'Kill me I'm white': Man harasses bar customers, slams door after seeing BLM sign

'Kill me I'm white': Man harasses bar customers, slams door after seeing BLM sign

Black Lives Matter, Chula Vista

12/6/2021 9:24:00 PM

'Kill me I'm white': Man harasses bar customers, slams door after seeing BLM sign

According to police, the man was served a citation at the scene and was also arrested in relation to vandalizing the door.

"White Supremacist gets trigger by BLM sign at Brew Bar in Chula Vista," the video's on-screen text read."Harasses customers and breaks door."The video starts with a white man standing by the large open window and yelling at someone inside.

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"F*ck your racist b*llsh*t," he yelled as he slammed his hands on the bar next to the window.The man then entered the bar and threw his hands up as he repeatedly yelled,"I'm white!" and to"kill me I'm white."In the on-screen text, Andrea said that Chula Vista police"know this guy" and that they've allegedly"allowed him to do this to multiple businesses" in the area.

Off-camera, the owner of the bar, Alex, could be heard yelling back at the man and telling him to get out of the bar. But even after being asked to leave, the man continued to yell at Alex. He then raised his hands in the air continued yelling to"kill him" because he was white. headtopics.com

At one point in the video, the man approached a musician playing guitar in the middle of the bar and yelled in his face"I'm white."The man then walked toward the front door but reentered the bar and yelled at Alex again. Alex continuously yelled at the man to"get out" and eventually threatened to call the police.

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"Kick me out," the man replied to Alex with his hands on his hips."Yeah dude you're in my space right now," Alex said."You're making an ass of yourself bro."The caption of the video explained that Brew Bar supports local musicians and serves as a community space for people all around the area.

In the video, the man continued to yell at people as he stood in the middle of the bar. He then exited the bar, grabbed the front door with his hands, and attempted to undo the door stopper with his foot."You're gonna go to jail bro if you break my sh*t," Alex said as the man slammed the door. Andrea told

Newsweekthat after the man slammed the door, the top of the door frame bent in making it impossible to properly close the door.Man Accused of Ethnic Intimidation Said Actions Due to BLM Sign in Window

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