Kellyanne Conway doesn't rule out Pompeo replacing Bolton

She said the secretary of State will at least play a role advising the president on his selection.


Kellyanne Conway suggested Secretary of State Mike Pompeo could become the Trump administration’s fourth national security adviser

She said the secretary of State will at least play a role advising the president on his selection.

“I believe that Secretary of State Pompeo is doing an excellent job over at State and that he will, of course, have input into who the next NSC head is, as well,” she said. “But there are many people of diverse backgrounds, all solid candidates, I know first-hand the president is considering for that position.”

"The rush to give Secretary of State Pompeo another big job ... is fraught with bureaucratic and political complications," said John Gans, author of "White House Warriors," a book about the National Security Council. "Even more, it replicates and even exacerbates one of the most problematic dynamics with Bolton's tenure: when all advice and ideas run through one person, which this scheme would formalize, if that person falls out favor, the president is on his own."

"It is safe to assume that granting so much prestige to Pompeo is likely to be just as bothersome if not more so for Trump, given his insecurities and track record with high-profile aides," he cautioned.

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“Five-Plus” out of a possible score of 10... You mean BarstoolBarbie , who should be in jail for her many Hatch Act violations? Who was recommended to be FIRED from her job (whatever it is)? That chick? Tell me how she has any cred left. stoolie Aspects of structural-parametric Kabbalah: Bolton, Pompeo - representatives of the 'deep state' Those. hiding behind US immunity, in fact they defend the interests of the global network, financial and information mafia FED/Israel, breaking the foundations of international law.

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At least 10 names being discussed to replace John BoltonThese are the individuals who have been mentioned as possible candidates to replace John Bolton morgfair Huh! Diamond and Silk didn’t make the cut? What about Hannity or Lou Dobbs?

Watch: Top Trump officials Mike Pompeo, Steven Mnuchin hold press briefing after John Bolton's abrupt exitBolton, in a series of messages to journalists and on Twitter, insisted that he had offered to resign last night. Trotting out Tweedledee and Tweedledum!

Pompeo and Mnuchin unveil new terrorism sanctions amid Bolton's messy exitAsked if the Cabinet officials were 'blindsided' by the shake-up, a smirking Secretary of State Mike Pompeo responded: 'I'm never surprised.' So now they blame the man, when is realDonaldTrump the one causing all this mess. Messy? It's just a tweet. Like Laurel & Hardy

Trump fires foreign policy hawk Bolton, citing strong disagreementsSecretary of State Pompeo echoes Trump's tweet on the firing of National Security Adviser Bolton Try water or get a better toilet paper Trump Of course he does! Bunch of spineless sheep. No one who is “in bed with Trump” has to call out his lies while in his grasp. They are spineless. All of them

Meet the motley crew Trump is eyeing to replace BoltonSome names Trump has floated. Others are quietly fanning the speculation themselves. Some, predictably, often go on Fox News. Bunch of jokers Great Americans! Only the dishonest leftist media complex propaganda machine would call them motley. Politico is the socialist democrat propaganda machine!

ABC News @ABCLIVE NOW: Mnuchin, Pompeo hold White House press briefing following firing of national security adviser John Bolton. Politics When your boss makes your clean up his exploded diaper on national tv. Didn’t they all get raptured yet? I’m sick of the sycophant brigade! This is a shit show. It’s chaotic and scary AF.

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