I was done. I’m so glad.

JustJared Well let's 🙏🏽4 them thats pretty stupid 2 divorce over. ... JustJared These comments! First off Kim has had a whole career and success before Kanye! Second how can y’all make fun of his mental health? Third instead of judging maybe send them good vibes and prayers! Remember 4 children are involved.

JustJared 🤣😂👍 JustJared Who cares JustJared 😂🤣😂🤣 JustJared JustJared :(( JustJared I wish very best to KimKardashian & her husband KanyeWest. Whatever their individual shortcomings, I think they're good people. KimKardashianWest, Entertainment JustJared Good! Divorce his crazy ass! Maybe then he’ll seek some professional help and stop with the madness!!!

JustJared Not surprised JustJared Free him so he can come back from the sunken place!!! JustJared Run Kanye, run. Get away from those robots JustJared Omg. This is so sad. I though they would be together forever. JustJared Kardashian’s don’t keep men long JustJared The KUWTK man curse!! KimKardashian

JustJared stand by for OJYe JustJared Who cares! JustJared JustJared Kanye doesn’t need a psych ward. He already lives in one run by the Kardashians. He needs to haul ass out of there. JustJared FREE KANYE WEST! JustJared She doesnt want a blk president or she sees how liberals treat first ladies - well white ones those racist sexist politically biased liberals

JustJared JustJared The only thing Kim accomplishes by staying with Kanye? People question her sanity for staying with him, whose obviously completely out of his mind, not connected to reality. So, there's no reason. JustJared She doesn't need him. JustJared Why should she question leaving him? She's reinvented her image to free prisoners & wants to be a lawyer, great!, while Kanye is literally his own version of crazy,& he acts hell of stupid but thinks all the stupid things he says are genius when they're just,the same old stupid.

JustJared Torn because she's scared he will reveal all their evil ways & lies! kanyewest probably never signed a NDA or even cares if he did....he will tell the truth JustJared Just do it!!!! JustJared Hurry up and get it over so we can watch you expertly spin that you’ve been held captive for 8 years

JustJared Weak ass! JustJared This is so sad, I hope he gets all the help he needs. JustJared We can say it may be heading south JustJared Good I think he could do a lot better anyway JustJared I hope so we might get the old Kanye back JustJared 🤣 who else would tolerate her and the family, the kartrashiens are known for ruining people.

JustJared she married Kanye Shrimp out of Spite! JustJared It may be time dear woman what Kris says JustJared You got to respect your wedding vows you got to stick with your husband you can't give up JustJared Wendy Williams was right in a since instead of 72 days she should’ve said month’s 🤷🏾‍♀️ JustJared Who fucking cares

JustJared Becoming president after she leaves him will be a doozy JustJared Whom are these SOURCES reporting about KimKardashian kanyewest intentions as Media/Blogs click away. There are 4 Kids involved and how does a WIFE or HUSBAND end a marriage if one needs help and support. What were those VOWS noting that Kim was verbally abused/accused!🔊

JustJared Suprise it lasted this long JustJared So all that big stadium proposal was a waste I keep saying it kids are the ruiners of everything 😂😂😂 JustJared Well Crasy rich black guys are hard to come by !!! JustJared Free kanyewest JustJared What kind of shitty friends do you have that just divulge information like this to the media?

JustJared JustJared Depends how it’s affecting the kids watching the parents in an argumentative state JustJared Hindsight not a good decision to have spouse in Wyoming & wife/kids in LA. JustJared You published this 3 times already. We don’t give a fuck sis. Just drip the album already bo one will give a fuck anyway

JustJared WHO GIVES A SHIT! These A$$HOLES ARE DOING THIS FOR PUBLICITY ! JustJared 😂😂😂😂 I’m sorry, but it’s KIM KARDASHIAN - this was her longest run ever. Pair that with mental bean Kanye and you get....well this.🤷🏽‍♀️😂 JustJared Tell her i be her man!! JustJared What is going on with Kanye?

