World, Coronavirus Live Updates From Around The World

World, Coronavirus Live Updates From Around The World

Kentucky governor issues order mandating masks in public

Kentucky's governor has signed an executive order mandating that people must wear a face covering or mask in public in certain situations

7/10/2020 12:52:00 AM

Kentucky's governor has signed an executive order mandating that people must wear a face covering or mask in public in certain situations

The coronavirus pandemic has brought countries to a standstill. In many places, as countries reopen, Covid-19 cases are on the rise. Follow here for the latest.

Here's what a NFL preseason game day will look likeFrom CNN's David Close and Jabari JacksonIn a league-wide memo sent to the 32 teams on Wednesday night and obtained by CNN, the National Football League has outlined specific game day protocols for the upcoming preseason.

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With the exception of players and coaches, everyone on the sideline bench area will be required to wear a mask. Those players not substituting into the game are strongly encouraged to wear a face covering. The league says it will provide disposable masks within the bench area.

The cover letter accompanying the 11-page memorandum states that the NFL Players Association has agreed to the game mandates. It also acknowledges that the protocols surrounding the screening and testing of players has yet to be finalized.On Tuesday, union president and Cleveland Browns center JC Tretter tweeted, “The NFLs unwillingness to follow the recommendations of its own experts will put this season and the safety of all players at risk.”

Here's what else was included in the guidelines:All players, coaches and staff must maintain a physical distance of at least six feet within the bench area and during post-game interactions. Players are prohibited from signing autographs or taking photos with fans.

Players, coaches and staff are not allowed to share towels, food or clothing and will no longer be allowed to swap jerseys after the preseason games.All on-the-field entertainment, including mascots and cheerleaders, will need to be approved by the NFL and required to pass screening and Covid-19 testing before performing.

All home teams are required to overnight at a team hotel prior to the next day’s game.Some players reacted to the protocols on social media – specifically the ban of jersey exchanges.The San Francisco 49ers Richard Sherman tweeted on Thursday,“This is a perfect example of NFL thinking in a nutshell. Players can go engage in a full contact game and do it safely. However, it is deemed unsafe for them to exchange jerseys after said game.”

Philadelphia Eagles Darius Slay posted Thursday, “So we can tackle each other for 60min but can’t exchange jersey that takes 2 mins.” Read more: CNN Breaking News »

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The same ignorant ppl that hung out with the 3%ers on the capital lawn have gotten a order to stop it! Ky is full of racist and ignorant ppl! Including RepThomasMassie and SavannahLMaddox they don't care about the ppl of KY, they just want votes! Keep the ignorant happy! Great . It took us three and half months to decide wearing masks fucking jokes

Do inventors stay poor while people just run around him/ her and keep the inventor poor and struggling. My work of inventing is the opposite of making a man/ woman struggle . I hope someone catches this it’s the worst thing to believe , that you work and others win off you . Need to oust him in November

Not me. Bout time ass wipe And no in not deleting just because my predictive text screwed up Well at least he ain't a Kentucky fried idiot then unless it's only because ty he camera is on him Smart man Fuc u cnn It’s unconstitutional and against the bill of rights.... That’s why a judge told him to stop using EO’s in reference to Covid-19

Well... That's it... Mask is now compulsory since Corona Virus is permanent Certain Situations, should translate to every damn time you are out in public. GovAndyBeshear going against Court order. Democrats once again no respect for the rule of law. Kentucky getting surge too and so there is executive order now. So pathetic

yes, all governors / mayors etc...will start doing this (it doesn't make sense but its all part of the bigger plan) Simple explanation The United States is under international lockdown. No one wants Americans in their countries! The States lead the world by far with over 3.2 million COVID-19 cases and over 135,000 Covid deaths. That’s 1/4 of the total COVID 19 deaths in the world! Winning!! All on you, tRump!

dougducey 🤣 It's a smart virus! Hurry folks you got till Friday at 5pm before it really starts to infect you! Thanks you governor. I so agree Coming soon to social media near you... Good fights over masks Meanwhile in Missouri 7/2 22923 cases 1068 dead 7/7 24850 cases 1086 dead 7/9 26617 cases 1093 dead Missourians USA cemeteries across country will see masses of 2020 death date. We have all failed our neighbors.

What took the shit bag governor so long? Biden has said that he will has a soft strategy and cooperate with CCP if he win the next election. if it happen then the America will never back to golden age and will be blocked by the CCP and could not thrive as before. do people want like that? 👍👌✅😷 GovofCO please follow the example of Kentucky and make mask mandatory in public areas! Thank you!

Masks can be fun too! I got mine here with FAM20 for a 20% discount! 😍 Mask is a underwear to dark the democracy.

Atlanta mayor defies governor, require masks in cityMayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she will sign an executive order mandating masks in Georgia's largest city, defying Gov. Brian Kemp's decision to strongly encourage but not require face coverings. Who is KeishaBottoms planning to have enforcing her mask mandate? The police? Great job KeishaBottoms! Please ignore the trum-pets! They are evil and dumber than realDonaldTrump which is saying a lot. Glad we have someone that is actually for the people instead of against. Keep up the great work! it will be funny when infection rates wont change because most arent infected in public places.

What states require face masks in public? Kansas, Ohio, Texas join growing list of states where it's mandatoryMost of the orders require people to wear masks in both indoor and outdoor public spaces where social distancing isn't possible, but some apply to only specific places or age groups. Get a mask with a design you like and wear it when in close proximity to others. (And no, you do not need to wear it when driving alone in your car.)

GOP Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Ohio Governor's Order: 'I Am Not The Mask Police''I am not the mask police': A Republican sheriff in Ohio said he won’t enforce GOP Gov. Mike DeWine’s order that requires people to wear face masks in a bid to curb the spread of the coronavirus But he technically IS the “mask police.” 😷 But y’all will certainly police Black people just breathing... Why do all the Sheriffs refusing to enforce mask laws look like Yosemite Sam?

U.S. Passes 3 Million Coronavirus CasesDr. Anthony S. Fauci called rising COVID-19 infections “a serious problem” and urged mask mandates. And the death rate from them keeps going down...... for 10 straight weeks. Why aren't you talking about that? This is nothing more than a cold. Bullshit hoax foisted on shutting down America for bullshit. Lovely. How long before “new information” is discovered that this thing is airborne, like an anthrax attack? And masks are the best defense...

U.S. Passes 3 Million Coronavirus CasesDr. Anthony S. Fauci called rising COVID-19 infections “a serious problem” and urged mask mandates.

New Jersey issues statewide order to wear face masks outdoorsNew Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy issued an executive order Wednesday requiring all state residents to wear face coverings outdoors when social distancing is not possible. ok mini nazi 'The mandate only applies to situations where crowds are congregating, not if people are outdoors alone or with family members, according to Murphy.' It makes sense to wear a face mask when in a crowd.