Ketamine Therapy Is Going Mainstream. Are We Ready?

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Ketamine has been shown to help people suffering from anxiety and depression. How does it help, who will it serve, and who will profit?

In the fall of 1972, a psychiatrist named Salvador Roquet travelled from his home in Mexico City to the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center, an institution largely funded by the United States government, to give a presentation on an ongoing experiment.

But ketamine remained medically legal, and countercultural psychiatrists continued to experiment with it. In the eighties, the drug’s best-known enthusiast was John C. Lilly, a doctor and psychoanalyst perhaps most famous for using sensory-deprivation tanks and dabbling in human-dolphin communication.

This approach, which is typical of the early ketamine clinics, contrasts with the countercultural attitude that prevailed among the drug’s advocates in the seventies and in a new tide of startups. Beginning roughly with the publication of “,” a best-selling book by Michael Pollan, in 2018, psychedelic treatments for mental health have gone mainstream. Publicly traded companies, such as Compass Pathways and MindMed, have begun patenting variations on psychedelic treatments.

When I visited, this past spring, Matt Emmer, Field Trip’s vice president of health-care practice, showed me around—he was wearing a floral button-down of the sort that I associate with tech-company business casual. Field Trip was founded, in April, 2019, by five Canadian entrepreneurs, four of whom previously founded a chain of cannabis-dispensing medical clinics. The company now operates ten ketamine clinics in Canada and the U.S., with plans to open several more in the near future.

Earlier this year, a thirty-five-year-old filmmaker I know signed up for ketamine-assisted therapy at Field Trip. She had been reading about psychedelics during the pandemic. She read the Pollan book and a memoir called “” She listened to a lot of podcasts. She had tried LSD and mushrooms before. On those trips, she felt expansive and connected to the cosmos; she looked at the clouds, which seemed to be moving backward, and at the moon, which appeared more three-dimensional than usual.

For the countercultural therapists who have been administering ketamine to their patients for years, the current boom is seen with bemusement and not a small amount of worry. Phil Wolfson, who co-edited “The Ketamine Papers,” first took ketamine in 1990, and began giving it to select patients twenty years later. Now in his seventies, he has trained many psychotherapists in the use of ketamine, including several at Field Trip Health.


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We have seen microdosing for mental health in the past, but this is definitely a more definitive route. I'm really curious to see if and when these kind of novel treatments will actually become standard of care.

Had 3 treatments. The last was terrifying. Couldn't catch my breath - people could hear me throughout the office suite gasping for air. No one told me this was a possibility. Felt more suicidal with each infusion. Regret listening to the resident psychiatrist's salespitch.

Once Yale researchers submitted their first paper describing the antidepressant action, the gov. blocked the paper from publication for several mo. until they fully completed all the steps to place it on Schedule III list. Paper was published same day when ketamine became Sch.III

Been ready since ‘95 🦄 🕳

Micro-dosing mushrooms so much better. And natural.

In my experience the antidepressant effects don’t last long.

With American insurance companies involved, I will have to settle for a COVID-induced, brain fog lobotomy.


In a decade or two we'll be seeing people littering the street homeless due to a crippling ketamine addiction and wonder how we could be so nonchalant.

bad_takes so sad

An other drug to avoid putting in place a real wealth, nutrition, prevention, relaxation balanced life…

omg so so so ready.

I should’ve been a Psychologist! smh

Beats the hell out of big pharma's 'therapy'

In order for ketamine treatments to work for addiction, depression and PTSD, the patient needs to be in an induced coma for no less than 4-6 weeks in a ketamine bath the entire time. But putting someone out for less than a day is not going to inspire actual deep mental wellness.

Please do not conflate this promising treatment for people with complex and serious mental illness with people who are just trying to find themselves like old school hippies. Irresponsible. Irresponsible. Irresponsible.

Ketamine infusions have saved my life.

Was testing because the 15 fantasy antelope that were chasing the user took their mind of being depressed.

Can I roll it up and smoke it?

Guys rate my nude photos)

Doesn't it also have an analgesic effect?

Born ready

Say the rest: It doesn’t last long and the safety data isn’t adequate.

Wow! I will have to look up and print out this paper.

Damn right it does ; that shit got rid of my depression every time I did it

Hein, tu vois je t’avais dit harmendil 😂

This is a bizarre and irresponsible headline and lede. Shame on you

Uçmaya hazır mı hastalar ahahaaha


Like a hug from grandma


EMS has known this for a while! 😁


Yeah, well depression is not just something that you feel bad. You might feel great at times, but if your LIFE SITUATION continually causes depression, no drugs will ever help.

If you are a horse, yes, you are ready

MiaFarrow They tried this with Extascy Tablets... The Doctors are a Joke.. 911 is a Joke... And Doctors are only Happy experimenting on their patients... As Jesus Said..There is a cure for everything in NAture.. But it's not Patentable... This is True.

MiaFarrow Hello, May we talk about a charity for mental health? RAN2Wellness Follow for a DM! RAN2wellness

It made me crawl around in a tent shouting 'I'm an animation'


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I will gamble on that, I watch pill taker, see pill taker and smokers make is so much trouble for them selves .

Nope pill. Music repair depression .

It's amazingly effective but not perfect. At least that was my experience.

I would certainly try this if I could find a Dr that practiced this.

It's really amazing. I'm on my 14th treatment via IV. I'm up to 1.55 mg/kg and, even though the 'trip' itself isn't 'the therapy', an indescribable sense of peace and confidence is installed. I just find it doesn't persist very long for me, but I hope against hope it will.

Dexter´s favorite drug!

Keratin are why rabbits are so happy despite their shit and short lives.

So, medicate instead of addressing the reasons that caused depression in the first place. Then what? Treat drug addiction in already vulnerable patients causing them more suffering as if they haven't been through enough. Seems like downgrading importance of mental health tbf

I tried ketamina , it's a incredible drug More of Lsd !! And is very adicted !!! Be careful !!


Good news

Money cures most depression. Most people have depression because they don’t have the resources to experience life and do the things they want, or to travel and see the world. They don’t have things they want. Sounds overly simplistic and elementary but it’s true.

Unfortunately since the Sϲamdemic era, 'researchers' are no longer trustworthy.


Will read whilst listening to Jon Hopkins's 'Music for Psychedelic Therapy'. Scored to last the duration of a Ket high

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Had my first session Monday…go for my next tomorrow…talk therapy Thursday…hoping for the best…colors seem brighter after the first and feel the darkness less…

'Lilly said that he stopped using the drug in his early sixties, on the orders of extraterrestrials, but he resumed taking it later in life. He died in 2001, at eighty-six.' Sounds like pristine mental health benefits to me 👍

'300 clinical trials' of how many persons?

All I know is everyone in the world needs some kind of therapy.

embot Ravers chasing ketamine around a strobe light to hard trance were light years ahead of their time.

embot Amazing… it’s OK to get ketamine therapy, and cops can use it to sedate someone lawfully resisting arrest, but taking it recreationally? That’s bad.

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1) Does ketamine help - what are best-guesses how much is placebo ? 2) Are studies that show efficacy robustly independent of motives to promote ? 3) How safe are recommended starting / maximum doses likely to be - initially, but longer term ? 4) If the bubble bursts... ?

Pharma companies will profit since they created it and will manufacture it, but those last-resort patients for whom ketamine does actually provide relief and treatment will benefit tremendously as well.

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