JustJared 😢 JustJared if someone doesn't have their mental health under control how can you be in a relationship with them? JustJared This week. Next week something else. The game? Control the headlines at all cost. JustJared she is waiting to make sure she can get in the NBA bubble to find a new fool before she divorces him.

RealTimeNews8 JustJared Who actually gives a F*** JustJared Sorry girl. In (mental) sickness and in (mental) health. You chose to marry an insane person. Gotta stick with that. JustJared In sickness and in health KIM😷 JustJared Just leave him already, will make for a great season of KUWTK. KrisJenner is salivating over the money this will make

JustJared W kanye can focus on himself not a tv show JustJared Kanye. Blink twice if you need rescuing. JustJared She’s just become irrelevant and needs to be back in the spotlight. What better tabloid than another divorce. 🖕 JustJared Surely I’m not the first to notice Kardashian men don’t seem to fair well with this brood?

JustJared 🙄 JustJared If you play with fire, you'll always get burned. If not today then tomorrow. Kanye, you should've been warned. JustJared JustJared Third time’s the charm JustJared Leave them alone, way more important things happening JustJared Stop it already JustJared Some how we all thought Scott was a joke when he said when you date or marry a kardashian you have a curse here comes Ye the victim 💔

JustJared Any Famous black starts that date the Kardashian’s are fools. JustJared FreeKanye JustJared LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE JustJared JustJared Good luck Kim do what healthy for you JustJared Thanks. Now I can go to sleep. I’ve been wondering allllll night. JustJared Run as fast as you can! JustJared who’s the source

JustJared Two assholes that really do deserve one another. JustJared JustJared well she don't want to leave him while he's down...he's the father of her kids...sad situation. JustJared What happen to sickness and health, good and bad times to death do us apart. JustJared I don’t know what it is!!! with these women🤔are they mother Theresa 🙏or Kathy Bates in misery🤣🤣🤣

JustJared He’s as asshole. Yes he’s bipolar but mentally ill people can also be assholes JustJared Bye 👋🏼 JustJared Naimah_19 JustJared Sources say 😭😭😭😭 JustJared Kanye is dead weight! JustJared She is a trick, sold by her own mother! n he is crazy! Stop giving them attention. JustJared Worst circus for raising kids.. got your money now get off of tv n raise the kids!!

JustJared Don’t care JustJared wow JustJared It will be too late if Kanye has another bipolar Manic episode and kills you. JustJared I guess she’s fed up. JustJared All they do is ruin men. Awful family. JustJared Contract is up!!! JustJared From Yeezus til present his music hasn’t been as good and I blame Kim for that

JustJared Who? JustJared WGAFS JustJared Kanye needs a good slap of reality. JustJared You should never marry in the first place JustJared Maybe Kanye just wants a more conservative Christian wife and Kim wants to continue to sell her sex appeal. Maybe she cheated on him and it wasn't a lie...maybe JustJared She's not divorcing him. They have four kids together. That's who she chose to be her baby daddy. She left Kris Humphries for this dude. No way is she leaving him.

JustJared No one gives a shit. Celeb couples always end in divorce. What else is new JustJared JustJared FYI marriage is for better or worse and when a person is at their worse and you walk away that doesn't say a whole lot about you what I have learned there. Are a lot of narcissistic people in the world your life isn't just about you but it's about others. Maybe she can help him.

JustJared How the F. cares! Are people this desperate for someone to follow? JustJared We want prenump... we want prenump yea!! It’s something that you need to have, ‘cause when she leaves your ass she gonna leave with half. KimYe JustJared Who cares!🤮🤮🤮 JustJared Ok JustJared Who cares? JustJared All this stories is fake! Kim and kanye Not live to gether for 1year SO this episode of kanye bipolar is a strategy to divorce and put all the blame on kanye KimKardashian KanyeWest

JustJared For better for worse JustJared I hope they can work it out I love these two together and for the kids as well JustJared This is not happy news. The public doesn’t want this couple’s marriage to end. JustJared She's been torn before, I've seen that Ray J video... JustJared Going to get all type of money if she divorce him.

