Ken Jennings honors Alex Trebek as he wraps 'Jeopardy!' guest hosting gig

Ken Jennings wrapped his 'Jeopardy!' guest hosting gig by honoring late host Alex Trebek.

2/23/2021 5:59:00 AM

Ken Jennings closed out his six-week 'Jeopardy!' hosting stint, having served as the first person to keep the show running after the death of Alex Trebek.

Ken Jennings wrapped his 'Jeopardy!' guest hosting gig by honoring late host Alex Trebek.

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Come back, your my favorite 🌼🌻 We turned off the show. Long time fans would rather watch paint or glue dry than wAtch Ken host. Ken Jennings, we appreciated and enjoyed your hosting on Jeopardy. You done good! You have our vote for permanant host going forward, and we truly appreciated you sign off...'and thank you Alex'. Heart warming!

He is awesome. He is part of Jeopardy culture. Ditch the celebrities, and bring him back. Bring him back. He did well. He did a good job! He was great Thank you Ken you did a wonderful job I think Alex Trebek would be proud of you! What HUGE shoes Jennings needed to fill! He did a great job. Sure, he was stiff and wooden in the first couple weeks but he found his stride and really began to shine. Jemnnings has my vote for permanent host!

He slid into the role (and those were huge shoes to fill) pretty effortlessly. I think he earned permanent host. There's never going to be a complete agreement on who should take over, but I think he's hit the mark as well as anyone could. Bring him BACK !!!! Glad that's over. Cant stand him. Worst Host Ever 🤮

Excellent job. I think Alex would approve. KeepKen JeopardyJennings They need to make KenJennings the permanent host. He’s the absolute best and it was a smooth transition and he will carry on the legacy beautifully. He was the perfect host. Jeopardy Oh I guarantee he will be the host after all the other guest host shows air.

He was excellent!