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Key moments at Derek Chauvin's trial in George Floyd's death

The three weeks of testimony at a former Minneapolis police officer's trial in the death of George Floyd were filled with indelible moments, ranging from witnesses breaking down as they relived...

4/18/2021 7:50:00 PM

Testimony at the Derek Chauvin trial was filled with indelible moments, from witnesses breaking down on the stand to an expert pinpointing on video the instant he believes George Floyd died. The case heads to the jury Monday after closing arguments.

The three weeks of testimony at a former Minneapolis police officer's trial in the death of George Floyd were filled with indelible moments, ranging from witnesses breaking down as they relived...

ADVERTISEMENTChauvin attorney Eric Nelson drove hard at Floyd’s drug use while cross-examining Ross, then slipped in a seemingly unrelated question:he asked, came up on Floyd’s phone when she called him?“Mama,” Ross answered.With that, Nelson called into question the widely reported account of Floyd crying out for his late mother as he lay pinned to the pavement — likely part of a wider strategy to sow doubt where he could.

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‘LIFE GOES OUT’Dr. Martin Tobin,a lung and critical care specialist, was one of the most compelling of many medical experts called by the prosecution. He discussed the mechanics of breathing in simple terms, including loosening his tie, placing his hands on his own neck and encouraging jurors to do the same as he explained why he believes Floyd died of a lack of oxygen that damaged his brain and stopped his heart.

Tobin also narrated video of Floyd held to the pavement and pinpointed what he said was a change in Floyd’s face and a telltale leg kick that told him Floyd was dead — around 5 minutes after police began holding him down.“You can see his eyes. He’s conscious, and then you see that he isn’t,” Tobin said. “That’s the moment the life goes out of his body.” headtopics.com

‘MRS. LINCOLN’Prosecutors were mostly clinical in examining witnesses. One exception came after Nelson — trying to raise doubt about Floyd’s cause of death — posed a series of hypothetical questions to a retired forensic pathologist testifying for the prosecution.

“Let’s assume you found Mr. Floyd dead in his residence. No police involvement, no drugs, right? The only thing you found would be these facts about his heart. What would you conclude to be the cause of death?” Nelson asked Dr. Lindsey Thomas, noting Floyd’s enlarged heart, high blood pressure and blocked arteries.

Thomas conceded in such a “very narrow set of circumstances,” she probably would rule heart disease as the cause. She also agreed that she would certify Floyd’s death as a drug overdose if there were no other explanations. Fentanyl and methamphetamine were found in his system.

Prosecutor Jerry Blackwell was sarcastic in his response.“Aren’t those questions a lot like asking, ‘Mrs. Lincoln, if we take John Wilkes Booth out of this ...’” Blackwell began, before Nelson objected.‘RESTING COMFORTABLY’Prosecutors also pounced when a use-of-force expert called by the defense, former California police officer Barry Brodd, said police were justified in keeping Floyd pinned because he kept struggling instead of “resting comfortably.” headtopics.com

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That sparked a lectern-pounding response from prosecutor Steve Schleicher: “Did you say ‘resting comfortably’?” he asked incredulously.“Or laying comfortably,” replied Brodd, whose testimony contradicted that of authorities from inside and outside the Minneapolis Police Department who said Chauvin

“Resting comfortably on the pavement?” Schleicher asked again. Read more: The Associated Press »

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Some of the witnesses wanted to help George Floyd, but Chauvin pulled out his mace and the other officer did too. They are just as guilty as Chauvin is for the part they played in his death. A little fentanyl will perk him right up. Jajajajaja you drama queens are great actors Debe haber justicia. No hay otra alternativa.

Clickbait trash. The media is the enemy. MidNightHourRevival I’m watching my grand niece make her 1st Communion today. Her first public wish/prayer is for peace in this country. That says a lot for a 7 yr old to be praying for this. I’m not even religious but I’m crying. .

Key takeaways from the Derek Chauvin trial in George Floyd's death, as jurors near deliberationHe wasn't even man enough to take the stand, not because he's innocent and he's afraid he might be misunderstood. Because he is very well aware of what he did and he knows one trip on a question, one slip of the tongue, and he's done Racist Officer I have no faith in juries. Too many there is that one person with a personal thought that holds out. Like the one who doesn't like cops, the one who is pro cop, Too many juries end up not doing the job and it cost a lot of money!!