JustJared Unless it comes up with her saying that herself I ain’t buying it JustJared I mean if they ain’t in love no more gotta get it done JustJared Well, if he can’t take his kids with him hopefully he will get to leave with his soul. JustJared 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 JustJared No one cares... JustJared Hes Crazy

JustJared She’s in a bad place, her husband has Bi Polar and refuses help. It’s not a good environment for her or the kids. I’m sure she doesn’t want to be involved in his run for President. He has said and aired a lot of things about her and to her he can’t take back. JustJared She knows she's done - seeking the sympathy vote

JustJared Drop that bum! JustJared kanye2020 JustJared Lol. Who cares.. From porn chick, to taking at least half a fools shit... he worth 1.3 billion I hope she get 75% .. JustJared Not to worry, she'll find more black dick. JustJared Lol 😂 JustJared First lady to leave before being first lady JustJared As she should! She's been through a lot! She deserves better.

JustJared WHEN I GOT A DIVORCE, TMZ DIDNT REPORT IT! BOOHOO ANOTHER DIVORCE IN THE USA!! WHO CARES! JustJared This proves my theory Kim leaked all those stories about Kanye having more bipolar episodes. She’s planning a divorce and having him committed again will strengthen her case. JustJared _ItsMarisWorld_ pretty sure I saw you predict this a year ago

JustJared Seriously JustJared Kanye is better off without her JustJared Yeah yeah yeah Source shmourse 🙄 These so called Sources never have names. Snitches! JustJared JustJared Kanye will get better if this happens JustJared She needs to do what she got to do. JustJared 🙌FINALLY!🙌 JustJared Again, no fucks given.

JustJared KimKardashian just do what is best for you as long as you’re happy!! This isn’t a public matter, it’s a private one. JustJared Oh yeah KimKardashian getting divorced because KanyeWest moved to Wyoming 🤣👉 he want out TMZ 🖤 JustJared 808s and heartbreak 2 JustJared 🤓💩A crisis over divorce is terrible for children. Especially a black family. Another statistics to the books 👀💩

JustJared Whatever happened to 'for better for worst....'?😳 JustJared She's torn bc she knows once she divorces him, she's going into oblivion! JustJared My heart goes out to both of them and their babies I wish them the best and hope they work it out. Marriage is difficult and bipolar disease is more difficult

JustJared Two idiots should stay together they are made for each other! JustJared Not a fan of Kim but do you and take all that fool money! Instead of talking about you and the kids in public, he should have been seeking help! The crazy bastard! JustJared Ye is way to good for her. Sorry 😐 JustJared Good for her

JustJared There is no way that vagina is torn. JustJared Can’t make a.......awe don’t wanna offend someone an they call the twitter police 😂😂😂 JustJared JustJared Bullshit JustJared 😷🖕🏽 JustJared Rich People Problems. JustJared Don’t leave Kim JustJared Shocking, Hollywood Hahahaha JustJared Who Cares!!!!!!

JustJared Butt is still torn JustJared Who saw this coming? 🙏To all involved JustJared Guess she won't be First Lady after all. Lol. JustJared I bet Kim can’t wait!.. JustJared Mental health matters JustJared She bout to be the next Bachelorette on ABC lol JustJared VOWS gotta mean something! You don't just abandon your spouse with mental issues.

JustJared Best thing for both of them JustJared What is it she's torn about? I'm baffled. This is something she should have done long ago for the safety of her kids and for her own sanity. JustJared Kanye needs a second lady of the United states SweetExoticAng1 JustJared Who's shocked? Hope he has a prenuptial agreement.

JustJared Then how will she be 1st lady JustJared how does tmz know so much 👁👁 JustJared You can afford another house away from his crazy ass leave with the kids supervision only for him until you seen and feel safe JustJared The RATINGS RATINGS RATINGS will go through the roof. Good job Kris. JustJared

JustJared Whatever happened to for better or worse? JustJared The last 6 months have been difficult for every couple because of Covid-19 i think couple especially with children should not rush into divorce. The virus has put strain on relationshios where before there was none.kids come first always.

