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Kerry Katona blasts Stacey Solomon for keeping her sons' foreskins in a box

Kerry Katona blasts Stacey Solomon for keeping her sons' foreskins in a box

4/14/2021 10:41:00 PM

Kerry Katona blasts Stacey Solomon for keeping her sons' foreskins in a box

Kerry Katona has hit out at Stacey Solomon for embarrassing her three sons, Zach, 13, Leighton, 8, and Rex, one, after revealing that she has kept their foreskins in a box

The former Atomic Kitten star, 40, accused mum-of-three Stacey of ‘oversharing’ after she opened up about her inability to part ways with her sons' anatomies in a recent episode of her new BBC show, Sort Your Life Out.The reality show, which aims to help people declutter and tidy their homes, has gone down a treat with fans of the Loose Women star, 30, but her admission left many completely gobsmacked.

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Now, Kerry has hit out against the reality TV star for embarrassing her three sons, Zach, 13, Leighton, 8, and Rex, one.Writing in her new! magazine column this week, Kerry insisted that she was still a huge fan of Stacey’s, but that she didn’t agree with the fact she shared such personal details about her sons on national television.

"I love you Stacey , but did we need to know that?” she penned."I really did not need to know about your kids’ foreskins – and I don’t think they’ll appreciate that when they grow up."Kerry went on to reveal that, unlike Stacey, she hasn’t kept any of her five children’s bodily keepsakes – because she doesn’t see the point. headtopics.com

She explained: “I didn’t keep anything of my kids from when they were young – I don’t get the point of it."I was there, I saw it all happen and I experienced the pain of it. I don’t need an umbilical cord in a box to remember it."Although she’s the queen of decluttering and organisation, Stacey told Sort Your Life Out viewers that she wasn’t able to part ways with her son’s foreskins.

During the episode, she chuckled: “There are things in my house that if we were like, 'why don't we come and do this over at mine?' they'd be like, 'Stacey! How have you still got your son's foreskin in a box?'"Get all the latest celebrity news delivered straight to your inbox From secret feuds and sexy scandals to the biggest showbiz headlines - we're serving up a daily dose of gossip.

Get the inside scoop on all your favourite celebs with our daily newsletter delivered straight to your inbox for free.You can sign up here."I keep some random, gross stuff because I cannot let it go, so I totally understand."Stacey also previously admitted that she’s kept her son’s umbilical cords in a memory box during an appearance on Loose Women.

The Mirror has contacted Stacey's representatives for comment. Read more: Mirror Celeb »

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Who’s KK to jusge anyone Thats gonna be an interesting game of 'What's it the box 'in years to come 😉 DailyMirror What she going to do with the foreskins? I bet Kerry never got blasted for keeping her cocaine in a box! This lady is crazy Where else to keep it? A pal told me his mum kept his foreskin in a silver locket that she tried to give to his bride on his wedding day!!

I think this is a bit rich coming from KK🤷‍♀️🤔 DailyMirror Absolutely disgusting, why circumcise them in the first instance? MGM Pretty sure Kerry has had more foreskin in her box than most.

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