Amc, Atx Television Festival, Kevin Can F**K Himself

Amc, Atx Television Festival

‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’: Creator Valerie Armstrong Turns Male-Driven Sitcom Medium On Its Head – ATX

‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’: Creator Valerie Armstrong Turns Male-Driven Sitcom Medium On Its Head – ATX

6/21/2021 6:39:00 AM

‘Kevin Can F**k Himself’: Creator Valerie Armstrong Turns Male-Driven Sitcom Medium On Its Head – ATX

On Sunday, creator Valerie Armstrong was joined by Annie Murphy and Mary Hollis Inboden for a virtual ATX panel to talk about their new dark comedy series on AMC , Kevin Can F**k Himself. For those …

.For those wondering at home, Armstrong insisted you say the profanity to properly pronounce the show’s title.“I just needed a title that made me laugh andKevin Can F**k Himselfalways did” Armstrong said.Kevin Can F*** Himselfprobes the secret life of a type of woman we all grew up believing we knew: the sitcom wife (Annie Murphy). It looks to break television convention and ask what the world looks like through her eyes. Alternating between single-camera realism and multi-camera comedy, the formats will inform one another as we imagine what happens when the sitcom wife escapes her confines and takes the lead in her own life.

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Related StoryThe series’ title is a reference to the short-lived CBS sitcom,Kevin Can Wait, starring Kevin James. The 2016 series was criticized after the lead character’s wife was written out of the show in the second season. Armstrong, though admitting the allusion, said the show draws very little from the now-defunct show.

“Obviously, it is spun from another title that may have inspired me during the writing of it. But what kept it around is not that it’s based off of some now defunct sitcom that I truly don’t think about anymore,” Armstrong asserted.Armstrong added that her show isn’t critical of the mainstream sitcom medium, stating she grew up on many popular shows like Family Matters and King Of Queens, but instead serves as commentary on the male chauvinism that formed some of the humor the referenced shows are known for.

“Something that was important to me in making the show is that we are not making fun of these sitcoms,” Armstrong said. “We are taking issue with certain behavior.”She added, “You can draw inspiration from people and do it in a way that doesn’t belittle them. But you can have issue with the behavior that was exhibited on those shows.”

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This shit is going to get canceled so fast that this bitch will be left with her airhead spinning When you don't like something but base your entire existence around it. You can't satirize satire. It's derivative. The joke is this dumb slob has a hot wife. That's the joke. But those sitcoms don't exist anymore, so this premise is dated anyway.

So it’s a feminist show then?

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