JustJared 🏆 JustJared Poor woman.... JustJared I feel bad for Kanye. Those succubi ruin everyone. JustJared Translation: we still don’t know shit. JustJared Thats so sad. I hope they can work it out JustJared GOOD!! JustJared I wouldn't want to be with that women either lmao JustJared That’s 3 right? 3 divorces for those keeping score at home TonyLovesTMZ tonythetiger18 NighJamie BflisFB

JustJared JustJared What does her vagina have to do with this JustJared They can't break up JustJared Na lie.. Kanye Gon align 😂💯 JustJared Gotta make it interesting for next season of KUWTK. Probably a season finale cliffhanger. JustJared KD113 JustJared can't blame her, look who she's with JustJared Leave that blood sucker Ye

JustJared What I missed? Why? JustJared JustJared Ray J tore JustJared i wonder if he just learned that from this headline lol JustJared Hate to see them get divorced for sake of children. Instead, they should talk out their problems...kiss and make-up. Forgiveness is powerful. JustJared LOL 🤣 FakeNews

JustJared why? a trump fan? realDonaldTrump JustJared There’s a new season right there JustJared I think she should wait til Kanye is elected President. JustJared Shes been searching the Ray J sex tape on pornhub JustJared JustJared So why did you marry him? Mental illness is hard to deal with and you knew that going in.

JustJared I guess her accessory is now out of season?!?! Ye gonna be thrown out like the past 2! Smh...How can someone so beautiful not be able to keep a husband/man?! Is it shallowness? Evilness? The vows mean nothing😏 Whew chile! The ghetto! JustJared I. Surprised it lasted this long TBH JustJared Listen marriage isn’t let’s bounce when shit gets tough. This girl needs to learn the value of a commitment.

JustJared Who really cares!!!!! JustJared How sad however.. That men def has mental issues. JustJared lol, he lives in wyoming and she lives in California, no need for divorce, they live separate lives, the marriage is for image only it seems. JustJared Run JustJared I am guessing because now she can’t have the fake ass perfect life she and family represent on their reality TV show. Honestly leave her ass and her family. You have issues but you need good help and even support system. THEY R NOT IT!!!!!

JustJared We don't care!!! Just fucking do it JustJared lukabishop JustJared Does anyone actually give a shit? kardashian JustJared No first lady Kim then. JustJared No! JustJared Just keep moving KimKardashian it is in the best interest of your kids, you, your mental and physical we being.keep your sanity&dignity kid let it go you dont need more negativity in your life.

JustJared And no one should blame her. With that said, if she does file, this man will truly lose his mind at some point in the process. This current situation will look tame when he realizes what he’s losing. Bc crazy or not, Kanye loves his wife and kids. JustJared 😞 JustJared I feel bad for her. She wanted this to wrk so bad. You can tell. For yrs she has tried. But it’s impossible to be married to someone who won’t put you &the kids first above their own narcissism. I don’t think she wants to leave cause of mental illness. It’s the narcissism.

JustJared OK that's cool, what's next JustJared Will believe this when people magazine tweets it. drocktrot JustJared How can you be 'torn' about something or someone if you've already made up in your mind that this isn't what you want anymore? JustJared Girl take your kids and run 🏃🏻‍♀️ JustJared On the next exciting episode of ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s’

JustJared Celebrities or not. At the end of the day this is her husband and the kids father. This is his wife. Not a decision to be made lightly. Give them space to connect, process and heal. JustJared 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 JustJared Guys! I got first dibs ☝🏽 Since I knew they wouldn’t last and she can’t have kids naturally which is perfect 👌🏾 for me then I don’t gotta worry about knocking her up and child 👶🏼 support I’mma let the Hood Know we all agree I should be next in line blm BlackLivesMatter 🐃

JustJared Time to admit you’re better off alone JustJared Does the Bible say something about divorce too? Looks like y’all are stuck now JustJared Oh, no... 😢 I will lose sleep tonight, worrying about our Royals. Pfft! JustJared 😂 JustJared Y’all know it’s for the show from the start JustJared And we should care why? What has their mariage have anything to so with the world at large?

