Ken Paxton: The Federal Government enables the cartels to bring as many people as possible

8/13/2022 5:30:00 PM

.@KenPaxtonTX: 'They've done everything possible to enable the cartels to bring as many people here as possible.' @RitaCosby MORE:

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.Ken Paxton TX: 'They've done everything possible to enable the cartels to bring as many people here as possible.' RitaCosby MORE:

On 'Saturday Report', Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton speaks about the Federal Government 's failure to deal with cartels facilitating the crisis at the Sou...

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KenPaxtonTX RitaCosby Now back to the caravans folks. We are desperate. KenPaxtonTX RitaCosby This administration is not for the American citizens they are here for the cartels and the illegal aliens to take over our country and hurt the American citizens this is so sad what’s happening to our country vote red 2022 2024 so we can take our country back

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