Minneapolis will be burning soon 😂😂😂😂 I'm reading about Burke & Hare who killed to sell the bodies to a medical school Their method of choice was compression asphyxiation via sitting on their victims' chests & the author mentions 'this type of killing can occur in police arrests' - and this is a book from the 80's

3x the lethal dose of fentanyl...this narcotic shuts down your lungs....then you die. Sad. Don't do drugs. Lots of emotions and not a lot of facts, the outcome is truly up in the air. People shouldn’t get convicted on emotions, but it won’t be the first time. 🙏 Come on God. “I told you, you can’t win”, was final admonishment MacMillian gave to George Floyd and watched helplessly as Floyd was robbed of his final breath. 929


Death of George Floyd, trial of Derek Chauvin: Timeline of key eventsGeorge Floyd's death in police custody in May touched off a nationwide reckoning on race and led to the trial of ex-officer Derek Chauvin. “This wasn’t policing, this was murder. Defendant is guilty on all three counts. And there’s no excuse.” — Very last sentence of closing arguments by prosecution. I hope that resonates with the jury. But I’m not fully confident. Chauvin is guilty. This dude was high, charge his drug dealer People failing to comply don’t mean they deserve to die. They could be addicts, criminals, panicked whatever unless they mean harm they don’t deserve to die.

America. The only nation where the killing of someone was seen by millions but we still have to hold a trial to see if the person should be held accountable. This is a fuckin joke. If the roles were reversed would we still be doing the whole dog and pony? The Present Day Church live as though she has no everlasting KING who is enthroned in HEAVEN. THE ONE WHO PROPHESIED CORONAVIRUS ON DECEMBER 1ST, 2015 AND RAVAGING LOCUSTS PLAGUE LIVE ON JESUS IS LORD RADIO- 23.12.2020 MidNightHourRevival

죄에서 돌이키고 주님을 영접하고 거룩함으로 메시아오심을 준비해야합니다. 회개와거룩함사역회. MidNightHourRevival Looks open and shut ... but I doubt it ☹️ Verdict:GUILTY sentence:LIFE. derekchauvinisamurderer

Derek Chauvin Verdict Live: Chauvin Found Guilty of the Murder of George Floyd - WSJ.comBreaking: Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder in the killing of George Floyd, whose death was captured on video and set off protests over how police treat people of color The media is guilty as they protect the criminals, encourage violence and confront the police. DerekChauvin found guilty on all 3 counts, including two counts of murder. My hometown has been nearly destroyed by the actions of this man. 'I'm for truth, no matter who tells it. I'm for justice, no matter who it is for or against.' - Malcolm X. No matter what looters r still gonna loot the hell outa Chicago some time. Those animals don’t need a reason to loot. And lefties won’t do anything.

Derek Chauvin Verdict Live: Chauvin Convicted Guilty of Murder in Killing of George Floyd - WSJ.comFrom outside the Minneapolis courthouse where the verdict was announced to Washington’s Black Lives Matter Plaza, emotions ran high as crowds heard that former police office Derek Chauvin had been convicted of murder. Follow our live coverage. Will they stop all they BLM violence and crimes now? Or what?

Key takeaways from the Derek Chauvin murder trial, Day 15The fate of Derek Chauvin has been placed in the hands of a Minnesota jury. Here are key takeaways from the murder trial: He’s going to walk I sure hope it is a hung jury. I feel bad for this police officer. He was doing his job and thanks to GF acting up, now look where he is act. Also note that there are peaceful protests going on right now.

Derek Chauvin is on trial for George Floyd's death: Live coverageClosing arguments are set to start in the trial of former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged in the death of George Floyd. Follow here for the latest. Guilty only to be a sacrificial lamb for the nation Shits gonna burn Jurors must find the defendant guilty of murder and conspiracy crime committed to the deceased George with the help of his colleagues who at the time aided and abetted in the process of holding their bodies onto George Floyd with a knee on the neck that killed him laying down