KFC blasted by China for 'causing unnecessary food waste'

1/13/2022 4:30:00 PM

KFC is being accused of causing food waste in China amid recent concerns about food security.

Business, Kfc Blasted By China For 'Causing Unnecessary Food Waste' - Cnn

KFC is being accused of causing food waste in China amid recent concerns about food security.

KFC is being accused of causing food waste in China amid recent concerns about food security.

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The reason that KFC causes food waste is because their chicken tastes like ass. popeyesgang

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Hong Kong / Beijing (CNN Business) The fast food chain came under fire Wednesday from Chinese state media and a national consumer watchdog overseen by the government.The Independent reveals.almost 71,000 EVs in China.By.

They take issue with the company's new promotion, which allows customers to receive random selections of free, limited-edition toys with their meals. That has led to people rushing to buy too much food with no intention of eating it, according to a scathing statement by the China Consumers Association.S.KFC recently unveiled its campaign to celebrate the franchise's 35th year in the country. I’m including it here because I feel that it kind of showed a preview of what we are seeing now. In China, the chain is owned by Yum China (YUMC), a US and Hong Kong-listed Chinese company that also runs Taco Bell and Pizza Hut in the mainland. The country's space agency, the CNSA, hopes the new facility will help it prepare to send its first crewed mission to the Moon. The promotion features a line of baby figurines placed inside so-called "mystery boxes," which have become a huge trend in China and usually involve people buying packages without knowing what's inside.

Read MoreCustomers who want a chance at the full set of dolls have to purchase at least six meals, according to a flyer posted on the company's official Chinese social media account.6 in (60 cm) in diameter.” Electric vehicles are seeing high demand worldwide and China is a huge portion of that demand.Some of KFC's new figurines in China, as seen in a promotional flyer posted on its Chinese social media account.The toys have proven popular: According to the consumer association, some customers have paid others to eat their meals just so they can get the toys. "Some experiments such as an impact test need just a few seconds [in the simulator]," Li told the South China Morning Post . Others simply throw away the food they can't finish. The Electric Viking said: “In China, where people can get an EV for the same price as a FEV or a petrol vehicle, they almost always choose an electric one. A few people have even bought more than 100 meals at once, spending almost 10,500 yuan (about $1,650) in an attempt to collect the full line, the watchdog said." The researchers use a magnetic field that is strong enough to magnetize and levitate small objects.

This is clearly"causing unnecessary food waste due to overbuying," it added in its statement, noting that China last year rolled out new measures to prevent food waste and urged companies to help out.The association also slammed KFC for what it described as preying on"consumers' irrationality" to encourage them to buy more meals,"which goes against public order, good customs and the spirit of law. China's ambitious space program aims beyond the Moon While China's magnetic artificial moon facility certainly doesn't provide a like-for-like simulation of low-gravity, it does allow for equipment to be tested in similar conditions.” EV-Volumes noted: “Most striking, though, is the re-bound of mini-EVs in China, now at ultra-affordable prices of 30-60 000 RMB."It urged consumers to"not be induced or misled into excessive consumption."KFC Australia is running low on chicken and McDonald's Japan is restricting sales of french friesYum China did not immediately respond to a request for comment. One example will see the researchers test whether 3D printing equipment can be utilized in low-gravity conditions, to test whether the technology could be sent for construction of lunar habitats and other equipment.Few issues are more important to Beijing than food security. They offer a long due improvement over countless, dodgy Low-Speed Vehicles from the earlier days, which are now banned by regulators.

Last year, the Chinese government unveiled an"action plan" encouraging people not to order more food than they need, and to report restaurants that waste supplies.On Wednesday, Chinese state media added to the blowback, with several outlets covering the criticism against KFC.In a brief editorial, ChinaNews.com — a digital news publication operated by the country's second largest state-owned news agency — called the chain's move"brainless.""There is nothing wrong with business marketing," it wrote.

But"when planning marketing strategies, catering operators should avoid possible waste."— Jill Disis contributed to this report. .