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Kim Jong Un Doesn’t Want to Pick a Fight With Biden for Now, South Korean Lawmakers Say

North Korea sees negotiations with Joe Biden as potentially more difficult than with President Trump, Seoul intelligence officials say

11/27/2020 3:45:00 PM

North Korea sees negotiations with Joe Biden as potentially more difficult than with President Trump, Seoul intelligence officials say

The North Korean leader has asked officials to refrain from provoking the U.S., an effort that is likely aimed at preserving the possibility of engaging with the incoming U.S. administration, South Korean intelligence officials told lawmakers.

When it comes to president-elect Joe Biden’s foreign policy in Asia, Europe and Latin America, he is likely to focus on issues like transatlantic cooperation, U.S.-China relations and immigration. WSJ journalists examine the impact a Biden administration could have on U.S. allies around the world. Photo: Francois Lenoir/Reuters

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Biden will not give this guy time of day as Trump did. finding it tricky to adjust the flaps so as to deal w/ the sudden left head winds after four years of right tail winds.. It happens.. ;) LOL! Joe doesn't coddle depots! Who knew?! Right. Because Joe isn’t sleeping with Kim Jong Un. I mean it’s hard to negotiate with a guy in a coma whether you’re dem or rep

Rocketman has spoken. No kidding NK has Kim, we have Trump. No kidding. Negotiating with Trump was like negotiating with the Biggest Loser. Guaranteed you'll never see Joe Biden doing this despicable shit. Duh. Here is a hint for Kim: Write a check payable to Hunter Biden. Ha ha. ha. Now they are making him into a Hawk. Tough on his partner China and NK. Love the media. Wake up folks.

Cuz Trump is not smart. 華爾街日報免去了能不能有機會跟拜登談判的前提 並暗示公眾金正恩希望特朗普當選 關於金正恩的消息久疏媒體 它們知道它不在人世或朝鮮高層發生了重大變故 媒體為什麼幫助其淡化視野才是詭異之處 That’s like saying a srteet walker is easier to negotiate with than a nun. Mostly because he can’t talk... It’s not that difficult even dr evil knew how to ask for money. cuz nobody there has heard of joe biden

Yes, because Biden won’t be persuaded by being called “His Excellency”. Biden is also an animal lover. Yes with Biden he will have to deal with a real American patriot and not someone who can be swayed by money and appeals to ego and publicity. It will indeed be harder. TrumpGenocide DiaperDon Difference being, Trump loves Dictators, ie Kim Jong Un, Putin, Middle East Despots, and leaders of Belarus, Biden , is a democrat, therefore likes people who have been the choice of the majority of the countries people

Hahahahaha, who spoke to the “Seoul intelligence officials”? Can they be believed? No. What...he doesn’t think Biden will fall for flattery? 🤔 I thought he died 2x already!! No need to pick a fight when your opponent will concede without one! A no brainer! no love letters ... Hahahaha! It's doubtful N. Korea see's anything as stated here. N. Korea was existing and doing fine before the election and will probably continuing to do so. Let's not fan the fires of discontent Rupert Murdoch style.

Trump never had negotiations with Kim. Trump gave Kim worldwide recognition and just let him do whatever he wants. DJTiny hands is the worst negotiator ever FFS... as if this is news Maybe Biden won’t be won over by mere flattery. Primarily because it’s not possible to negotiate with POTUS45 because he’s no deal maker. If the other party doesn’t do exactly what he wants he resorts to aggression and name calling

Kim Jong Un does NOT want to pick a fight with any one representing the United States because we WILL kick your butt and toss you in the river like was done on December 16, 1773 however; it won't be tea that was tossed in the harbor. ♀️ I have no doubt; JoeBiden won't sell the USA to the highest bidder

Boring now. Biden won. End of. How about something else? Fact 1 = Biden supported the UK in 1982 against Argentina, when Dublin did not Fact 2 = ‘82 was not the first time the USA was involved in a Falklands dispute Lexington Raid 1831 anyone? I don’t think a simple compliment will change Biden’s negotiations tactics

Because kim doesn't have money You guys have written enough op-Ed’s calling Trump tough on other nations - what’s changed now that you know he’s a loser? What negotiations? wow Trumps negotiations w/ N.Korea are like those ballots he’s looking for : non-existent Rev 11;15. The 7th Trumpet The 7th angel sounded his trumpet, and there were loud voices in heaven, which said: The kingdom of the world has become the kingdom of our Lord (Abraham Lincoln) and of his Messiah, (Jesus) and he will reign for ever and ever.

In other news, WSJ reports that water is wet. Well, he's not a complete moron. Indeed as Joe is not a dotard like Donald. The fact he reportedly runs a dangerous Authoritarian/Dictatorship ruthless murdering regime may be a good reason to keep him on a short leash. He apparently played to Trump's ego & now reported to have more nuclear capabilities then ever !

Of course. Loser .realDonaldTrump was a walk in the park. I don’t think Biden is into love letter diplomacy. He is correct. Dems just want war. Buckle up buttercup good move.... work with and don't oppose Biden. Guarantee a missile testing again. Safe to say. The Kimmeister’s love letters simply won’t have the same affect on President Biden as they did on Trump. Part of this, ironically, is because of Trump’s superior intelligence:

Harder to negotiate actually means harder to manipulate KJU anticipating Joe won't be swayed with a love letter. On the bright side, Joe also won't call KJU sophmoric names. That's because Mr. B isn't, simple, stupid and dumb to believe the words that come out of Kim's mouth... Well , nothing happened the last four years with the exception of love letters and PA stunts

Gee, I wonder why rocket man? Good!! Nothing Trump would have negotiated would have been in our best interest. I prefer a President who doesn’t idolize and befriend cruel dictators. Makes sense they'll be dealing with a man with intelligence as compared to the current idiot in the White House. Liar I honestly asking..what has North Korea done over the past few years that concerns you all the most?

Oh, I am shocked!! let's see if something goes out of good nobody actually gives a rat ass about this Now that their inside roach will be gone. GETtrumpOUT Of course because Joe Biden will NOT be bending over in the public Like realDonaldTrump did By licking a dictators A$$. So of course negotiations with dictators that Kill innocent people and make them slaves The Joe Biden Administration will Not have good negotiations with.

Nah! You think? Cuz you can’t just send Biden giant letter and call it a W. Not for nothing, but I’d love to see that giant envelope on that tiny desk Joe will bring us together. Be hopeful he puts the NK general population before Kim Jong-Un. Peace will abide. Bitch better start writing love ❤️ letters fkn rocket 🚀 man

Because Joe Biden is an adult, perhaps? kim jong un lost a friend Biden is weak, Kim would eat him alive. Ok. Stay at home rocket 🚀 Merry Xmas... I’m sure. Let’s start with “ you won’t be getting your way any longer”. The damage done by TinpotDonnie is unknown at this point. Bc no one knows the nuclear capacity of the hermit nation.

Right🤣 Ha.... no kidding! Give those “intelligence officials” a promotion.....😂😂 具体问题、具体分析、具体解决,谁也不知道谈判结果会怎么样! What is there to negotiate🤔 Well, yeah. He won’t cozy right up after a little flattery, like the outgoing POTUS Because kissing Biden’s ass won’t work like it did with Trump. Bc Biden isn’t a total idiot. Bc Biden actually knows how to negotiate, not give away the store like Trump.

good Obviously That’s his boy Ya think How about we just ignore North Korea?! Like we have for the last two years...ignore.