JustJared “Thru Sickness and in Health” people don’t give a shit about Oaths anymore. All they care about is money, fame and getting off. JustJared There's not a single kardashian relationship that's real. This one is no different. It may be real for the men but not for the girls. Ever. They use and throw away. It's always either PR, money or both.

JustJared Chilleeeee JustJared Good for her. JustJared Who the fuck cares! JustJared Fake News just to stay relevant and trending JustJared Kanye is likely thought to be a disaster for the Kardashian brand!! Matriarch Kris likely put her foot down. JustJared She needs to get more attention. Find new dick. Have another wedding.

JustJared Has Kim confirmed that. JustJared She needs to move on leaving him now. He is toxic. I can’t stand her either, but she needs to think about her kids. JustJared Anything for attention. Both of them. JustJared Man JustJared *cue Latoya's 'Torn' JustJared He needs a new First Lady. JustJared Keep it real was it really love there? Idk the stipulations behind their marriage when it come to prenuptial agreement but it's looking like half a billion $'s, if that isn't enough motivation idk what is, oh and Ray J hit it first

JustJared The best thing Kanye did was buy his Ranch...far away from Hollywood.👍✨🙏 JustJared Who possible cares? JustJared Wondering who’s next..... (someone with money, good looking and looking for fame and able to handle that family). JustJared No one cared. JustJared She’s for the streets JustJared N O O N E C A R E S

JustJared Torn? JustJared Lol! Who cares the millions $$$ are still there JustJared Esticazzi JustJared I want me a milf JustJared Seems to be the trend now-a-days. Get married, build wealth, have children. Get divorced, take the spouse to the cleaners, smear his name. NeverAgain 😁 🥱😴 JustJared just divo the crazy bum

JustJared Imagine the child support she will get from him JustJared who is the next black man in succession? JustJared You shouldn't stay with someone if you feel sorry for them. JustJared JustJared This Kardashian/West shenanigan is soooo annoying fuck🤦‍♀️Don’t yal have anything to report other than these fake dolls🙄🙄🙄

JustJared She cheated on him JustJared JustJared JustJared MAKE A DECISION ALREADY JustJared Well I mean 3 divorces in 14 years? JustJared Kardashians are plastics, they proved it more 🤣 JustJared She's been torn since Ray J. JustJared Just do it! Who could live with this guy? Too much baggage for sanity and family life!

JustJared Husband number 4 in 2021 JustJared Sounds like a good storyline for a new season

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West 'have been living apart for a year' amid tensionThe pair - who tied the knot in 2014 - have reportedly been living in different states for around 12 months as tension in their marriage mounts DailyMirror Is anyone interested

Justin Bieber Encouraged Kanye West to Text Kim Kardashian BackFind Out Which Star Told Kanye West to Finally Text Kim Kardashian Back (via JustJared) JustJared oh wow is it the guy on the left? wild guess JustJared SO DAH FUQ WHAT JustJared

Kim Kardashian shares loved up picture with Kanye West amid divorce claims Kim Kardashian took to her Instagram stories to post a picture of the two of them to celebrate a friend's birthday

Kim Kardashian Shares Glamorous Pics After Returning to Los Angeles from Seeing Kanye West in Wyoming Kim Kardashian Shares Glamorous Pics After Returning to Los Angeles from Seeing Kanye West in Wyoming​ Oh. Stunning

Kanye West is 'huge burden' on Kim Kardashian as she moves on from tearful meet Kim Kardashian has been pictured back at work with her SKIMS clothing brand as she looks to put a tearful reunion with husband Kanye West behind her Kim is probably paying off Kanye's debts to Jay Z and in return he acts crazy so Kim can look like the good guy and say she had no choice but to leave and get all the sympathy. DailyMirror Kanye wants to protect his children from that nasty bitch mother KrisJenner who exploits kids for her own selfish fame and profit. He should be supported not criticized.

Kim Kardashian Shares Pic of Son and Niece After Visiting Kanye West Kim Kardashian shared the cutest pic of her son Psalm and niece True. 💞