Kevin Strickland, wrongfully convicted, free after over 42 years in prison

.@maddow: 'After 42 years and 4 months in prisons, one of the longest times served in U.S. history in what is known to be a wrongful conviction, Kevin Strickland went free.'

11/25/2021 9:01:00 AM

.maddow: 'After 42 years and 4 months in prisons, one of the longest times served in U.S. history in what is known to be a wrongful conviction, Kevin Strickland went free.'

Rachel Maddow reports on the release of Kevin Strickland from a Missouri prison after prosecutors were able to bring his case back before a judge to explain that he had been wrongfully convicted as a teenager over 42 years ago.

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Kevin Strickland exonerated after more than 40 years in prisonKansas City inmate Kevin Strickland has been exonerated after a Missouri judge overturned his 1979 conviction for a triple homicide.

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