Kim Kardashian Got a Diagnosis After Doctors Feared She May Have Lupus

Kim said the wait for her diagnosis was 'hell.'

9/16/2019 1:33:00 PM

Kim said the wait for her diagnosis was 'hell.'

Kim Kardashian was devastated after an early blood test indicated she might have lupus, but her doctors attributed her joint pain to another cause.

her health struggles were a major blow."I really had to get myself together because I do have kids and I do have a family that I just have to be positive and get it together for," she said."No matter what's going on in your life, you can take that time to grieve for a second…and then figure out how to be positive about it because it's not going to change. There's no point in being depressed and staying in that headspace, but I felt it for a minute."

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On Sunday's episode, however, Kim found out she didn't have lupus after all, asE! Newsreports. Her physician, Dr. Daniel Wallace, sent her for an ultrasound with the rheumatologist Dr. Ami Ben-Artzi, pointing out that blood tests can frequently result in false positives.

And the findings?"So, first of all, if you had any evidence for lupus, Dr. Ben-Artzi would have seen it. And you do not have lupus and rheumatoid arthritis," Dr. Wallace told Kim."You probably have psoriatic arthritis, because psoriasis comes and goes and there is nothing there right now."

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I’m confused about all this. If she already had psoriasis, which is an autoimmune disorder, and tested positive for lupus and RA and had symptoms of such, I wonder how they ruled these out. PSA (I have this too) does make sense as it affects people with psoriasis.

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