Kids Need To Be Physically İn School, Pediatrics Group Says - Cnn

Kids Need To Be Physically İn School, Pediatrics Group Says - Cnn

Kids need to be physically in school when they return in the fall, pediatrics group says

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6/30/2020 2:03:00 PM

The American Academy of Pediatrics says the academic, mental and physical benefits of in-person learning outweigh the risks to kids from the coronavirus.

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But what about to the teachers and staff? Totally NOT sending my children back to school in the fall without any available vaccine. EWErickson CNN needed doctors to telll them that? Looking at the current mortality rate and hospitalizations, you didn't need a doctor. All you needed was common sense. To all of those people replying you didn't read the article, I did and I have children and I will not be sending them to school physically unless this crap is gone and done. Time for schools to go digital as everything else has during this pandemic. The AAP can kiss my ass.

Tell the brain dead democrats that

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