Key voter-fraud claim unravels for Republican conspiracy theorists

.@MaddowBlog: A key voter fraud claim in Nevada unravels for Republican conspiracy theorists

10/26/2021 4:34:00 PM

.MaddowBlog: A key voter fraud claim in Nevada unravels for Republican conspiracy theorists

For much of the right, Rosemarie Hartle's ballot wasn't just an instance of voter fraud; it was the foundation upon which a broader attack was built.

But the story surrounding Rosemarie Hartle's ballot in Nevada is something else altogether.In the other documented instances, GOP voters quietly tried to get away with an illegal scheme. When they got caught — cheating is extremely difficult — those who tried and failed to pull off their schemes pleaded for mercy in court.

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In Nevada, however, Rosemarie Hartle's ballot became a rallying cry and a lynchpin to a larger partisan strategy. Hartle died of cancer in 2017, but someone nevertheless tried to cast a ballot in her name in the 2020 election cycle.The Nevada Independent

reportedlate last week on the man who's been charged in this case.A man who once described a ballot being cast in his dead wife's name as "sickening" and was cited by the Nevada Republican Party last November as evidence that massive voter fraud swayed the results of the 2020 presidential election has been charged by prosecutors with voter fraud. According to a lawsuit filed in the Las Vegas Justice Court this month, the man, Donald Kirk Hartle, voted his deceased wife Rosemarie Hartle's ballot.

In other words, Donald Kirk Hartle expressed outrage that someone tried to cast a ballot on behalf of his late wife. According to Nevada prosecutors, that someone was Donald Kirk Hartle.It's important to emphasize for context that for much of the right, this wasn't just

aninstance of voter fraud; this wastheinstance of voter fraud. It was the foundation upon which a broader attack was built.As Rachel explained on Friday's show, Nevada Republicans seized on the Hartle case as proof that the state's balloting had been compromised. Here, for example, is what Fox News' Tucker Carlson told his viewers last November:

"So was there voter fraud last week? That's a question we've been working on since election night. We have tried to be careful and precise as we report this out. In moments like this truth really matters more than ever. False allegations of fraud can cause as much damage as the fraud itself.... So we want to be accurate. What we're about to tell you is accurate. It is not a theory. It happened and we can prove it."

The host was referring to the controversy surrounding Rosemary Hartle's ballot, which Carlson said the"news media" is"hiding" in order to help then-President-elect Joe Biden.The Fox News anchor was hardly alone. Dinesh D'Souza, a far-right provocateur, published

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last November that read,"[Donald Kirk Hartle] was SHOCKED when he found out his wife, who died in 2017, just voted in the 2020 election. Are you really going to tell me voter fraud doesn't exist?"The Nevada Republican Party alsoseized on the case

— and admonished news organizations for not doing the same. Even Donald Kirk Hartle himself made media appearances, saying he found it"sickening" that someone would try to cast a ballot for his late wife. Read more: MSNBC »

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MaddowBlog Not sure how mail-in ballots work in Nevada, but in my FL county, Supv. of Elections Office only sends mail-in ballots when requested & only to a registered voter’s address on file. If Rosemarie Hartle died in 2017, she should’ve been removed as registered voter. MaddowBlog Seems Audits are likely just a front for a data grab to further gerrymander maps. Why isn’t anyone talking about that?

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