Kim Jong Un issues rare apology to South Korea over death of official

'Kim Jong Un asked to convey the message that he is very sorry' a letter to South Korea's presidential Blue House said.

9/25/2020 3:40:00 PM

Kim Jong Un issued a rare apology Friday over the killing of a South Korean official who was apparently trying to defect near disputed sea boundary.

'Kim Jong Un asked to convey the message that he is very sorry' a letter to South Korea's presidential Blue House said.

who was apparently trying to defect near the rivals' disputed sea boundary."Comrade Chairman Kim Jong Un asked to convey the message that he is very sorry about creating a huge disappointment to our southern compatriots and President Moon Jae-In because of this unfortunate incident that happened in our waters," a letter sent to South Korea's presidential Blue House said.

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It was sent by the Unification Division, thebody in charge of relations with its southern neighbor.It is extremely unusual for a North Korean leader to apologize on any issue.But it came after South Korea's Defense Ministry said Thursday that the North had

shot and burned the body of a South Korean officialwho disappeared from a government boat earlier in the week.South Korean President Moon Jae-in called the incident"shocking" and"very regretful," as it fueled anti-North sentiment and sparked a public backlash.

Aug. 15, 202001:09The North Korean letter admitted that after initially firing blanks its military had shot"some ten rounds" of gunfire into the unidentified"intruder," as he did not reveal his identity and appeared to flee.It added that for safety reasons due to the

they had burnt the floating device he washed up on and did not find his body.Download theNBC News appfor breaking news and politicsThe missive did, however, chide Seoul for using"blasphemous and confrontational words" to condemn the North over the incident, before asking for an explanation of the event. But nonetheless said

North Koreawould take steps to prevent trust between the countries from collapsing."Our leadership stressed that we stay more alert and be more aware so that the mutual trust and respect built between North Korea and South Korea is not destroyed by this regrettable incident," the letter said.

South Korea's government ships are seen near Yeonpyeong island, South Korea, on Friday.Baek Seung-ryul / APThe South Korean coast guard said earlier on Friday that their ships were searching the waters near the boundary in case the official's body drifts back. They said they were checking the 47-year-old man's cellphone records, bank accounts and insurance details to find out more about his disappearance, which remains unexplained.

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The western sea boundary is where several bloody inter-Korean naval skirmishes and deadly attacks have occurred in past years. Read more: NBC News »

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How many north Koreans live outside of North Korea?

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un apologizes over shooting death of South KoreanIt’s extremely unusual for a North Korean leader to apologize to South Korea on any issue. wondered same guess we are allies with north korea in ww3 lol !

Kim Jong Un apologizes in letter to Seoul for shooting of South Korean officialNorth Korean leader Kim Jong Un apologized for the death of a South Korean government worker who was shot dead by North Korean troops after crossing a maritime border between the two countries Why nobody cares about the Iranian students problems about getting visa appointment from the US embassies?! Iranian_students_visa_appointments realDonaldTrump IvankaTrump AcademicChatter usembarmenia elonmusk AlJazeera ClemsonUniv Öpünce geçmiyor bazı acılar Think about who controls the troops and then act, Kim Jong Un.

North Korea's Kim Jong Un offers apology for killing of South KoreanNorth Korean leader Kim Jong Un apologized Friday over the killing of a South Korea official near the rivals’ disputed sea boundary, saying he’s “very sorry” about the incident he called unexpected and unfortunate, South Korean officials said. 'We murdered him and I gave the direct order, but guys, I'M SORRY!' He woke up from coma I see oh c’mon, N Korea’s so soft these days

Kim Jong Un Says He’s ‘Very Sorry’ For Killing Of South Korean Found At Sea“We have given President Moon and our compatriots in the South a great disappointment with this unseen misfortune.' Ok. Fuck them. Are you sure you got that translation right? 'I'm sorry you found the guy I killed' would be more on brand.

Kim Jong Un 'very sorry' after South Korean shot dead for coronavirus - Business InsiderBusiness Insider is a fast-growing business site with deep financial, media, tech, and other industry verticals. Launched in 2007, the site is now the largest business news site on the web. Ok, we haven’t been keeping track... So does this mean lil Kim’s still alive? BorisJohnson is this coming to the U.K. soon ? Beloved leder:says to be sad for awfull death S Corean worker,carried out for n corean army,the problem is nobody believes him

North Korea's Kim apologises over killing of South KoreanSouth Korea has accused Pyongyang of fatally shooting one of its public servants, who was likely trying to defect, and burning his body after finding him on a floating object in North Korean waters earlier this week.