Ken Jennings: Who Is 1st 'Jeopardy!' Guest Host?

Ken Jennings — one of the all-time top winners of Jeopardy! — will be the show's first guest host following Alex Trebek's death earlier this month.

11/24/2020 10:37:00 PM

Ken Jennings — one of the all-time top winners of Jeopardy! — will be the show's first guest host following Alex Trebek's death earlier this month.

'There will only ever be one Alex Trebek, but I'm honored to be helping Jeopardy! out with this in January,' said Jennings, one of the show's all-time top winners.

Jeopardy! via APtoggle captionJeopardy! via APKen Jennings, a 74-time champion of the popular quiz show, will be the first interim guest for the late Alex Trebek, and the show will try other guest hosts before naming a permanent replacement.Jeopardy! via AP

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FormerJeopardy!champion, author and know-it-all kind of guy, Ken Jennings, will be the first guest host of the long-running trivia game show, officials said Monday.Theannouncement, two weeks after much-loved host Alex Trebek died of pancreatic cancer on Nov. 8, explained that"a series of interim guest hosts from the Jeopardy! family" will take over the show, which Trebek hosted from 1984 until earlier this year.

"We will resume production on 11/30," the show's official Twitter account said, noting that additional guest hosts will be announced at a later time. Read more: NPR »

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On Sale Now! Bad choice Keep him permanently AdamFoodSafety check the 7:30 Jeopardy snap group. Excellent! He should be the permanent host. Never Jennings. Just lost a life long Jeopardy fan & devoted viewer... this is a great choice. Surely louisvirtel will be the second guest host, right?! I stan this. IBM's Watson should be a guest host!

Ugh. I wouldn't want to be the first one. He's being led to slaughter. Probably the third or fourth spot is best. That person might actually get the job. Jennings is the ONLY choice. Everyone loves this, that and the other (me included), but we're talking about complete package. Ok, done, now let's have fun with guest host. :)

Ken's a jerk. No thanks. LeVar Burton Here's hoping he says 'I knew that!' after every wrong 'question'. i think jeopardy should be like doctor who... Good choice! I like the fact that they are doing guest hosts for awhile, giving the audience a chance to process Alex Trebek’s passing, before choosing someone permanent for the job.

I think he's the best possible replacement. Let's see how he takes to the pressure of being in charge and making the show flow as beautifully as Alex did. I hope he passes muster! Guest?! Why is he just the new host? Great! They actually should give him the position indefinitely. He’s actually the best suited candidate to be Mr. Trebek‘s successor!

He also mocks disabled people..... What about Betty White? Will KenJennings be performing his stand up routine on air? Yea, this still hurts Fuck you 2020 thanks for this news LoganMDavis carrie_mmm Very appropriate and if you ask they should extend this to all former champions. Wow another white man, what a totally surprising and bold choice...

Does he even need the answers? Amazing. He’s proven to be a likeable contestant, worthy champion, respectful of the show’s history and a pretty nice guy all around. I hope it’s made permanent, assuming of course he’d do it! NOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo......... 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 He’s perfect for it. 👎🏽 I used to watch Jeopardy three nights a week. Now I'll watch zero.

That’s nice for now. But can we all agree this ultimately belongs to levarburton? Why? His voice puts me to sleep.